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      There are several items that will be available at the Hébert Reunion.  Some of them are available now.  Information on purchasing these items will be posted on this page.  An order form for the books can be found online.

NOTE: Several items sold out at the reunion.  Orders were still being taken for some items (like T-shirts).  But it is unsure when the books that sold out will be reprinted.  Check with us for availability.

BOOKS --- Order from: Joe Hebert, 10134 Hwy 82, Abbeville, LA 70510
                       Make checks payable to: Hébert Family Association
Héberts, Cajuns, and Louisiana
          by Joe Hébert
($2 s/h)
This is a 3-part book of 178 pages that attempts to relate the history of the Heberts as part of Acadian and Louisiana history.  Part one is historical, from the translocation of French soldiers and settlers to Acadia, the subsequent expulsion and the various migrations, and the transformation of the Acadian refugees after their arrival in Louisiana.  Part two attempts to identify the origin and travel history of those Heberts listed on the "Wall of Names" of the St. Martinville Acadian Memorial.  Part three is a genealogical listing of the first six generations of Antoine and Etienne Hebert's descendants, focusing on those Heberts whose descendants are now found in Louisiana.  Hardcover.
Antoine Hebert, 
   Tonnelier de Martaize, France, et Ses Descendants
          by Russell Gaspard
($2 s/h)
This book is on Antoine Hebert, Barrel Maker of Martaize, France and his descendants.  The book will have mostly genealogy charts, some notes, and a map. It includes the descendants of his sons whose families are represented in Louisiana.
   Jacques Hebert & Jeanne Gautreaux
   Jean Hebert & Marie Marguerite Landry
   Francois Hebert & Marie Anne Bourg
   Pierre Hebert & Jeanne Landry
   Rene dit Groc Hebert & Anne Marie Boudreaux
The Heberts of Louisiana: The Etienne Hebert Line
     This is a series of 3 family data books, prepared by Joe Hebert to complement the history book.  It coveres, in separate books, the ancestors and descendants of those Heberts who arrived, or whose descendants arrived in Louisiana.
     Book A
          by Joe Hébert
($2 s/h)
This book covers the descendants of Jacques Hebert & Marguerite Landry and Guillaume Hebert & Marie Josephe Dupuy.  We find in Louisiana the records of the families of the following sons of Jacques Hebert and Marguerite Landry:
   Joseph Jean Hebert & Anastasie Landry
   Francois Hebert & Marie Josephe Leblanc
   Alexandre Hebert & Anne Landry
   Jean Baptiste Hebert & Marie Madeleine Dupuis
   Etienne Hebert & Anne Madeleine Landry
   Pierre Cajetan Hebert & Marguerite Babin
   Amand dit Thomas Hebert & Marie Claire Landry
We find in Louisiana the families of the following sons of Guillaume Hebert and Marie Josephe Dupuy:
   Paul Gaston Hebert & Marguerite Josephe Melanson
   Ignace Hebert & Marie LeBlanc/Rosalie Babin
   Charles Hebert & Elisabeth LeBlanc
[softcover, 186 pages]
     Book B
          by Joe Hébert
($2 s/h)
This book covers the descendants of Antoine Hebert & Jeanne Corporon/Anne Orillon and Jean Hebert & Anne Doiron.  We find in Louisiana records of the family of Jean Hebert & Marguerite Mouton, the son of Antoine Hebert & Jeanne Corporon, his first wife, and Jean Baptiste dit Cobit & Marie Rose Thibodeau/Theotiste Hebert, the son with his second wife, Anne Orillon.  [softcover, 274 pages]
     Book C
          by Joe Hébert
($4 s/h)
This two volume set covers the descendants of Jean Emmanuel Hebert and Madeleine Marie Dugas.  The number of pages (572) required that it be placed into 2 separate volumes, but is actually a continuation of the descendants with the index in the last volume.  Sold only as a set.  We find in Louisiana the records of the following sons of Jean Emmanuel Hebert & Madeleine Marie Dugas:
   Charles dit Manuel Hebert & Marie Claire Daigre
   Benoni dit Manuel Hebert & Jeanne Savoie
   Jean Baptiste dit Manuel Hebert & Marie Claire Robichaud
The Heberts of Louisiana:
   A Non-Acadian Line
          by Joe Hébert
($2 s/h)
This book covers the descendants of Philippe Hebert & Marguerite Lambert.  This Hebert line was originally in the district of Alabama, once a part of the Louisiana Territory, and came to the area west of the Mississippi when the area of Mississippi was ceded to England as a result of the 1763 Treaty of Paris.  The descendants of Philippe are found mostly in Calcasieu and Jefferson Davis Parishes.  [57 pages]
Another book has been produced recently, but is not sponsored by the Association.  I've created a printed version of The Hebert Family website.  I've added a link in case you are interested.
Hébert Association pin $5.00 Blue & gold pin; about 1" high
Order from: 
     Joe Hebert, 10134 LA Hwy 82, Abbeville, LA  70510
   Hébert Family Afghan

Order from:
   Joyce Hebert Lege
   1125 Coulee Kinney Road
   Abbeville, LA 70364

($5 s/h)
The Hébert Family Afghan design will include scene's of Abbeville, the Family Crest, and other sketches of importance to the Hébert surname.  The size will be about 4.5 x 6 feet.  It will be made of durable material and very colorful.  Make checks payable to: Hébert Family Association.
   Hébert Association T-shirt $12.00
Large & X-Large are $12
XX-Large is $14
XXX-Large on request ($15)
Order from: The Hébert Association
   License Plates $10.00
With Association Logo
Smaller Association Logo with CMA text
Order from: The Hébert Association
   Commemorative Poster
      by Robert Dafford
$18.00 Available in May
Memorial Walk of Names Brick
     On Friday, August 6, at 8:00 p.m. in Magdalen Square, the Hébert Family held a ceremony to unveil a marker that commemorates the celebration of its International Reunion.
     The marker is a black granite monument with an inscription carved on it.  It is located behind the current brick monument that holds the City of Abbeville’s Administrative Plaque.
     A brick sidewalk from the rear of the City monument to the brick sidewalk that surrounds Pere Megre’s Statue has been installed.  The new brick sidewalk will be a Walk of Names.  Your brick(s) will bear an inscription of your choice.  Location of the brick on the sidewalk will be decided at random by the bricklayer.
     The cost of one engraved family name brick will be $35.  This will cover the cost of the brick, shipment from the supplier, and the cost of laying the brick.  Your inscription may be up to 3 lines long, with up to 14 characters per line.
     By this special invitation you are being asked to purchase a brick(s).
     Send the order with a check in the amount of $35 per brick to:  The Hébert Family Association, 311 Second St., Abbeville, LA  70510.  Make your check payable to the Hébert Family Association.
     Click Here for a PDF version of the Brick Order Form.

NOTE: We will accept order forms through the rest of this year.  Only those orders received by July 25 were installed for the unveiling on August 6.   Those received after that date will be engraved on site as 20-25 sales accumulate. 

Each brick may contain 3 lines of up to 14 characters each.  Please note the a "character" means a letter, number, punctuation, or space.
Pierre Hebert
and Family
Lafayette, LA
<= Sample brick

Please check the spelling twice before sending in your order.

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