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Acadia, 1632; Isaac de Razilly's Map of                  SHA 15.4:127
Acadia, 1744                                             AGE 4.3:65
Acadia, 1755                                             TLL 2.3:51
Acadians Around the World                                AGE 16.2:39
Ascension Parish                                         JAM 6.2:66
Ascension Parish Boundries                               JAM 3.4:79
Assumption Parish Wards, 1877                            TLL 8.1:52
Baton Rouge, 1811                                        LBR 6.3:104
Baton Rouge Riverfront, 1811                             LBR 3.2:48a
Battlefield of Baton Rouge, 1862                         LBR 3.3:72a
Current Maps as a Research Tool                          LBR 4.4:121
Early Acadians in Louisiana                              MBL 3.1:3
Early Maps Essential to Research                         SML 2.1:40
False River, 1812 Landowners Along                       LR  1987:54
Fort Baton Rouge                                         LBR 3.4:96a
France                                                   AGE 15.2:54
France, 1873                                             NOG 12.46:213
France, 1873                                             MBL 4.2:45
France, Old Provinces of                                 TLL 2.4:72
France, Specific Regions                                 GEN 14.2:63
French Forts Along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers       LGR 8.2:26
Fur Country of New France                                FCR 3.2:108
Ile St. Jean, 1660's                                     TLL 2.3:52
Judicial Districts in the Province of Canada             FCR 2.1:6
From Kirchardt to Romeville                              TLL 2.4:39
Louisiana, 1718                                          ATT 3.2:23
Louisiana, 1806                                          LSC 2.4:159
Louisiana, 1824                                          LSC 1.2:74
Louisiana, 1838                                          LSC 2.3:107
Louisiana                                                ATT 6.2:70
Louisiana Parish Map                                     KIN 7.2:33
Manchac, 1775 Spanish Fort at                            LR  1989:57
Maps as Genealogical Aids                                GEN 4.1:76
Migration Routes of Deported Acadians                    TLL 2.3:54
NASA Photograph                                          NOG 12.45:110
Nation of Immigrants                                     NOG 5.17:13
Quebec in 1690                                           FCR 3.2:106
Quebec, Counties of                                      GEN 15.4:36
River of Annapolis, L'Acadie; 1755                       TLL 2.3:53
Saint Domingue, 1758; French Part of                     NOG 15.60:332
Spanish West Florida                                     LGR 2.6:32
St. Gabriel, Acadians at                                 LGR 33.3:211
Texas                                                    AGE 15.1:28
Terrebonne Parish Police Jury Wards, July 1847           TLL 6.3:37
Tigerville, now Gibson, LA                               TLL 4.3:44

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