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Origins | Acadia | The Exile | Resettlement | Canadian Acadians | Cajun History
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  • Carl Brasseaux, The Founding of New Acadia
  • Andrew Hill Clark, Acadia
  • Glenn Conrad, ed., The Cajuns: Essays on Their History and Culture

  • Including: The Acadians: Myths and Realities (Glenn Conrad), The Acadians in St. Domingue (Gabriel Debien), The Acadians: Search for the Promised Land (Jacqueline Voorhies), The Acadians in Antebellum Louisiana (Vaughn Baker), The Environmental Impact (Malcolm Comeaux), The Acadian Faith Odyssey (Alexander Sigur), Acadian Education (Carl Brasseaux), The Spoken French of Louisiana (Hosea Phillips), Domestic Architecture (R. Warren Robinson), The Politics of Acadian Parishes (Perry Howard), Cajun Music (Barry Ancelet), The Folklore of the Acadians (Patricia Rickels), The Cajuns: Ethnogenesis (James Dorman).
  • Jean Daigle, The Acadians of the Maritimes
  • Genevieve Massignon, Les Parlers Francais de Acadie
  • Herbin, Grand Pre
  • Edouard Richard, Acadia
  • Mahaffie, Jr., A Land of Discord Always
  • Proulx, Sailing Ships
  • Harvey, The French Regime on Prince Edward Island
  • Oscar Winzerling, Acadian Odyssey
  • Bona Arsenault, History of the Acadians
  • Carl Brasseaux, Scattered to the Wind: Dispersal and Wanderings of the Acadians, 1755-1809
  • John Clarence Webster, Acadia at the End of the 17th Century


Acadia: 1632-1653 * 1654-1670 * 1671-1689 * 1690-1709 * 1710-1729 * 1730-1748 * 1749-1758
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Acadian History
Origins | Acadia | The Exile | Resettlement | Canadian Acadians | Cajun History
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