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I have put together all of the surname information I added to this site in 2009 into a single online database of all Acadians from the original settlers to the early 1800s. I plan to add more data further into the 1800s for the Louisiana Acadians (Cajuns), but that will take more time.

The information is behind a password because if there are problems I will stop allowing access. You must join the Acadian-Cajun group at Facebook to get the login information. LINK (you must be logged into Facebook) Someone will confirm people that want to join about twice per week, so if you are not approved immediately just wait a few days. If the person handling the Facebook account suspects you intend to take and sell the data, you will probably not be approved.

This data has been checked against the first volume of Stephen White's genealogical dictionary. I tried to add corrections that were published later, but it's an ongoing process so I'm sure there are more to be made. All we can do is wait till he's finished with the other volumes to check. Later data has been checked with numerous individuals in the U.S. and Canada (whom I have asked to verify with the Acadian Center). If Mr. White has something different than myself, I would go with his version since he is "the" Acadian genealogical scholar of our time. In many cases, I have not made connections because proper documentation does not exist (even though these unsubstantiated connections abound in various constructed genealogies).

I just put in the basic data - no notes or sources because the size would have been unmanageable. Please don't ask me for more information than what's online. When you are dealing with tens of thousands of names, I don't have the time to look up material at that level. My goal is to provide the basics and you can find the details yourself. That's part of the fun of genealogy - finding those items that flesh out the basic genealogical data.

If the login information is posted elsewhere or distributed at large, I will change it and may not make it available.

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