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Acadia, Manuscript Sources for                                AGE 1.6:1
Acadian Names, Researchers Specializing in                    AGE 14.1:13
Acadians and Their Genealogical Records                       AGE 12.2:57
Acadians in LA, Selected References                           AGE 4.4:98
Acadian Research Sources                                      AGE 9.2:53
Acadian Resources in Canada                                   AGE 7.1:13
Addresses of Major Research Facilities Around the World       LR 1986:30
Allen County Public Library, Information from the             TLL 7.3:78
Archives, The History and Importance of                       NOG 19.74:131
Archives, Materials in the                                    LGR 35.3:265
Archives, Materials in the                                    AGI 1:75
Archives of the Indies, Louisiana Records in the              AGI 2:5
Archives of the Indies, Louisiana Research at the             LGR 35.3:268
Archivo General de Indias, Seville, Spain                     HER 7.27:230
Archivo General de Indias, Seville, Spain                     NOG 21.81:35
Archivists and the Genealogists                               FCR 7.2:81
Baton Rouge Area, Genealogical Research Facilities in the     LGR 37.2:108
Baton Rouge Diocese Archives                                  LGR 30.2:119
Baton Rouge Diocese Archives                                  LR 1988:57
Baton Rouge Diocese Archives                                  AGI 14:18
Baton Rouge Diocese, Genealogical Information in the          AGI 8:1
Baton Rouge Diocese Records                                   AGE 3.4:2 
     (+ 3.5:5)
Black Family, Research on the                                 LGR 34.3:277
Britain, Tracing Your Ancestors in                            NOG 6.22:166
Calcasieu Parish Library                                      KIN 8.4:85
Canada, Judiciary Archives in                                 AGE 7.4:99
Canada, Research in                                           AGE 15.4:105
Canadian Archives                                             NOG 4.15:222
Canadian Genealogical Research                                KIN 5.2/3:44
Canadian Genealogical Society                                 GEN 6.1:22
Catholic Church Records in LA & Where to Find Them            AGI 13:11
Centre de la Genealogie de Montreal                           AGE 14.4:116
Centre D'Etudes Acadiennes                                    GEN 5.2:5
Centroplex Branch Library                                     KIN 8.4:85
Centroplex Library, Genealogy Collection, Baton Rouge, LA     LBR 10.1:8
Centroplex Library, Census Microfilm at                       TLL 3.2:76
Colonial Louisiana, Genealogical Research in                  AGI 11:19
Colonial Records in Louisiana                                 AGI 2:51
Departmental Archives, Addresses of                           NOG 22.86:178
Deutsches Haus Collection H                                   ER 7.26:117
Diocese of LA & the Floridas, Genealogical Data               LGR 18.4:302
     from the Records of the
East Baton Rouge Parish Archives                              LR 1988:61
East Baton Rouge and the Florida Parishes,                    NOG 5.18:95
     Genealogical Research in
English Records                                               AGI 3:35
European Archives, Locating LA Historical and                 AGI 9:56
Genealogical Source Materials in European Archives, Research in  NOG 16.63:318
European Family Records                                       AGI 5:74
Family History Center, Orange, TX                             KIN 11.3:81
Federal, Parish, and Municipal Records for the State of LA    AGI 2:55
France, Archivists and the Genealogists in                    FCR 8.1:3
France, Departmental Archives of                              NOG 28.111:279
France, Genealogical Research in                              LBR 5.4:99
France, Genealogical Research in                              AGI 11:28
France, Genealogical Research in                              GEN 8.1:16
France, Research in                                           AGI 6:13
France, Research in                                           MEM 14.1:20
France, Researching in                                        HER 1.4:302
     (+ 2.5:54, 2.6:140, 2.7:215, 2.8:279)
France, Vital Information from                                NOG 12.46:219
Franco-American Genealogy, New Source of                      AGE 17.3:75
French Archives                                               AGE 10.4:126
