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Academy of the Sacred Heart, Grand Coteau                 ATT 9.4:190
Acadiana's "Iles de Lilas"                                ATT 6.1:18
Anti-Miscegenation Law                                    DD  2.8:252
Act of Indenture                                          ATT 20.4:192
Are we all related?                                       AGI 20:19
As It Was in the Beginning                                ATT 18.2:53
Bonaventure Gaudin's 12 Arpents in Welcome                NOG 9.33:1
Bonnet Carre, St. John the Baptist Parish                 VOY 1.3:39
Buried Treasures                                          ATT 7.2:107
"Cabinet des Titres", Concise Inventory of                FCR 2.2:121
Carencro Profiles                                         ATT 14.3:132
Cattle Brand Sale by Widow Bonda                          HER 5.17:61
A Christmas Break, 1989                                   NOG 29.114:140
"Ci Git"                                                  VOY 10.3:126
Coffins and Caskets                                       JAM 6.1:16
Cotten Gin, Contract & Drawing for Pierre Gauthier's      HER 1.3:199
Copies of Various Documents                               NOG 3.11:263
Les Courses de Chezaux: Un Sport de la Campagne           ATT 12.3:141
The Cypress Tree                                          VOY 8.1:31
D'autre Tabac!                                            ATT 16.4:181
Declaration of Death                                      DD  2.6:160
Delcambre College                                         ATT 9.3:101
Did You Know?                                             NOG 27.108:439
Family Associations, Birth of                             GEN 9.2:15
Family History                                            NOG 25.100:421
Family Lineage                                            ?????????
Family Reunions                                           GEN 9.2:14
Family Trees, Renewed Interest in                         HER 9.36:311
La Fille Qui Etait Fiere                                  ATT 12.1:26
First to Fall                                             MBL 6.2:77
For Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow                        ATT 14.3:118
Fossil Findings at Opelousas                              ATT 18.2:81
French - English Words                                    MBL 6.3:129
French Prayer                                             MBL 5.2:61
French Prayer                                             MBL 5.2:63
French Prayers                                            MBL 2.2:21
Furniture, Early French-Canadian                          FCR 2.3:151
Gebert Oak, 150th Anniversary                             ATT 20.2:50
Genealogist's Prayer                                      HER 8.32:244
Genealogy                                                 ATT 16.4:193
Genealogy Conference Lectures                             NOG 26.103:467
Genealogy Pox                                             AGE 9.2:33
     (+ 10.1:27)
Genealogy Pox                                             DD  2.6:123
Glossary of Occupations                                   VOY 7.4:180
Heredity                                                  VOY 4.2:60
Humour du Bayou                                           MBL 4.2:31
Hurricanes                                                MBL 5.2:42
I.O.U.                                                    MBL 5.4:115
Kissin Cousins                                            VOY 5.1:11      
Lady Called Alice                                         ATT 13.3:124
Legal Definitions                                         KIN 13.4:121
Les Allemands                                             NOG 8.32:306
"Les Oumas"                                               NOG 7.27:206
     (+ 7.28:308)
Links from Past to Present                                SML 1.1:53
Livestock Brands & Ear Marks                              JAM 5.3:97
     (+ 5.4:123)
Louisiana to France                                       AGE 12.1:21
Letters of Nobility                                       FCR 2.4:209
Local/Temporary U.S. Laws                                 NOG 27.105:89
Lord's Prayer in French                                   AGE 11.2:60
Man for the People                                        ATT 14.1:3
Man in the Glass                                          MBL 5.4:118
Manuscripts                                               NOG 29.113:78
Le Marin Breton                                           ATT 13.1:12
     (+ 14.3:110)
Ministers, Judges, Inhabitants, and Nominations           NOG 8.32:385
Miscellaneous Records                                     NOG 27.106:170
     (+ 27.107:323)
