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Acadian Marriage Customs                              ATT 3.4:3
Anna Belle's Adages                                   ATT 19.1:23
Ask the Fish                                          ATT 5.3:34
Babylore                                              ATT 10.2:98
Beliefs and Superstitions in Kaplan                   ATT 5.2:15
The Bogies Linger                                     ATT 9.1:9
The Boucherie                                         AP  5.6:47
The Boucherie                                         AP  6.4:62
La Boucherie                                          ATT 7.3:152
Les Bucheries de la Louisiane Acadienne               ATT 5.1:2
Cajun Folkways                                        AGE 1.8:2
Catlore                                               ATT 9.3:118
Childcare Superstitions                               ATT 8.4:164
Children's Lore Collected in 1971                     ATT 8.2:33
Christmas and New Year in Rural Acadiana 50 Years Ago ATT 7.3:147
Coon Road Legend                                      TLL 1.2:37
Courir du Mardi Gras                                  ATT 15.4:159
Courtship in Acadiana                                 ATT 3.3:13
Crawfish Folklore in Southwest LA                     ATT 6.3:95
Death of a Myth                                       ATT 18.1:15
Evangeline                                            ATT 19.2:51
Fires of Joy: A Christmas Tradition of the River Parishes AP  7.1:2
Folk Remedies for Animal Diseases                     ATT 9.2:78
German Customs Still Retained in Robert's Cove        ATT 3.2:16
Gris-Gris                                             ATT 9.1:15
Halloween Superstitions Among Black Teenagers         ATT 8.3:103
Household Remedies                                    ATT 9.2:58
Legend of the Stone                                   ATT 2.1:6
Louisiana Folklore and Folklorists                    ATT 3.1:5
Loup Garou, Lutins, & Superstitions                   MBL 5.2:39
Loup - Loup                                           ATT 8.2:89
Marriage Superstitions                                ATT 8.3:129
Moon Superstitions                                    ATT 8.2:90
Mourning Customs in South Louisiana                   KIN 11.2:36
Mourning Pictures                                     ATT 6.4:151
Pecan Hole (a game)                                   ATT 6.4:148
Popular Folk Cures                                    ATT 4.2:15
Pregnancy Folklore                                    ATT 10.1:19
St. John Valley Folklore                              AGE 14.3:82
Supernatural Episode of Old Acadia                    AGE 6.1:7
Superstitions                                         TLL 3.1:12
Superstitions Surrounding Persons Born                ATT 4.4:80
Telephone Pole Death Notices                          KIN 5.2/3:30
     (+ 7.3:66) 
Tournoi                                               ATT 8.1:19
Tournoi in New Iberia                                 ATT 8.2:85
Tracing Traditions                                    AGI 11:36
Vanishing Princess, Myth of the                       JAM 3.2:36
Weatherlore in Arnaudville                            ATT 10.2:114
What Value Family Legends?                            NOG 11.41:88

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