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Tours of Acadian-Cajun Locations

     Once you start finding your ancestors, it can be very interesting to visit the places in which they lived.  Primarily we are talking about 5 major locations of long-term Acadian-Cajun presence; though different groups were in many more places than that ... such as Santo Domingo, England, Guyana, etc.  The 5 major locations are "Acadia" (Nova Scotia & parts of New Brunswick), France, Canada (resettlement areas), the Northeast US, and Louisiana.  As I find tours that are Acadian-Cajun related in these areas, I will post them on this page for those of you who would like to visit the places where your ancestors lived.

South Louisiana    • • •    Nova Scotia    • • •    France

Tour of South Louisiana


Tours of Acadia (2)
Novacadie Tours

Acadie...A place so mysteriously beautiful and yet so unknown… 

Discover it with Novacadie!

Novacadie Tours Creates and offers an unprecedented concept in Tourism. 

It is a service of professional bilingual guides, and Tour coordinators, with the ability of a complete Receptive Tour company. It strives to offer the visitors, various ways to “explore” the geography and people of the Canadian Maritimes with an particular emphasis on the French Heritage of Nova Scotia. 

The organization carefully designs the tours, so that authentic experiences take the visitors on a totally pleasant and rewarding adventure; the discovery of the early French Acadian roots in great natural surroundings!

To achieve this, and for a truly joyful experience,  professional guides take you to some of the original French fortified sites, and areas of pre-Deportation Acadian settlements, such as: 

  • “Isle Royale”, (Cape Breton) 
  • “Beaubassin”,(Amherst), 
  • “Chignectou”,(Joggins/Cape d’Or) 
  • “Cobequit”,(Truro) 
  • “Piziguit”,(Windsor/Falmouth), 
  • “Mirliguèche”,(Lunenburg), 
  • “Chibouctou” (Halifax), 
  • “Cap Sable”, (Pubnico), 
  • Grand Pré; 
  • “les Mines”(Minas), and of course, 
  • “Port Royal”; cradle of the culture and ancient capital stronghold. 
Novacadie Tours offers an elaborate Acadian Cultural Tourism product in Nova  Scotia and throughout Atlantic Canada. 

Whether it is by water or land, along the inner perimeter of the Bay of Fundy (La Baie Française), or the jagged Atlantic coast you will be touched by the rich Heritage of Nova Scotia; home of “old Acadie”; Land of Evangéline. 

All packages are either: 
         Custom designed for the specific needs & requests of the groups (family/associations, companies, etc.); 
or,    Pre-designed by the company. 

Tours are organized for: 
          Options from one to fifteen day excursions. 

Carried out by: 

  • De luxe motor coach 
  • Semi-coach 
  • 15 passengers vans 
  • 42’ Charter vessel  for “Bay of Fundy Experience” 
  • Pontoon boat  for river tours (Annapolis/Dauphin) 
  • All terrain bicycles, canöe/kayaks,  etc... 
The services of guides may also be retained for a set period of time by established Tour Companies in Canada, the US and Europe.  Tour Companies wishing to present “French Heritage themes” to their clientele, may sub contract Novacadie Tours  for the complete elaboration and coordination of their tours. 

Whatever you choose, from the  most comfortable of modern transportation, to the more adventurous nature/country tour, you are sure to discover new dimensions to yourself, just as Champlain himself did… 

Novacadie Tours, allows you to see for yourself,  the many sites of Canadian historical significance; the original dykes (levées), the enclosed fertile farm,(cellars) orchard land and fishing communities of  your own Acadian ancestors,  and all the  pioneers of over 350 years ago, in “old” but forever young Acadie... 

For more information and reservations, Contact Novacadie Tours at: 

  Richard Laurin 
 Tel.(902) 678-7560 

• "Thank you for a memorable trip to your wonderful country. Wish I had your knowledge of Acadian history."  - Mavis Arnaud-Fruge, Int'l Tours de Louisiane.

• "The guides provided were superb in their knowledge of Acadian History and Culture...."  - Al LeBlanc, Addis, Louisiana

Discover Acadia Vacations by Ambassatours

Guided Nova Scotia tours exploring nature, culture and history.

This company offers a variety of tours around the Martimes. 

Tours of France

France a la Carte
     Connie Wilson offers tours in France, primarily geared towards food.  She is considering a tour that visits areas of Acadian significance in France.  Please contact her for more information.

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