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"And the South Won the War"                              JAM 6.4:118
Baton Rouge, Leaders of Opposing Forces at               NOG 18.72:467
Calcasieu Invincibles                                    KIN 5.2/3:18
Calcasieu Parish Confederates, Miscellaneous             KIN 9.4:97
Civil War Battles                                        JAM 3.3:45
Civil War in Bayou Country                               KIN 12.1:5
Civil War - Benjamin Fairband                            JAM 4.4:107
Civil War Images of a Cajun Landscape                    ATT 21.2:65
Civil War in St. James Parish                            VOY 4.3:91
Civil War in St. John the Baptist Parish                 VOY 4.4:134
     (+ 6.1:10)
Civil War in St. Mary Parish                             SML 2.4:1
Civil War Letter                                         JAM 6.1:14
Civil War Letters                                        KIN 11.1:14
Civil War Plaque at Cameron Parish                       KIN 5.2/3:36
Civil War Records in the National Archives               AGI 19:1
Civil War Soldiers of the River Parishes                 VOY 5.3:114
Civil War - Voucher for Corn                             JAM 4.4:108
Civilian Pass - Civil War                                JAM 5.4:125
Confederate Marine Corps                                 NOG 18.72:475
Confederate Military Records                             KIN 12.4:108
Confederate Personnel Files of the Louisiana             LGR 37.2:148
     Historical Association Collection                          
Confederate Soldiers at the Soldiers Home of Louisiana   LGR 29.1:27
Ememy's Raid in Lower LA, 1862                           KIN 13.3:82
Enumerations of Ex-Confederate Soldiers and              HER 9.33:57
     Widows of Soldiers     (+ 10.39:215 through 13.50:126)
Enumerations of Ex-Confederate Soldiers and              TLL 1.1:49
     Widows of Soldiers; Terrebonne Parish, 1911                                
Enumerations of Ex-Confederate Soldiers and Widows       LR 1988:41
     of Soldiers; West Baton Rouge Parish, 1911                         
European & French Brigade Militia, 4th Regiment,         DD 1.3:243
     Capt. Anthony Cognevich, Co. C, Civil War                          
Executive and Congressional Directory of the             NOG 2.5:97
     Confederate States of America, 1861 - 1865         
Iberia, Glimpses of the Civil War in                     ATT 6.3:73
Iberville Casualties in the Siege of Vicksburg, 1863     LR  1987:8
Lafayette Confederate Veterans Reunion Picnic, 1890      ATT 18.2:72
Lafourche Parish, 26th LA Regiment, Company D            TLL 8.4:14
     (+ 9.1:75)
Lafourche Parish Confederate Soldiers                    MBL 3.3:43
Ledger Book Relating to Civil War Soldiers               NOG 27.107:281
     (+ 27.108:432)
Ledger Book With Union Soldiers                          NOG 28.110:233
     (+ 28.111:322, 28.112:479, 29.113:108, 29.114:242)
Louisiana Soldiers in the War Between the States         LGR 24.1:29
The 18th Louisiana Regiment in the Civil War             VOY 6.1:14
22nd and 23rd Louisiana Infantry                         MBL 3.3:44
26th Louisiana Infantry                                  SML 1.1:28
26th Louisiana Infantry                                  LGR 36.2:162
     (+ 36.3:250)
Mobile, Leaders of Opposing Forces at                    NOG 19.74:181
Pension Files, Confederate                               LGR 24.4:316
Pointe Coupee Co. B, Roll of                             LGR 15.2:16
Port Hudson, Leaders of Opposing Forces at               NOG 19.73:21
POW's, Louisiana Confederate                             LGR 4.3:19
Relic Hunting, Note on Civil War                         LGR 19.4:411
Reminiscences of the Lost Cause                          ATT 16.3:126
Researching Confederate Military Unit Histories          LBR 5.1:16
St. John the Baptist and Neighboring Parishes in the     VOY 4.1:3
     Civil War, Extracts from Le Meschacebe                             
St. Martin's Regiment, LA Militia                        ATT 13.1:19
Teche Campaign, Apr 1863                                 ATT 7.1:3
Teche Country, Battles in the                            ATT 19.1:32
Thibodaux, Union Mutiny in                               ATT 8.3:109
United Confederate Veterans, Camp No. 1788               ATT 11.3:101
Vermilion Regiment of the Louisiana Militia,             ATT 11.4:177
     1862 Officers of the
Vicksburg Sharpshooters                                  NOG 2.8:335
Weeks Island Salt Mine, Union Attack on the              ATT 7.3:144
Yankee Officer and the Partisans                         ATT 14.1:31

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