Missing 61 Bundles                                        NOG 5.17:11
More Louisianians Coming Home                             NOG 26.101:67
Murphy's Law for Genealogists                             AGE 15.4:107
Music, Essay on                                           MBL 5.1:24
My Family Lineage                                         NOG 18.71:315
My Family Tree                                            NOG 18.69:124
My French Connections                                     NOG 20.79:291
My Mother's Family                                        NOG 22.86:150
Myrtle Wax                                                DD  2.6:194
New Orleans, Vital Statistics of                          NOG 2.8:356
Nobell Letters                                            AGE 18.1:13
     (+ 18.3:66, 19.1:20)
Nobility of the Land                                      GEN 15.1:36
Oath of Allegiance                                        HER 1.2:120
     (+ 2.6:153, 2.7:226)
Ordinances of the Intendants                              FCR 2.3:145
Orphan Train Heritage Society of America                  HER 11.43:209
Our Counterparts in France                                AGE 18.4:102
Oysters and the Nation's Past                             AGE 2.6:6
The Pecan Sentry                                          VOY 5.3:105
Pelican Girls                                             NOG 14.56:327
People of Louisiana                                       AGI 10:33
Plantation Bells                                          VOY 6.3:109
Pledge of Allegiance in French                            MBL 5.2:64
Proud Inheritance                                         TLL 1.3:78
Railroads of the Delta                                    HER 9.33:42
     (+ 9.34:100, 9.35:201)
Rasico Story                                              AGE 8.3:83
Republican Calender                                       DD  2.6:165
Resurrection of Sound                                     MBL 3.2:25
Reunion of Descendants of the Old Families                HER 5.19:173
     of Natchitoches, LA
Right of Passage                                          ATT 20.2:81
Roots                                                     FCR 7.1:10
Routes to Roots                                           HER 10.40:40
San Bartolomeo Apostolo Society, New Orleans, LA          HER 11.41:54
"Saturday Night Live"                                     ATT 22.3:109
Skeleton in the Closet                                    ATT 18.4:165
Soil in His Diary                                         ATT 24.2:75
Song: La Caille et la Perdix                              ATT 10.4:181
Sonnier's Cracklins                                       ATT 23.1:16
Spanish                                                   MBL 5.3:85
St. Francis, Are Your Roots in                            TLL 1.1:26
St. Gabriel Items, Miscellaneous                          NOG 20.77:83
St. John the Baptist Parish School Board Meeting, 1881    VOY 7.2:78
St. Mary Parish Trivia                                    SML 1.1:50
Swing Your Partners, Not Your Fists                       ATT 16.1:23
Sylvester Learned Institute for Young Ladies              NOG 20.80:491
     (+ 21.81:123)
Table of Direct Ancestors                                 NOG 25.100:413
Tax Sales, State                                          TLL 1.3:22
Teaching Family History                                   KIN 11.1:25
Terrebonne Parish, Sheriff Sales                          TLL 6.3:39
     (+ 7.2:1, 7.3:1, 7.4:28, 8.1:1, 8.2:1)
Thibodaux Benevolent Lodge No. 90                         TLL 2.1:31
Through Generosity and Devotion                           ATT 13.3:134
To the Memory                                             ATT 17.3:137
To Lie By the Side of a Friend                            ATT 16.1:27
Toys of the late 19th and 20th Century from the Southwest ATT 7.2:58
Traveling to Chatellerault?                               AGE 13.4:111
True Story of Jeanerette                                  ATT 13.3:137
Unione Italiana Hall, New Orleans                         HER 11.44:270
A Very Questionable Mystery                               TLL 3.4:60
Vital Statistics                                          NOG 6.23:268
We Are All Cousins                                        NOG 16.62:183
     (+ 16.64:392 through 27.108:519)
What did they do? (occupations)                           GEN 5.1:22
Who am I?                                                 VOY 8.2:60
Who touched me?                                           VOY 2.3:51
Wilderness Paradise                                       ATT 14.2:52
Words to Live By                                          ATT 23.2:80

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