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How Long Should I Stay?

Though activities begin on July 31, 1999, the official opening will be in Houma on August 1.  You may want to be on hand for the opening ceremonies, to be centered in Houma's newly completed Civic Center.

CMA covers about 2 weeks (3 weekends).  Though there are plenty of things to do during the week, there probably will be more on the weekends.  Many people are planning their visit around the reunions that they plan to attend.  You should also look at the other activities to see what interests you.  Some things (ie. a visit to the Acadian historical village at Vermilionville) can be scheduled at anytime during your visit, while other events (ie. the Genealogical Symposium) are scheduled for a specific date.  Perhaps your hometown in Canada is Twinning with a town in Louisiana, and you'd like to make it to that event.

Of course, if your finances/time allowed, it would be best to stay from opening (or before) to closing ceremonies.  If you can only stay for part of the time, look over the events and attractions on the schedule that you'd like to visit and plan accordingly.

One word ... make your reservations now, if you can.  Many places are already booked up.  But don't let lodging stop you from coming.  If the town holding your reunion gets booked up, there are many hotels/motels available in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lake Charles ... often less than an hour from the "action."  But it's not to early to do your planning now.

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