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Exile Destination: Southampton, England [via Virginia]
     The 340 Acadians that arrived at Southampton were put into barracks on the wharves.
     La Rochette also visited Southampton on Jan. 18, 1763.  These Acadians were more exposed to the English, as Southampton was a summer retreat for the English nobility.  They (such as General Mordant and the Duke of York) would try to get the Acadians to renounce France.  They were used to people trying to trick them, so they refused to even listen to La Rochette.  Their numbers had gone from 340 when they left Virginia to 219.  Though all he was able to get was a bit of their history, he told them that he was convinced of their loyalty to France and understood their skepticism.  When he left, the Acadians got permission from their commissioner to send to delegates to talk to Nivernois.  
     When the arrangements for resettlement finally materialized,  the surviving Acadians sailed on the king's corvette L'Ambition on May 16, 1763 to St. Malo, France.  They were:
1 - Charles Richard 
      Anne Richard 
      Joseph Richard 
      Genevieve Richard 
 2 - Joseph Richard 
      Blanche Richard 
      Joseph Aman Richard 
      Marguerite Richard 
      Marain Richard 
      Suzanne Richard 
      Marie Blanche Richard 
 3 - Antoine Vincent 
      Jean Vincent 
 4 - Joseph Sevent (Semer?)
      Anne Sevent
      Michel Sevent
      Mavinne Sevent
 5 - Jean Jacques LeBlanc 
      Cecile LeBlanc 
      Crespin LeBlanc 
      Claire LeBlanc 
 6 - Pierre Richard 
      Blanche Richard 
      Cecile Richard (mother) 
      Cecile Richard (daughter)
 7 - Anne Landry (mother) 
      Charles Landry 
      Joseph Landry 
      Francoise Landry 
      Isabelle Landry 
      Marie Landry 
 8 - Simon Landry 
      Marguerite Landry 
      Jean Landry 
      Olivier Roy 
      Charles Granger 
      Joseph Granger
 9 - François Michel 
      Anne Michel 
 10 - Pierre Doucet 
       Blanche Doucet 
       Charles Richard 
 11 - Charles Hebert 
       Elisabeth Hebert 
       Marie Joseph Hebert 
       Theonisse Hebert
 12 - Jean Jacques Terriau 
       Marguerite Terriau 
       Olivier Terriau 
 13 - Eustache Daigre 
       Madeleine Daigre 
       Pierre Daigre 
       Marguerite Daigre 
       Joseph Dupuy 
       Etienne Dupuy 
       Marguerite Dupuy 
14 - Joseph Hebert 
       Marguerite Hebert 
       Joseph Hebert 
       Paul Melanson
 15 - Laurent Granger 
       Madeleine Granger 
       Luce/Louis? Granger 
       Claire Granger
 16 - Charles Granger 
       Madeleine Granger 
       Jeanne Duval (Granger?) 
       Marie Clemenseau 
 17 - Jean Baptiste Le Blanc Sr. 
       Jean Baptiste Le Blanc Jr.
 18 - Joseph Brasseau 
       Marie Brasseau (mother) 
       Marie Brasseau (daughter) 
       Ositte Brasseau 
       Eulalie/Rosalie? Brasseau 
 19 - Joseph LeBlanc 
       Angelique LeBlanc 
       Simon LeBlanc 
       Simon LeBlanc 
 20 - Pierre Hebert 
       Marie Marguerite Hebert 
       Jean Baptiste Hebert 
       Joseph Nicolas Hebert 
 21 - Pierre Noel 
       Marie Madeleine Barbe Noel 
       Marie Madeleine Noel 
       Jean Baptiste Noel 
 22 - Hilaire Landry 
       Joseph Landry 
 23 - Ustache Landry 
       Marguerite Landry 
       Jean Landry 
       Marguerite Boudrau 
 24 - Jean Richard 
       Pierre Richard 
       Rose Richard 
       Marguerite Richard 
 25 - Pierre Landry 
       Marthe Landry 
       Joseph Landry 
 26 - Jean Baptiste Boudrau 
       Anastasie Boudrau 
       Jean Baptiste Boudrau 
       Marie Joseph Boudrau 
 27 - Bruno Bellemere 
       Anne Bellemere 
       Joseph Gautrau 
       Pierre Bellemere 
       Marie Marguerite Bellemere 
 28 - Cecile Sapfin?
       Marguerite Sapfin? 
       Marie Sapfin? 
       Anne Sapfin? 
       Joseph Sapfin? 
       Jean Baptiste Sapfin? 
       Jan Jeanne Sapfin? 
       Mathurin Legendre/Legautrau?
 29 - Joseph Daigle 
       Marie Daigle 
       Marguerite Daigle 
       Simon Daigle 
 30 - Zacharie Boudrot 
       Marguerite Boudrot 
       Joseph Boudrot 
 31 - Baptiste LeBlanc 
       Marguerite LeBlanc 
       Jean LeBlanc 
       Joseph LeBlanc 
       Pierre LeBlanc 
       Moise LeBlanc 
 32 - Jean Richard 
       Marguerite Richard 
       Marie Richard 
       Joseph Richard 
       Madeleine Clemenceau 
 33 - Jean Gautrau 
       Madeleine Gautrau 
       Joseph Gautrau 
 34 - Charles LeBlanc 
       Madeleine LeBlanc (mother) 
       Madeleine LeBlanc (daughter) 
       Marie LeBlanc 
       Charles LeBlanc 
       Joseph LeBlanc 
       Jean Baptiste LeBlanc 
       Simon LeBlanc 
       Jean Daigle 
       Rose Daigle 
       Paule Daigle 
 35 - Joseph LeBlanc 
       Francois LeBlanc 
       Augustin LeBlanc 
       Blanche LeBlanc 
       Marguerite LeBlanc 
 36 - Charles Landry 
       Cecile Landry 
       Marguerite Landry 
       Marie Madeleine Landry 
       Genevieve Landry 
       Marie Joseph Landry
 37 - Joseph Bellemere 
       Marguerite Bellemere 
       Joseph Bellemere 
       Marie Bellemere 
       Felicite Bellemere 
 38 - Jean Baptiste Daigle 
       Marie Daigle 
       Madeleine Daigle 
 39 - Anselme Boudrot 
       Francois Boudrot 
       Anne Boudrot 
 40 - Olivier Aucoin
       Germain Aucoin 
       Marie Aucoin 
     There is also another list with the same date in LaRochette's papers.  It states that Edward Noble made out the list of 219 Acadians according to the orders of the Commissioner of the Sick and Wounded.  The list doesn't seem to be divided by families.
Pierre Terriot 24
     There's also a list of prisoners coming from the Bristol prison to Southampton (same date) by Bruneau de LaSalle.  They were to board the L'Ambition.  These don't appear to be Acadian.  Their origin is also given.
Francois Louis Gazan, St. Malo
Jean Baptiste Lombard, Marseilles
Jacque Merignan, St. Tonge
Etienne Braud, Rochefort
Jean Cequel, St. Malo
Louis Tanelet, St. Malo
Jean Lepirme
Francois Marancomo, Nantes
Jullien Leuven, Grandville
Rennee Merciee, Aulonne
Nicollas Guillerme, Nantes
Denis Jeanrau, La Rochelle
Joseph Nadan, Quebec
Guillaume Legraet, St. Malo
     There's another list of prisoners that were taken from Bristol to Southampton to board the frigate La Dorothee.  It's dated May 26, 1763.  Again, it generally doesn't appear to be Acadians.
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