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La Gazette HÉBERT
Official Newsletter of The Association of Héberts of the World
c/o Russell Gaspard, Editor P. O. Box 375 Abbeville, LA 70511-0375 Fax: 318-893-4119 
The HEBERT Association's newsletter is sent out periodically to all of its members
Volume 2001 - Issue 1 
March, 2001 
Laura H. Gaspard, Editor      Russell Gaspard, Publisher
P. O. Box 375, Abbeville, LA  70511-0375 
E-mail:  laurus@acadian.net    Web:  www.heberts.org
Fax:  337-893-2381(NEW)
President’s  Corner
(by Woody Hêbert)

      The new year is upon us and we want to continue to build on the momentum of the success gained from our 1999 reunion.  Membership is the lifeblood of the Association, so we hope all of you will send in your dues and maintain your membership.  Invite other Hébert Families to join us.  In store for us this year is a membership meeting planned for April and an Hébert reunion in New Brunswick, Canada, in June.  Sharing our genealogy is the centerpiece of these gatherings. Please send in your family data so we can continue to build the Hebert computer database. Join us at the meeting in April and bring your family and friends.
      We have made arrangements with the Holiday Inn Holidome, located just off of I-10 and the intersection of I-49 in Lafayette, for a meeting place, early bird reception, and a buffet lunch—all of which is included in your registration fee.  Look for details elsewhere  in this newsletter.
      I am happy to announce that the Walk of Names that we began for the 1999 Reunion is back in the limelight.  If you are interested in purchasing a brick to honor your family or a deceased member of your family, please return the information sheet attached to this newsletter along with your check in the amount of $35, and we will see that your request is honored.  Please take note:  We must have at least a total of  20-25 bricks  ordered before the brick company will come to stencil the brick that is already installed.  Therefore it may take as much as 6-9 months before we sell that many bricks and before the contractor will come to Abbeville. Please have patience; your brick will be installed sooner or later.
      Our first board meeting of the 2001 year was held on January 18, and the board decided to:
      1)  Establish the maximum donations to be made by the Association for the year 2001 at $1500.
  At this meeting:
       a)   we voted to join  the Acadian  Memorial Foundation with  a membership  fee (donation) of $200. 
       b) we voted to donate $500 to the  Hébert Family Association of Acadie  (Canada) to help defray some of their  expenses for the June, 15-16, 2001, re-union. 

DUES ARE DUE!! Check your address gum label—upper right for last year paid—should be (2001 or 01)

Other Board Meeting News

 On October 5, 1999, the Board met and discussed several agenda items:
 1)  Because there were no applications for the two scholarships to the University of St. Anne in Church Point, Nova Scotia, a motion was made to donate that $1000 to CAFA.  CAFA is an association of 40+ families that met for reunions in 1999. 
      CAFA has undertaken the responsibility for providing work books, reading materials, and teacher aids to all of the Lower Elementary Schools in the Acadiana Area that have French Immersion.  CAFA is able to get books  from Canada at minimum or no cost, but is asked to pay freight.
      Our funds will be used on a pilot project at Dozier Elementary in Erath, Louisiana.  This school has an enrichment program already  ongoing and with our donation the School will be able to get a good start toward becoming the first school in Vermilion to offer a French Immersion Program to its students. 
 2)  In the year 2003, the State of Louisiana will be celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase.
 The Board is considering hosting a “Come Home to Abbeville” Hébert Reunion during the Giant Egg Omelet that is held on the First Sunday in November to help Abbeville celebrate “Come Home to Abbeville.”
      The reunion would begin on Saturday and conclude on Sunday after the Omelet Celebration.
      The program would be somewhat like the one we did in 1999 for the Congrès Mondial: genealogy during the day Saturday, music during the afternoon  and a dance that evening with a meal of some sort.  On Sunday we would join the Egg Omelet Confrerie for its festivities.
      One of the purposes of this reunion would be to plan for the Congrès Mondial 2004 in Nova Scotia.  Those in attendance would help us prepare to support the Hébert Association in Canada for the 2004 reunion. 

Le Coin Français
(by Barbara H. Hébert)

      Bonjour à tous!  Une nouvelle année, et nous voulons continuer à faire contact avec nos membres de l’Association des Hébert du Monde après le succes de notre grande réunion à Abbeville en 1999.  Notre nouveau Président, Woody Hébert, a annoncé la première réunion de tous les membres de l’Association à Lafayette au “Holiday Holidome Motel” pour le 31 mars et le 1 avril.   N’oubliez pas, cela promet d’être une très bonne réunion et une occasion de renouer des liens qui nous rapprochent les uns les autres.

      C’est encore possible de commander des briques pour le “March des Noms” pour honorer vos familles.  Vous trouverez l’information nécessaire dans cette édition de la Gazette.

      En janvier le Conseil d’Adminstration de l’Association des Hébert du Monde a decidé de faire partie de la Fondation du Memorial d’Acadie, en donnant $200 pour que l’Association devienne membre de l’Heritage Acadien de St. Martinville.  Le Conseil a aussi décidé de faire un don de $500 à l’association de la famille Hébert d’Acadie pour aider avec les frais pour la réunion 2001 au Canada en juin.

      L’autobus pour le voyage au Canada le 3-24 juin est complet.  Pou les participants seulement 4 mois avant de partir!  Ça  sera une très bonne vacance.

      Notre Association va prendre partie de la célébration du deux centième anniversaire de l’Achat de la Louisiane.  Le Conseil d’Administration a discuter la possibilité d’avoir une   réunion  des Hébert,  “Revenez  à   Abbéville,” pendant la célébration de l’Omelette Géante en Novembre 2003.  Une des raisons pour  cette réunion sera de faire des projets pour le Congres Mondial 2004 en Nouvelle Ecosse.

