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La Gazette HEBERT

Volume 1999 - Issue 12                   Abbeville, Louisiana                     April 1999
   It’s official: Families participating in  Congrès Mondial Acadien-Louisiane 1999 will have  first crack at buying  tickets for the final concert ( CMA closing), CRI DU BAYOU, to be held on August 15, 1999,  in the Cajundome.  Tickets  will not go on sale to the general public until July 5.  This will allow the Hébert families who want to sit together  to buy tickets during the month of June for the concert. 
   If this finale is anything like the 1994 final concert in New Brunswick, it will be spectacular!!  Zachary Richard, who was master of ceremonies then, will again MC this finale. Joining Zachary will be Beausoleil avec Michael Doucet, Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, Balfa Toujours with Bois-Sec Ardoin, Geno Delafose and French Rocking Boogie, Suroît, Blou, and Feufollet.
   A lottery was held on April 22 at 2 p.m. to assign sections in the Cajundome to families. Now that section 222 (located on the second deck, the first section above the ground floor— see diagram on left) has been assigned to the Hebert Family, tickets can be purchased individually or by groups at the Cajundome only.    Cost per ticket  will be $24.00.  Tickets can be purchased beginning June 1, by phone (318-265-2100) with a credit card or by mail (444 Cajundome Boulevard, Lafayette, LA 70506) with personal checks. If you are going to be in or around Lafayette on the final day of Congrés Mondial, then  surely  you want to be at grand finale concert. 
* * * * * * * * * 
Jambalaya Fund Raiser Report: Net:  $2,088.82

Sponsors of the 1999 Hébert Reunion
(*New Additions*)
Fred Broussard Plumbing- -Maurice
Paul Hébert, Attorney at Law- -Lafayette
Shucks, “The Louisiana Seafood House”- -Abbeville
Vermilion Chemical & Janitorial Sup.- -Abbeville
Robie’s Food Center- -Abbeville
Hébert’s Specialty Meats, L.L.C- -Maurice.
Wayne Hébert, State Farm Insurance- -Abbeville
Larry Hébert’s Super Foods- -Kaplan
Weldon Granger, Attorney at Law- -Houston
* Hébert’s Abbeville Tree Service*
*Hébert Electric, Inc. - - Houston*
*Music Mountain Water - Lafayette*
For more information on Sponsorship, please call 318-893-2381 


The Opening Ceremonies
   Our guest speaker will be Mr. Warren Perrin, President of CODOFIL.  Mr. Perrin was chosen President of CODOFIL by Governor Mike Foster because of Warren’s desire to foster the French language in Louisiana.    Entertainment will be provided by Nedia (Mrs. Mason Hebert) of Bridge City, Texas. Mrs. Hebert will sing the Star Spangled Banner in French.  In addition, Les Petits Chanteurs, a group of elementary students will entertain us with  French songs. 
   A welcome address will be given by Mayor R. Brady Broussard. 
   The program will last about one hour.
   After the opening ceremonies, we will walk across the street to Magdalen Square, where Mr. Perrin will unveil the marker commemorating the Reunion of the Héberts in Abbeville.
   After the unveiling ceremonies, we will return to Magdalen  Place for music and dancing enjoyment.

(by Woody Hebert,  continued from La Gazette 11) 

      Succession #116, dated September 1827, of Joseph, Jr.,  was   discovered in the Lafayette Parish Clerk’s Office.  The document makes reference  to Joseph Pépin.  Although written in French we have translated as follows:

“Parish of St. Martin, the twenty- first  day of the month of July of the year one thousand eight-hundred-twelve, we the  inheritors:  Joseph Hebert, Agricole Hebert, deceased Celestin Hebert represented by his wife Marguerite Duhon for their children,  Francois  Hebert, Marie Madeleine Hebert,  and Louis Hebert; all here present according to our previous agreement, that the partitions that were contracted and agreed upon in our favor to transfer by donation made to us on  the twenty-third day of the month or January  of the same year aforesaid by our father  Joseph Hebert of each of their possession whatsoever, in the order and conditions men- tioned on the said act, that we have accepted  and signed in the presence of witnesses;  therefore we declare and accept in the pres- ence of witnesses by those present and by right of petition, that we, the inheritors have  made the partition of said possessions in a unanimous satisfaction in the manner as  follows:”
   Following the above  quote are five pages of an inventory designating each item being credited to one of the inheritors of Joseph Pépin.  The significance of this document is that is provides strong evidence for the date of death.  According to custom, an inventory and partition of property was done within days after the death of an individual.  It is therefore assumed that Joseph Pépin Hebert died shortly before July 21, 1812.
   Historically the Parish of Lafayette was created in 1823, four years before Joseph, Jr.’s death on September 4, 1827.  It is assumed that upon the death of Joseph, Jr.,  his heirs went to St. Martin Parish to retrieve the documents to settle the estate.  The documents are now located in the Lafayette Parish Clerk’s Office. 
The End

Le Coin Français

   Un resumé des évenements de la Réunion de l’Association des Hébert du Monde: 
   Les cérémonies de l’Ouverture:  M. Warren Perrin, président de CODIFIL (Conseil pour le Développement du Français en Louisiane) nous parlera.  Notre gouverneur, Mike Foster a choisi M. Perrin, comme président de CODIFIL parce que M. Perrin a travaillé très dur pour la préservation de la langue française et la culture acadienne en Louisiane.
   Mme Mason Hébert (Nadia) de Bridge City, Texas va chanter le Hymne National (Star Spangled Banner) en français.  Les Petits Chanteurs vont chanter des chansons traditionnelles en français.
   M. Brady Broussard, Maire d’Abbeville va accueilier les invités.
   Après les Cérémonies d’Ouverture nous irons à la Place Madeleine où M. Perrin va dévoiler le monument qui commémorera la Réunion des Hébert.  Après, il y aura une dance au bâtiment de la Place Madeleine en face du Square.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

   La Famille Hébert pourra acheter des billets pour le Concert Final du Congrès Mondial qu aura lieu le 15 Août, 1999, au Cajundome à Lafayette.  Vous pourriez commander des billets dès le premier juin par carte de credit ou chèque pour  $24.00 - - (318-265-2100) - - 444 Cajun Dome Boulevard, Lafayette, LA  70506.  Zachary Richard sera l’animateur, et parmi les groupes seront:  Beausoleil avec Michael Doucet; Steve Riley et les Mamou Playboys; Balfa Toujours avec Bois-Sec Ardoin; Geno Delafose; Suroît; Blou; et Feufollet.  Ne manquez pas ce concert formidable!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

  En juin las réunion aura lieu à Houma, Louisiane.  Nous voulons encourager les familles Hébert de cette région de faire partie de l’Association des Hébert du Monde.

(Excerpts from Bulletin du Congrês)
Please note that entry  to the conferences will be limited and there will be no charge. 
We encourage you to call in advance for reservations.

Genetics of the Acadian People

August 9, 1999
McNeese State University, Bulber Auditorium
Lake Charles, LA
9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Synopsis of Acadian genetics as a result of their unique history.  Certain diseases have increased risks among the Acadian people.  They range from 35% to 250% higher than the national average.  Specialists from the United States  and Canada as guest speakers.  There is no cost, but you will need to register.  You can register online from the link above.  Information:  Bronja Keats, PhD (504) 568-6151

Genealogy of the Acadian People

August 5, 1999
Peltier Hall, Nichols State University
Thibodeaux, LA
9 a.m to 5 p.m.

