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Acadians Create a Village from the Past                AGE 12.4:116
Acadian House, The Restored                            ATT 5.3:51
Acadian House Museum, Lifestyle of Early               AP  5.1:22
     French Settler Reflected in
Acadian Museum at Caraquet                             SHA #10:29
Acadian Museum at the University of Moncton            SHA #42:48
Albania Mansion, Majestic; A Photo Essay               ATT 22.3:114
Angelina Plantation House, Mt. Airy                    VOY 5.2:71
Annapolis Royal Restoration                            AGE 13.4:95
Assumption Parish, Plantations in                      TLL 4.1:24
Augeron Plantation                                     MBL 3.3:54
Bridge Above New Orleans                               DD  2.8:318
Buras Burns, Oldest House in                           DD  2.8:317
Calumet Plantation in the 19th Century                 SML 1.2:47
Castillo Hotel, The Old                                ATT 2.2:12
Castillo Hotel, The Old; A Photo Essay of              ATT 14.4:168
Chretien Point                                         ATT 12.2:84
Church on Wheels                                       ATT 14.1:39
Courthouses and Jails, St. Mary Parish                 SML 1.1:4
The Dance House                                        ATT 10.2:107
The Darby House                                        ATT 13.1:17
Darby, Last Days of                                    ATT 13.3:103
Dorchester, Old Acadian House of                       SHA #10:23
     (+ 17:273)
Ducos Estate                                           MBL 3.2:22
Dulcito Plantation                                     ATT 4.4:85
Dupont Store                                           TLL 1.3:69
Eliska Plantation                                      MBL 3.3:53
Fort St. Leon Plantation                               DD  2.8:309
Galveztown, 1804 Public Buildings at                   LR  1988:53
Gates House                                            ATT 5.2:26
Genealogical/Historical Monument                       TLL 4.3:46
Grevenburg House                                       ATT 3.1:3
Grevenburg House                                       AP  8.2:44
Hope Plantation: A Penal Colony                        ATT 7.2:102
Houmas House                                           JAM 6.3:68
House That Jacques Built                               ATT 20.1:21
Idlewild Plantation, A History of                      ATT 7.3:149
Joseph LeBlanc Home in Belle-Ile-en-Mer                AGE 18.4:111
Kilgore Plantation: St. Mary Parish, 1826 - 1987       ATT 23.1:8
Lafayette's Historic Old City Hall                     ATT 11.1:37
Lafayette Museum                                       ATT 11.2:66
The Death of a Landmark                                VOY 6.1:44
Lanoux Memories - House Site                           JAM 5.3:90
Laurel Valley Plantation                               AP  7.2:26
Louisiana Architecture, Early                          ATT 6.1:30
Louisiana State Capitol                                MBL 3.2:23
      (+ 5.3:89)
Magnolia Mound Plantation House                        LBR 7.1:5
Mansions and Other Historic Houses                     AP  6.5:146
Millet & Corneille Store                               JAM 5.1:36
Mouton, Charles Homere; House of                       ATT 6.4:145
Myrtles Plantation                                     LBR 7.3:114
Nairn Plantation                                       DD  2.8:316
Old Acadian Homes                                      SHA #25:183
Old Plantations and the Bayous They Are Located On     TLL 2.1:67
Perry's Bridge                                         ATT 6.3:112
Picciola's Store                                       MBL 3.2:21
Pieux Fence: A Standard Fixture on Early Acadian Farms ATT 11.4:193
Plaisance Plantation                                   MBL 3.3:51
Plantation Sold by Ex-Governor Warmoth                 DD  2.8:318
Plantations Near Chalmette Battlefield Area            HER 9.34:156
Plaquemines Parish Sugar Plantation                    NOG 6.24:332
Rosedale Plantation                                    ATT 3.3:20
Rosedown Plantation                                    LBR 7.2:68
San Francisco Plantation House, Garyville, LA          VOY 1.3:25
Savoie's Store                                         TLL 1.3:58
706 Second St., Morgan City, LA                        SML 1.1:57
Segura Plantation House                                ATT 21.2:77
Smallman Family Ancestral Home                         HER 9.36:287
Smith House                                            ATT 5.1:3
Southdown House                                        TLL 8.2:7
St. Martin of Tours, St. Martinville, LA; Monument at  TLL 4.2:14
Sugar Plantations                                      NOG 3.10:120
     (+ 3.11:222)
Sugar Plantations on the Bayou Teche                   LBR 9.3/4:108
Terrebonne Parish Plantations, Descriptions of Early   TLL 4.4:21
Waterloo Plantation                                    JAM 5.4:113

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