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 Acadian-Cajun Supply Store
The purpose of this page is to allow you quick access to purchase books and software to help you with your Acadian-Cajun genealogy and history research.  You can find general suppliers at the LINKS page, but those below specialize or have special sections on Acadian-Cajun material.

     Though I created and actively maintain this website as a non-profit entity, I have started to sell some items to help cover a part of the costs.  Considering I've spent over $2000 on the site in the 1st 2 years and made approximately $25 from it, I don't feel the non-profit status is in any jeopard : )
     Any funds generated from these items go directly to the maintainance and research that are required to keep this site going and expand its scope.


Other Suppliers of Acadian-Cajun Items
     [Check the Links page for more Cajun products sites]
L'Acadie CD-ROM by Portage Tech. L'Acadie CD-ROM by Portage Technologies, Inc.
The have a great CD-ROM on Acadia.  The French version is already available, and the English version should be ready any day now.  They are also working on a CAJUN CD-ROM, also. 
NOTE: A demo can be downloaded.
Acadian-Cajun Family Trees CD-ROM 
by Progeny Software
 The second Acadian genealogical CD-ROM has been released.  It contains thousands of names.
Acadian and Cajun books at
I have listed the related books at dealing with Acadia, Cajuns, Louisiana, etc. so that you can click on the book and order it within minutes.
Quintin Publications Quintin Publications
Great website for French-Canadian and Acadian material; they have material not found anywhere else.  Quintin Publications now offers a book club that you can join and rent the some of the expensive books for a much lower fee.
Global Genealogy
This company, based in Canada, has a variety of materials ... including a page of Acadian material.
Frontier Press
Located in Galveston, Texas, they carry a good bit of Louisiana (including Cajun) material.
Acadian to Cajun
This website offers several Acadian prints for sale, the Picard postcard, etc. 
The Gallery of Cajun History 
Online source for Cajun art. 
Acadian Genealogy Exchange
Mrs. Jehn has finally gotten online.  A listing of her material can be found at her website.
Center for Louisiana Studies
The Center has a pricelist of its publications online.
Hebert Publications
Though Father Hebert doesn't have a website, I have posted a pricelist of the books he sells.
In Search of Our Acadian Roots
This CD produced by Yvon Cyr has GEDCOMs from over 100 people containing Acadian ancestors.  He's working on compiling a 2nd CD .... due out in 1999.
Les Éditions d'Acadie
Online catalog of their publications (which are in French).

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