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Teenager Charles and his father Claude LATOUR arrived in Acadia about 1609/10. As he grew up, Charles established himself at the mouth of the Penobscot River. When the English kicked him out in 1626, he moved to the Port Royal area. That is also the year that he married a Micmac woman. They had 3 daughters and perhaps a son. Charles later (1640) married a second time to Francoise-Marie Jacquelin - a French woman with connections he needed. They had a son, but he died early in life. She died in mid-1645.

Meanwhile, Claude was in England ingratiating himself with the English nobility. He was able to get a grand for the coast of Nova Scotia (as they called it) from present-day Lunenburg to Yarmouth. His son Charles' name was also on the grant. Charles was governor of Acadia from 1631-1642.

In the late 1630s, Charles LaTour and d'Aulnay began their long struggle over control of the area. D'Aulnay got the upper hand and LaTour moved to Quebec in 1646. Upon d'Aulnay's death in 1650, LaTour returned to Acadia.

In 1653 again became governor of Acadia and he married his third wife, Jeanne Motin - widow of his former rival d'Aulnay. They had 5 children.

In 1654, Robert Sedgewick captured Acadia for the English. Charles went to London to get his property back. Two years later, Cromwell assigned the area to William Alexander, Thomas Temple, and Charles LaTour. But LaTour sold his share to the other two men and moved to Cab Sable to live out the rest of his life (till 1666) in peace.

Basic Genealogy - and the succeeding 5 generations of descendants (with dates)
- For more information, check out "The Fortunes of Charles LaTour," NSHS #31, Fortune & La Tour: The Civil War in Acadia (Toronto: Methuen, 1983).
- Most history books (including the many that are online) on Acadia relate the story of the LaTours.
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