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"A Name Carrieth Much Impression and Enchantment"            AP  12.4:9
A Name is a Name is a Name                                   MBL 4.3:69
A Name That is Accursed                                      ATT 22.2:95
Acadia, Place Name Changes in the Cartography of             SHA 14.3:95
Acadian Christian Names                                      ATT 23.2:76
Acadian Names in Louisiana                                   MEM 6.4:182
Acadian Names, Some Anglicized                               AGE 4.3:85
Acadian Names and Nicknames                                  ATT 7.4:170
Acadian Parish Names, History of                             MBL 6.1:4
Acadian Place Names, Modern & Old                            AGE 7.3:62
Acadian Place Names                                          AGE 17.4:113
Acadian Surnames in Acadia                                   ATT 25.2:22
AKA of Early Louisiana ("dits")                              HER 10.40:302
     (+ 11.41:48, 11.42:111)
Canada, Place Names in                                       AGE 14.1:24
Chinese Name, How to Pick a                                  NOG 4.14:121
Days of the Week and Months of the Year in                   NOG 12.47:328
     French, Spanish, Italian, and German                               
Days of the Week, Names of                                   NOG 25.98:258
"dit" Names                                                  KIN 12.3:79
"dit" Names, About the                                       FCR 6.1:14
"dits", More on                                              AGE 3.1:2
"Don" Was a Title Given to Gentlemen                         AP  12.3:8
Double Surname, Significance of the                          NOG 6.21:75
Early Acadian Villages and Their Current Names               KIN 4.3:26
English, French, and Spanish Equivalents of Given Names      DD  2.8:341
Family Names in Acadia                                       SHA #7:5
Family Name Geography in Louisiana                           LGR 29.3:204
Family Name, Your Own Proud                                  MBL 3.1:10
Family Naming Combinations                                   GEN 9.2:13
French Names in Acadia                                       FCR 6.3:135
French Names, Origin of                                      AGE 7.2:47
French Place Names in America                                AGE 13.2:45
French Terms                                                 MBL 2.3:42
French Words                                                 MBL 3.1:6
French Words & Terms, Definitions of                         NOG 3.11:272
German Place Names Translated into English                   NOG 13.49:100
Hispanic Surnames                                            HER 3.9:53
     (+ 3.10:145)
Iberville Plantation Names, Curious Origins of               NOG 25.97:62
Lafayette Parish Place Names                                 ATT 10.4:206
Last Names                                                   LGR 26.1:36
Louisiana Place Names, Tracing the Origins of                AP  12.5:36
Months, How They Were Named                                  DD  2.6:146
Nicknames                                                    MBL 5.3:88
Nicknames of Early French Colonial Settlers, Natchitoches    NOG 9.36:405
Origin of South Louisiana Family Names                       AP  11.3:15
Parish Names                                                 NOG 12.45:106
Parish Names                                                 KIN 7.2:32
Parish Names, Early History of Acadiana Reflected in         AP  11.1:28
Pet Names, Nicknames, Diminuatives                           LBR 2.2:53
     (+ 2.3:61)
Pre-19th Century Acadian Given Names                         GEN 15.1:17
Problems with Geographical and Personal Names                AGI 9:73
     in Genealogical Research                           
South Louisiana Personal Names and Surnames,                 ATT 6.2:53
     Origin or Meaning of
Spanish New Orleans - Surname Changes                        LGR 31.2:124
     in Penal Prodedures
Spanish Surnames                                             LGR 22.4:380
Spanish Surnames                                             LBR 9.1:35
Spanish Surnames in Louisiana                                AGE 5.3:78
Spanish Terms and Place Names                                LBR 4.2:44
Spanish Words, Usage of Common                               NOG 8.32:373
Street Names Then and Now                                    HER 12.46:130
Surname Trivia                                               GEN 15.1:23
Those Louisiana Names                                        NOG 12.46:138
     (+ 12.47:249 through 27.107:278)
What's in a Name?                                            GEN 7.1:28
What's in a Name?                                            AP  12.3:8
What's in a Name?                                            KIN 5.4:51
     (+ 7.3:57)
What Shall We Call My First Born Son?                        GEN 14.2:71
What Was That Name?  What Is It Now?                         GEN 9.2:20
Your Name Becomes You                                        GEN 15.3:14

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