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HEBERT License Plates

This license plate illustrates the Association's logo. The words L'Association des Hebert du Monde 1999 appear in small white print in the lower right-hand corner.
Cost: $10
This license plate has a smaller version of the logo and is bordered with the words: Congres Mondial Acadien - 1999 - Acadian World Congres - LA. This license is designed to commemorate the Congres in 1999.
Cost: $5
Both license plates can be obtained from the Association for $15 (+$1 s/h).

ALSO, the HEBERT Association license (upper left) is available in framed format. It is handsomely framed (16"x10") by Bobby and Beverly Hebert in a gold metal frame with Delft Blue matting. It comes with an unframed HEBERT Congres license plate. The set is available for $45 (+$5 s/h) from the Association.

To obtain your own HEBERT License Plates, please contact the Association.
If ordering, please make out the check to: L'Association des Hebert du Monde

L'Association des Hebert du Monde / The Hebert Family Association
P.O. Box 375
Abbeville, LA 70511-0375


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