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Alsace and Lorraine, Do You Have Ancestors from           LGR 28.2:169
About Lineages                                            FCR 7.1:8
Abstracts as Genealogical Sources                         KIN 13.4:111
Adoption in Genealogy                                     AGE 17.3:72
Adoption Tracing                                          AGE 11.2:42
An Adventure in Research                                  NOG 12.45:3
     (+ 12.46:114, 12.47:261, 12.48:395)
Ahnentafel Essay                                          TLL 9.2:69
Analyzing Genealogical Problems                           AGI 1:67
Analyzing Genealogical Problems                           LGR 35.3:240
Ancestor Charts, Continuation Charts for 5 Generation     TLL 5.3:63
Approximating Dates of Birth                              LBR 2.2:48
Areas of Research                                         AGE 13.3:65
Articles on Genealogy and Family History Published        NOG 13.51:244
     in Leading Periodicals in the Last 10 Years
Ascendance Chart                                          VOY 8.2:61
A Better Pedigree Chart                                   TLL 9.3:__
Beatitudes of a Family Genealogist                        MBL 2.2:20
Beginning a Family History                                AGI 1:33
Beginning Genealogy Tips                                  AGI 14:22 
     (+ 15:9)
Beginning the Search                                      AGI 4:7
Birth Certificates, Where and How to Obtain               TLL 2.2:32
Birth and Death Records                                   MBL 5.4:114
Catholic Church Records, A Word About                     TLL 7.3:76
Censuses and Genealogy                                    MEM 8.3:179
Church Records, South Louisiana                           ATT 8.3:132
Computer, Genealogy by                                    AGE 10.4:120
     (+ 13.2:31, 13.3:80, 14.1:19, 14.2:35)
Computing Genealogy                                       TLL 7.4:63
Computer Help for Genealogists                            LBR 6.2
Conducting the Genealogical Interview                     AGI 2:73
Both Verbal & Written Conducting                          LGR 35.3:273
     the Genealogical Interview
Both Verbal & Written Cousin Finder                       TLL 4.2:47
Cousin Finder                                             KIN 4.4:63
Cousin Finder Chart                                       AGE 10.2:59
Dates, Old Style Versus New Style                         TLL 8.3:58
Dates, Preferred Method of Showing                        AGE 14.4:112
Death Records: Where Are They?                            LBR 6.1:14
Deciphering Dates                                         AGE 8.2:40
Defining Your Search                                      AGE 4.4:111
Dialectology as a Genealogical Tool                       LGR 28.1:3
Doing Your Family History                                 AGE 15.3:58
Early Dates                                               KIN 5.2/3:20
Evidential Genealogy                                      KIN 12.2:36
Extracting Records                                        GEN 15.4:18
Form Letter: French                                       HER 1.1:80
Form Letter: German                                       HER 1.2:160
Form Letter: Italian                                      HER 1.4:320
Form Letter: Portuguese                                   HER 2.5:80
Form Letter: Spanish                                      HER 1.3:240
France, Church Records Are Key to Research in             AP 13.2:9
French Ancestry, Tracing One's                            NOG 18.69:7
Genealogical Hints                                        SML 4.2:61
Genealogical Research                                     AGI 3:7
Genealogist's Code of Ethics                              TLL 3.2:52
Genealogy and the Calender                                KIN 11.2:43
Genealogy as an Individual and Group Project              AGI 2:68
Genealogy as an Individual and Group Project              LGR 35.3:276
Genealogy and History                                     AGI 4:4
Genealogy is for Kids, too!                               GEN 14.2:78
Genealogy - A Time of the Past and the Present            MBL 7.3:137
German Lines, Helpful Information for Tracing             JAM 3.1:16
Getting a Start in Genealogy                              AGI 7:49
Getting the Most Out of Letters and Queries               AGI 1:64
Good Basic Genealogy Tools                                GEN 9.1:21
How Does One Start?                                       AGI 2:21
How to Pass Along Your Heritage                           LBR 8.1:24
How to Trace Your Family Tree                             AGE 4.4:112
How to Translate a French Notarial Document               GEN 14.2:60
How to Use Your Genealogical Information                  GEN 13.3:94
How to Win Friends and Influence Librarians               KIN 4.3:39
Indexes, Beware of                                        LR 1989:51
Is your evidence showing?                                 AGI 10:16
Leave No Stone Unturned                                   LR 1987:30
Louisiana Family History, Interest Running High in        AP 12.1:13
Marriage Contract, Terms as Described by Law              TLL 3.4:55
Midwest, Genealogical Clues of the                        FCR 1.1:83
Modern Methods in Research                                AGI 7:13
Name Hunting in Govt. Documents                           AGI 20:11
Newspapers as a Genealogical Source                       AGI 2:63
Newspapers as a Genealogical Source                       LGR 35.3:280
Organizing Materials                                      AGI 1:43
Preparing & Publishing a Manuscript                       AGI 18:6
Race Determination                                        KIN 6.3:27
Reaching Out to the Next Generation of Genealogists       GEN 14.1:5
Readin', Writin', and Genealogy?                          LBR 2.2:41
Relationship Chart                                        AGE 2.10:3
Relationship Chart                                        LBR 2.3:58
Rivermen and Their Boats, Genealogical Research on        LGR 30.2:103
Silver Spoon is Sharp Clue in Tracing Family Ancestry     SML 1.1:55
Some Miscellaneous Aspects of Genealogy                   AGI 11:1
Spain, Guide to Field Research (with an Emphasis on LA) in      NOG 19.73:1
Stradonitz Method in Genealogy                            FCR 1.2:97
Table of Direct Ancestors                                 LGR 35.3:284
Tax Lists and Census Reports                              AGI 1:71
Tracing Ancestors from Quebec and Acadia                  FCR 2.4:259
     to Their Origin in France
Tracing Your Ancestors                                    NOG 28.111:276
Tracing Your Ancestors to the Year 1500                   AP 13.2:9
Use of Primary Sources                                    AGI 1:36
Use of Printed Material                                   AGI 1:39
Writing a Genealogy                                       LGR 36.2:119
Writing Your Memoirs                                      AGE 14.1:16
Your French History                                       GEN 15.2:1


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