French Canada, Genealogy in                                   FCR 1.1:1
French Canada, Genealogy in                                   FCR 6.2:68
French Colonial Records in Louisiana                          AGI 3:31
French Departmental Archives, Genealogical Sources in         LR 1987:19
French and Spanish Colonial Archives in Louisiana             NOG 4.13:6
Genealogical and Historical Data of the Canadian,             NOG 1.4:406
     French, and Spanish Colonial Families of LA
Genealogical Reference Sources                                NOG 18.70:139
General Inventory of Indices and Archival Records             NOG 23.92:437
Georgia, Genealogical Research in                             AGI 9:51
German Archives - Historic New Orleans Collection             NOG 23.90:170
Hard to Find Books, Looking for                               AGE 14.3:76
Houma-Thibodaux Diocese Archives                              AGE 13.2:38
Houma-Thibodaux Diocese Archives                              LGR 33.2:106
Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Tulane University             HER 11.44:300
Howard-Tilton Memorial Library,                               AGI 8:66
     Genealogical Material in the
Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Manuscript Collection         NOG 3.12:341
Irish Family History Co-operative, List of                    NOG 29.114:223
     Research Centers of the
Lafourche Parish Archives                                     LR 1989:36
Lafourche Parish Clerk of Court, Records Available at the     BL 2.1:11
LDS Genealogical Society                                      NOG 6.22:100
LDS Family History Library, Using the                         NOG 28.109:85
LDS Library, Baton Rouge, LA                                  AGI 14:35
LDS Library Hours                                             TLL 2.2:48
LDS Library Research                                          KIN 9.3:69
Leslie Sullivan Genealogical Library                          KIN 7.4:90
Library of Congress, Genealogical Records at the              NOG 4.15:194
Library of Congress, Genealogical Research at the             AGI 7:36
Louisiana Archives                                            KIN 12.3:68
Louisiana Birth & Death Certificates                          KIN 12.1:15
Louisiana Colonial Records                                    LGR 4.5:34
Louisiana, Colonial Records of                                NOG 28.111:375
     (+ 28.112:415, 29.113:15, 29.114:145)
Louisiana Colonial Records, Genealogy and                     AGI 12:13
Louisiana Colonial Records: Where to Find Them                VOY 3.3:64
Louisiana Colonial Records: Where to Find Them                AGE 11.4:120
Louisiana Courthouses, Genealogical Research in               LR 1985:24
Louisiana Genealogical & Historical Societies                 LGR 32.3:263
     and Their Publications
Louisiana Genealogical Directory of Societies                 LBR 5.1:4
     and Their Publications
Louisiana, Genealogical Research in                           AGI 3:22
Louisiana Records and the National Archives:                  LGR 33.3:206
     The Historic New Orleans Microfilm Project
Louisiana Records, Microfilming by Spanish Government of      AGE 13.1:8
Louisiana Resources                                           GEN 5.1:10
Louisiana State Archives                                      AGI 13:26
Louisiana State Archives, Colonial Records at                 LR 1988:11
     (+ 1989:30, 1989:83)
Louisiana State Archives, Genealogical Resources & Services   ATT 13.1:14
Louisiana State Archives, Newspaper Collection                LR 1988:49
Louisiana State Archives, Research Room                       LR 1988:4
Louisiana State Library, Genealogical Research at the         LGR 15.2:35
Louisiana State Museum, Microfilm Records                     HER 12.46:120
     of Genealogical Interest
Loyola University, New Orleans; Microfilm at the              NOG 14.56:429
LSU Archives                                                  LBR 3.3:62
LSU Genealogical Research Material                            LGR 11.3:31
     (+ 11.4:47)
LSU Libraries-Genealogical Materials                          AGI 1:83
LSU Libraries, Special Collections                            LBR 5.4:114
     (+ 9.3/4:98)
LSU Library Special Collections                               LGR 33.1:35
Louisiana Vital Records Section                               HER 8.29:67
Maine St. Library                                             GEN 4.1:54
Massachusetts Research                                        AGE 12.1:3
