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La Gazette HEBERT

Volume 1999 - Issue 13                   Abbeville, Louisiana                     June 1999
     A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association was held on Monday, May 24,  to tie up some loose ends.  This was one of the most productive sessions we have had.  Several projects were discussed, and motions were made to do the following projects:
    *The book Héberts, Cajuns, and Louisiana has been published under the sponsorship of the Family Association.   The book written by Life Member Joe Hébert is ready for pre-sale now.  Only 100  hard cover  copies will be published for pre-reunion sale.  Thereafter, orders will be taken for books to be  shipped after the reunion, unless the entire initial order is sold out in  time to re-order before the reunion.  A description of the book and an  order form is enclosed.  Committee members are Joe, Edwin, and Woody Hébert.
    *The Family Association Memorial Marker “Walk of Names” Project begins with this issue of La Gazette. Association family members will have through June 25 to purchase bricks before the program is presented to the citizens of Abbeville. On the back of this page you will find the draft of a letter that will explain the program.  On a first-come, first- served basis anyone with the Hébert surname will be given the opportunity to purchase a brick(s) in a special designated Hébert area around the Memorial Marker. There are approximately 120 bricks available for sale in this special area.  Therefore, it is important that you get your order in early.  Committee members are Sheila Hébert Collins, Barbara Hébert Hébert, and Lovelis “Buddy” Hébert.
    *The Family Association Afghan is in the design stage and hopefully will be ready for sale just prior to the reunion.  Place your orders now to receive your afghan before the reunion.  Orders received after August 1 will be shipped after the reunion.  The afghan committee is made up of three people who we  know will do a great job on the design.  An order form is enclosed with this issue.  Committee members are Judge Byron Hébert, Alice Hébert Lancon, and Joyce Hébert Legé.

Next HÉBERT Family Reunion Meeting
(The local group will assemble at the Abbeville Courthouse/CC’s Restaurant at 8 a.m for departure at 8:30 a.m. for Houma by caravan)    * * * * * 
     Host Committee members of the 1999 Hébert Family Reunion will be in Houma   Saturday, June 19, to distribute information about the Reunion to be held in Abbeville, August 6 & 7.  Anyone interested in the Hébert lineage from Terrebonne, Lafourche, and other surrounding parishes is invited to meet the Host Committee at Ryan’s Restaurant, 1520 Martin Luther King Boulevard (Tunnel Boulevard) from 10:30 - 12 noon.
    Committee members will hand out and explain the Reunion Calendar of Events, the Membership Applications, and Reunion Pre-Registration Forms  for Members and Non-members.
    One commemorative Hébert license plate will be given (free) to each family attending this meeting.  Hébert T-shirts and crest pins will be available.
    For more information call 318-893-2381, or write to Hébert Family Association, P. O. Box 375, Abbeville, LA  70511      
Laura H. Gaspard, Publicity 

New Website Address --- http://www.heberts.org


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