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Acadian Church Records                                TLL 2.3:37
Acadian Church Records, St. Charles aux Mines         NOG 5.20:292
  (+ 9.36:393 through 14.53:95)
Annunciation Church, History of                       NOG 8.32:358
Ascension Church, Donaldsonville, LA; Earlist Records of NOG 9.33:11
Avoyelles Parish Church Register Extracts             NOG 19.74:223
   (+ 19.75:349)
Assumption Church, Plattenville; 1817 - 1853          LGR 22.2:183
Basilica of St. Louis, New Orleans, History of the    NOG 5.19:188
Belle-Isle-en-Mer, Part I                             ATT 16.3:103
  (+ 16.4:165, 17.1:36, 17.2:76, 17.3:123, 17.4:183, 18.2:73, 18.3:108)
Belle-en-Mer Records, New Discovery                   KIN 6.1:4
Bids for Church Construction, 30 AUG 1773             ATT 21.4:147
Canada, Available Parish Registers                    AGE 13.2:39
Catahoula, Holy Week in                               ATT 9.1:12
Catholic Calender Records                             KIN 8.2:31
      (+ 8.3:58)        
The Catholic Church in Southwest LA                   AGI 16:20
Catholic Church for Ville Platte, LA                  ATT 17.2:90
Catholic Churches and Priests of Terrebonne Parish    TLL 8.1:42
Catholic Churches in New Orleans and Vicinity with    NOG 5.17:71
     Foundation Date and Other Information                      
Chime of Bells in Catholic Church                     ATT 8.3:124
Franklin, First Catholic Church in                    ATT 24.1:11
French Sacramental Records, Abstracts of Some         LGR 31.4:323
      (+ 32.1:71)
German Coast Churches in 1770: 3 Historical Documents VOY 9.3:112
Gibson Church Goes Back to 1860                       TLL 2.4:69
Jesuit Missions, Vital Records on the                 AGE 18.3:75
     Eastern Shore for the
Lafourche Parish Catholic Churches and                TLL 6.2:1
     Priests in the Early Days
Little Red Church; Marriages, Baptisms, and Deaths of the NOG 1.1:64
     (+ 1.2:172, through 6.22:128)
Little Red Church, Recipe for Using the New Orleans   HER 9.33:73
     Genesis compilation of 1739 - 1755 for the                         
Mater Dolorosa Church, Records from                   NOG 26.103:317
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral, Biloxi, NOG 20.79:295
     MS; Baptisms and Marriages, 1842-1846, 1860-1890
     (+ 20.80:443 through 22.86:197)
New Orleans Church Records, 1751 - 1771               AP  13.6:15
New Orleans Catholic Archdiocese,                     MBL 3.4:64
     Colonial and Antebellum Records
Notre Dame de Bon Port                                DD  2.8:280
Notre Dame de Montreal, The First Register of         FCR 3.3:139
Notre Dame de la Paix; First Communicants of          VOY 5.2:36
Notre Dame de la Paix, Vacherie, LA                   VOY 5.1:35
Old Red Church and Cemetery of St. Charles Parish     NOG 1.4:386
Old Red Church and Its Cemetery                       HER 2.6:116
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church                   NOG 4.16:319
     (+ 5.17:42)
Our Lady of the Rosary Church, Taft, LA               VOY 5.2:39
Our Lady of Peace Cathedral Church, Vacherie;         LGR 19.3:249
     Earliest Records of     (+ 19.4:348)
Port Royal, Registre des Baptemes et Marriages Faits au AGE 12.1:16
     (+ 12.3:83)
Registers of the Parish Archives                      MEM 7.1:8
Riviere St. Jean, 1759 - 1795                         AGE 10.4:129
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Cornerview              JAM 4.2:34
St. Ann's Catholic Church, New Orleans; History of    NOG 18.72:507
St. Ann's Church Records, Morganza, LA                NOG 7.25:68
      (+ 7.26:164)      
St. Bernard Records of Acadian Descendants            HER 5.19:218
St. Charles Borromeo, Destrehan, LA; Location         VOY 5.2:84
     of Church Records
St. Charles                                           VOY 3.1:19
St. Charles, 1862 Confirmations                       VOY 6.1:13
St. Francis of Assisi, Natchez, 1734 - 1743           NOG 8.31:243
St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church                  TLL 2.4:56
St. Francis de Sales Church, Houma, LA;               NOG 19.73:120
     Some Old Records of
St. Henry's Church, History of                        NOG 22.85:11
St. James Parish Church Records                       NOG 7.25:1
St. James Parish, Church of Santiago de Cabanoce;     NOG 8.29:47
     Marriages, Burials (1796)                          
St. John the Baptist Church, Edgard, LA               VOY 6.2:77
St. John the Baptist, Edgard, LA; 1826 Petition       VOY 4.3:73
     for Incorporation
St. John the Baptist, (1868); First Communicants of   VOY 4.1:29
St. John the Baptist Church, Edgard, LA; History of   VOY 8.1:49
St. John the Baptist Parish Church History            NOG 9.34:110
St. John the Baptist Church, Edgard, LA -             VOY 6.2:77
     The Rebuilding (1820 - 1822)                              
St. John the Baptist, (1859 - 1862)                   VOY 8.1:50
St. John the Baptist, (1863 - 1870)                   VOY 8.4:194
St. John the Baptist, (1867 - 1868)                   VOY 7.2:86
St. John the Baptist, (1871)                          ??????????
St. Joseph Altar, The Story of the                    DD  3.9:61
St. Joseph's Cathedral Church, Philadelphia,          LGR 10.3:37
     1758 - 1775; Acadian Records at                            
St. Joseph Church of Galliano, History of             MBL 6.3:132
St. Joseph's, Philadelphia, PA (1758-1792)            GEN 6.2:49
St. Louis Cathedral Archives, Miscellaneous Acts from NOG 21.83:333
St. Louis Cathedral Vital Records                     NOG 1.1:18
     (+ 1.3:273, 2.5:88, 4.15:186, 5.17:83)
St. Louis Cathedral Baptisms and Marriages, 1731 - 1733 NOG 5.20:297
St. Martin of Tours Church, St. Martinville, LA       NOG 11.43:277
St. Martin de Tours - A Photo Essay                   ATT 13.4:172
St. Mary's Assumption Church                          NOG 13.52:321
St. Mary's Church, New Orleans, LA                    NOG 3.9:1
      (+ 5.20:330, 6.21:51)
St. Michael, Convent, LA                              VOY 7.2:80
St. Patrick's Church                                  NOG 2.7:266
St. Patrick's Church, History of                      NOG 7.26:109
St. Peter Catholic Church, Reserve,  LA, (1868);      VOY 4.2:42
     First Communicants of
St. Pierre du Nord Parish of the Isle of              NOG 28.111:269
     Saint Jean, Parish Register of the Acadians of                                
St. Theresa Church, New Orleans; History and Sketch of NOG 16.61:47
St. Thomas Catholic Church, Pt. a la Hache, 1880 - 1905 DD  1.1:27
     (+1.2:87, 1.3:183)
St. Thomas the Apostle Church, Pt. a la Hache, LA     HER 7.27:188
St. Vincent de Paul Church, New Orleans               NOG 15.60:397
Ursuline Convent Chapel                               NOG 28.110:141
Various Excerpts from Church Registers                NOG 26.102:183
Youngsville, Establishment of the Catholic Church at  ATT 7.2:93

* Also see the BIRTH, MARRIAGE, & DEATH RECORDS categories.

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