Mississippi Department of Archives and History                AGI 1:48
Mississippi Genealogical Collection                           AGI 10:22
Mississippi Research                                          KIN 6.1:9
Mississippi, Research in                                      AGI 6:41
Mississippi, Research in                                      LBR 7.2:77
Missouri, Earliest Records of                                 NOG 16.61:77
Montreal, The Rich Deposit of Genealogical Materials          MEM 7.1:13
     in the Judicial Archives of
Morgan City Archives                                          LR 1988:62
Morgan City Archives Inventory                                SML 1.2:10
National Archives Records                                     LGR 4.3:22
National Archives, State Records in                           AGI 2:12
New Brunswick and PEI Addresses                               LGR 36.1:94
New Brunswick Provincial Archives                             GEN 5.2:32
New England Archives                                          MEM 6.1:3
New Genealogical Library                                      AGE 14.3:82
New Orleans Archdiocese Archives                              LGR 29.3:290
New Orleans Mint - Louisiana Historical Center                JAM 4.2:45
New Orleans Public Library                                    AGI 12:1
New Orleans, Searching the Vital Statistics of                AGI 8:24
North Carolina, Genealogical Research in                      AGI 7:54
Ontario, Tracing Ancestors in                                 GEN 7.2:22
Other Sources                                                 AGI 2:60
Pointe Coupee Parish, Genealogical Sources for Research in    AGI 9:12
Pointe Coupee Parish Records                                  LR 1987:11
Prince Edward Island, Genealogy at                            GEN 7.2:4
     (+ 8.1:4)
Prince Edward Island, Tracing Your Family Tree in             FCR 5.1:24
Printed Research Guides                                       TLL 7.2:58
Public Archives of Canada                                     GEN 8.1:44
River Parish Libraries, Genealogical & Historical Books in    VOY 8.2:109
Quebec Archives                                               KIN 9.2:41
Quebec Archives, Publications of                              NOG 5.17:63
Quebec National Archives                                      GEN 6.1:5
Quebec Records, Genealogical Searches of                      GEN 8.2:5
Quebec, Sources for Research in                               FCR 4.1:7
Research Offer                                                AGE 15.2:41
River Parishes, Researching the                               MBL 3.1:15
Scottish Genealogical Research                                AGI 11:44
Sources of Genealogical Information                           AGI 9:82
South Louisiana, Genealogical Materials for                   AGI 5:9
Spain, Archives and Libraries; Genealogical Opportunities at  LGR 16.2:100
Spain and Spanish Louisiana; Bibliographical Notes on         LGR 27.4:317
Spain, Vital Statistics and Genealogical Sources in           NOG 4.13:1
Spanish Judicial Archives in Louisiana, Records of the        NOG 29.113:49
Spanish Records                                               LGR 2.6:31
     (+ 24.3:253)
Spanish Records in Louisiana, Sources of                      AGI 4:23
Spanish Surnames & Genealogy, Publications Relating to        NOG 17.66:142
Spanish West Florida Records                                  LGR 7.4:49
State Archives                                                LGR 28.1:2
State Archives & Records Commission, Holdings at the          LGR 17.3:272
St. Landry Parish Records at the State Archives               LGR 24.4:392
St. Louis Cathedral Archives                                  NOG 20.80:403
St. Martin Parish Library                                     AGI 16:26
St. Martin Parish Library, Microfilm Collection               LGR 18.1:38
St. Tammany Parish Research                                   NOG 26.103:393
Swiss Citizenship and Family Background Research              NOG 4.16:301
     in Switzerland
Texas, Research in                                            AGI 7:24
Thibodaux Branch Library, Microfilm at the                    MBL 2.3:28
Tulane, Compiled Genealogies at                               DD 2.7:237
Tulane University Library, Louisiana Family                   NOG 3.10:98
     Genealogies at the (+ 17.66:240)
UNO, Genealogical Research in the Louisiana Collection of     NOG 20.79:319

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