      Faites vos réservations pour la réunion à Lafayette le 31 mars et le 1 avril.  On va bien s’amuser.

      La deuxieme èdition du livre “Heberts, Cajuns, and Louisiana” par Joseph P. Hébert sera vendre la fin avril.  Si vous êtres parmi ceux qui voulaient acheter une copie et il n’y en avait plus disponible, vous pouvez commander votre copie en envoyant votre demande à l’Association des Hébert du Monde.  Vous trouverez les renseignements et le prix du livre dans cette édition de la Gazette.  On imprimera 175 copies du livre.

what's in the future

The Year 2001 

March, 31 - April 1, 2001 
      President Woody has called for the first  New Millennium general membership meeting on April 1, 2001.  This meeting will be held in Lafayette, LA at the Holiday Holidome Hotel located on Hwy 167 (Evangeline Thruway) the continuation of I-49, just south of I-10.  Saturday, March 31, we will begin with a free social (food, drink & a lot of talk) at 7:00 p.m.   This social will be held in one of the suites in the Hotel—look for posted directions when you arrive.  The following day, April 1 (no fooling) our meeting will beginning at 9:00 a.m. in one of the meeting rooms just off the atrium. A block of rooms, at the price of $79 per night (taxes included), has been reserved on a first-come basis.  Room reservations must be made no later than March 17, by calling the Holiday Hotel reservation desk (337-233-6815).  You must let the reservation desk know that you are with the Hebert Family Assn. to receive the room rate stated above.  A membership meeting registration form can be found attached to this issue of La Gazette.

June 3-24, 2001
      WOW!!  Only 4 months away—June 3rd—Bus trip to Nova Scotia and other Provinces of Canada is sold out!  Our tour operator has decieded on one bus.  This should make our gas, meal, and overnight stops much easier. 

November, 2003
      The 200th Anniversary Celebration of the Louisiana Purchase.  More details elsewhere in this issue of La Gazette.

Hebert Family Association
Membership Meeting
Lafayette Holiday Holidome
March 31 & April 1, 2001 

Pre Registration Form

Name of Registrant _________________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________________________

Registration Fee: ________adults @ $10.00 per registrant = $______________ enclosed 
 (this fee includes a buffet meal on Sunday, April 1, and a free hospitality on Friday, March 31)

NOTE: Children are welcomed; however, children’s meals are not included in registation. Wait to pay for the child’s meal (from buffet or child’s menu) when served.

Make check payable to the Hebert Family Association and mail to:  5001 Moss St., Lafayette, LA  70507

Block of Rooms reserved at the Lafayette Holiday Holidome until March 17. Make your own reservations by calling (337-233-6815). Let the reservation desk know that you are with the Hebert Family Association.

President: Woody Hébert, Lafayette 
 Vice-Pres.: Joe Hébert, Abbeville
 Secretary: Barbara Hébert Hébert, Abbeville
 Treasurer: Randy Legé, Abbeville
 Attorney: Larry Hébert, Lafayette
Standing Committee Chairpersons
 Bilingual: Barbara H. Hébert
 Genealogy: Joe Hébert 
 La Gazette: Russell & Laura Gaspard
 Membership: Sheila Hébert Collins
 Publicity: Angie Hébert
 Internet-Web: Tim  Hébert 

Hebert Family Association
13711 Sosthene Rd.
Abbeville, LA  70510
“Walk of Names” Brick Participant
(Use one form for each brick—you may duplicate the order form) 

Name of Participant: _________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________


Please make sure that you double check your order for correct spelling. Only one letter per square (no commas (,), other symbols,  and no (&) .

I have checked my order and all the spelling  is correct!_________________________________
                                                                                                                (Signature of Purchaser)
Make check,  in the amount of $35 per brick, payable to Hebert Family Association. Mail to 13711 Sosthene Rd., Abbeville, LA 70510. 

Genealogy and History
      Woody Hébert has been hard at work combining the genealogy of the brothers Antoine & Etienne in hopes that we may be able to print another book sometime in 2001.  Now is the time to include your own genealogy!!  Do so by sending three or four generations of your family lineage to Woody Hebert, 5001 Moss, Lafayette, 
LA  70507. 
      Joe Hébert has been updating the history of the Héberts. The Second Edition  of “Héberts, Cajuns & Louisiana” (some new information) is going to press in March and will be on sale no later than April 30, 2001.  Do you want to reserve a copy?  Send check in the amount of $33 for each book ($30 for book and $3 for postage). Make check payable to the Hebert Family Association and mail to Joe Hébert, 10134 LA Hwy 82, Abbeville, LA  70510.  Ziggy-ziggy now! I mean hurrrrry! only 175 copies will be printed.  This book was one of the hottest items at the 99’ reunion and sold out before the close of the reunion.  In addition, Joe will also print a book on the descendants of François Hébert and Marie Anne Mouton. That should be ready in May or June of 2001. 

Hebert Family Association
311 2nd Street
Abbeville, LA  70510

Membership Form

Name of Applicant _________________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________________________

 Type of Membership: (Circle one)

  Single .......................................$5.00 per year                              Family ......................................$8.00 per year

Each member  will receive all issues of the newsletter (La Gazette Hebert) at each publication (3-4 times each year) and any other special notices from the President.

NOTE:  Membership cards will not be issued.  Please make checks out to:  Hebert Family Association and mail to:  311 2nd Street, Abbeville, LA  70510.


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