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Rene LANDRY ???, 52, wife Perrine BOURC 45; Children (4 married): Henriette PELLETROT 30, Jeanne 28, Marie 25, Marie 23; (not married): Magdeleine 15, Pierre 13, Claude 8; cattle 10, sheep 6. [1671 Census]
Rene LANDRY, wife Marie BERNARD; Children: Antoine, Claude, Cecile, Jean, Rene, Marie, Marguerite, Germain, Jeanne, Abraham, Pierre, Catherine, Anne, Charles, Isabelle
Basic Genealogy - the two Rene Landry families and the succeeding 6 generations of des cendants (with dates)
Genealogy of Rene Landry, the elder
Genealogy of Rene Landry, the younger
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