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Acadian MuseumAcadian Museum at Erath, LA
     The Acadian Heritage and Cultural Museum strives to preserve a culture and heritage that has endured for almost 400 years.  The Cajun culture, like the native American Indian and Creole cultures, was devoloped wholly in North America. 

     The museum is operated by a non-profit foundation and is composed of individuals from throughout the world who are interested in the preservation of Acadian history and culture.  The Museum was created as a repository for records, artifacts, and memorabilia of the Acadians.

      The Cajuns of today identify strongly with their French forebears who came to Acadia (Nova Scotia) in 1604.  Driven from their homeland in 1755, which at that time was governed by the British, the Acadians suffered heartbreaking losses.  They fought to retain their identity in a hostile environment.  Thousands died during "le Grand dérangement" (as the Acadian dispersal is called) which separated families and disrupted the culture.  Oppression, however, could not destroy these resilient people.  Arriving in Louisiana in the 1760s, the Acadians found a tolerant land and the freedom to begin again.

The Museum contains three rooms:
  • The history of Erath is shown in the Erath Room by photographs with legends.
  • The Acadian Room houses objects relating to Acadian history from 1603 to the dispersal, 1755, with the highlight being a handmade replica of The Habitation at Port Royal, the first settlement in North America.
  • The Cajun Room contains artifacts depicting the Cajun settlement on the prairies, marshes and bayous of Vermilion Parish.
Open Monday thru Friday ... 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Bus Tours by Appointment
     The Museum is housed in one of the oldest buildings in the area: the "Old Bank of Erath."  The building has been officially recognized to be of historical significance by the State of Louisiana. 

     The Museum's collection of materials is available by appointment for reading and research. 

     The Foundation and Museum support the "Petition" filed in January, 1990, against the British government seeking a declaration of the end of the Acadian exile, efforts for peace and the basic human rights of the peoples of the world.

     The Acadian Heritage & culture Foundation invites you to become a member of the Foundation.

Visit the Acadian Museum Website ... which has photographs from the 3 rooms.

203 South Broadway, Erath, Louisiana 70533
(318) 233-5832            (318) 937-5468

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Data from the Acadian Museum brochure: sponsored by the Bank of Erath