All-day  workshop  on genealogy and associated interests.  Renowned speakers and discussions on the similarities of Acadian, Cajun, and French societies (genealogy, genetics, etc).  Info:  Tom Butler (504) 448-4626

Sommet des Femmes Acadiennes
(Women’s Summit)

July 31, 1999
Municipal Auditorium, Morgan City, LA
8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

A gathering of Acadian women and their allies.  Bilingual discussions (French & English) concerning their lives, dreams, and the possibility of sharing their ideas with the entire world .
Info:  Elaine Clement (318) 234-8739

 Academic Conference

August 10-13
University of Southwestern Louisiana

Workshops discussing a multitude of aspects of Acadian life:  linguistics, poetry, history, literature, cultural ecology, ethnology, etc.  Speakers from the United States, Canada, and France. Info:  Dr. Mathé Allain (318) 482-6811


   It is our plan to hold our June meeting in Houma, Louisiana.
   We would like to ask our members in the Houma area to begin a list of families, with addresses, so that we can send  them invitations to the June meeting.
   The Hébert Clan in that area is huge;  we must reach out to each family there.
   Let’s pitch in and get a movement going in all of the parishes surrounding Houma.
   The meeting date has not been decided on as of yet. The membership will be notified of the date, time, and location in La Gazette 13. 
   The Board has decided to present  one of the commemorative auto license to each family in attendance. 

  Woody Hébert, the originator and sponsor of the license, has agreed to let the Association give  a CMA Hébert  license to all members who pay for its mailing (local members can pick up their license at the Abbeville Cultural Center between 11 a.m.-4 p.m on Tuesday-Saturdays).     We know that many states do not allow the display of additional plates on autos, but maybe you can find a location within your car where it can be displayed so as to be read from the outside.   For your copy, please mail a check to:  Hébert Family Asso., in the amount of $1 to P. O. Box 375, Abbeville, LA  70511-0375 and  we will mail your license.
   We do have available for sale at $10 the full logo license.  We also have   the reunion Hébert T-shirt.  They sell for $12 (L & XL) & $14 (XXL).  We are holding off   ordering more until  we feel we can get rid of those we have on hand.  If you think that you will be wanting one of the reunion T-shirts, it would help the association if you bought now.      We could better determine what number of T-shirts to re-order.

“Gateway to the Gulf”
“The Most Quaint Town in Acadiana”
“Some Place  Special on the Bayou”
  (continued from La Gazette #11 - History of Vermilion Parish Louisiana)

   Pere Megret’s next project was plotting the his newly purchased land  into town lots.  By selling lots, Mr. LeBlanc was soon paid.
   Pere Megret laid his town off like the old provincial towns of France with narrow streets and small squares.  He portioned off a large lot for the church, parsonage, and cemetery.  On the church property he constructed a small chapel.  For many years the place (village) was called La Chapelle.  The chapel was built in 1845 and destroyed by fire in 1854. A store or two opened near the church and Abbeville was born.
   In the fall of 1853, a yellow fever epidemic swept this section.  Père Megret contracted the disease and died December 5, 1853.  He is buried under the main altar of St. John’s Cathedral in Lafayette, Louisiana. 
   Père Megret had lived to see his village grow into a town; he lived to see his town (Abbeville) incorporated in 1850; he had fought to have the parish seat transferred from the village of Perry’s Bridge to Abbeville, and he had succeeded, but he died before the legislature passed the law authorizing this transfer which was done March 3, 1854.
  All did not go smoothly now that Abbeville was founded and, before 1860, the parish of Vermilion, including its parish seat (Abbeville), had difficulty due to the fact that its judge and jury lacked power.  Something was needed; therefore, a committee heeding the words of one Captain St. Julien formed a group of citizens known as the “Vigilantes.”  This committee of Vigilantes constituted  a temporary tribunal.  Quoting Captain St. Julien:
 ...The summary and implacable chastisement of all those who  commit  the crime of theft or any other crime in our vicinity, the whip and the  rope will be our two arms, both withering and terrible.
  Only the arrival of the Civil War, when many of the men marched off to support the Confederacy, caused a slack in the disorder and trouble.
   Abbeville was growing very slowly in those days.  There were times when the town had no money.  In 1859, the city market place, which was located on Magdalen Square, had to be sold at public auction because the town owed more money than it had available.  By 1883 there was not a vacant house...(to be continued in La Gazette #13)


La Gazette HÉBERT
Official Newsletter of The Association of Héberts of the World
c/o Russell Gaspard, Editor P. O. Box 375 Abbeville, LA 70511-0375 Fax: 318-893-4119

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