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Les Aboiteaux                                             SHA 19.1/2
Les Aboiteaux                                             SHA #2:61
Acadia, Misfortunes of                                    MEM 39.4:291
Acadia, The Name                                          FCR 7.2:157
Acadia, Notaries of                                       MEM 5.1:38
Acadia, Success of Others and the Misfortunes of          SHA 20.3:115
Acadian Bicentennial                                      KIN 9.3:64
Acadian Bishop, Nomination of the First                   SHA #8:6
Acadian and Cajun History for the Genealogist             SML 1.2:27
Acadian Chapel at Moncton                                 SHA #2:76
Acadian Clothing                                          SHA #2:71
Acadian Collectibles                                      AGE 13.2:38
Acadian Contracts, Notes on Two                           MEM 7.1:21
Acadian Council Record, 1750                              AGE 6.1:9
Acadian Dancing, A Look at Traditional                    SHA 21.1:4
Acadian Family: Anachronism or Paradigm?                  ATT 12.4:201
Acadian Fiddler Dennis McGee and Acadian Dances           ATT 7.3:124
Acadian Flag                                              SHA 14.4
     (+ 16.1:6)
Acadian Flag                                              AGE 4.4:95
Acadian Flag                                              KIN 6.4:47
Acadian Flags                                             AGE 5.3:79
Acadian Flag, The Louisiana                               AP  13.4:6
Acadian Flower and Herb Garden                            ATT 7.1:20
Acadian Folklore                                          SHA 6.3:138
Acadian Folk Song                                         ATT 15.4:165
Acadian Heritage Commemorated                             AGE 15.4:113
Acadian History, A Little Bit of                          AGE 19.1:11
Acadian Humor                                             AGE 11.3:73
Acadian Hymn of 1755                                      SHA 8.1:35
Acadian Legacy                                            AGE 9.3:75
Acadian Legacy                                            MBL 3.3:56
Acadian Mariners and the Schooners                        AGE 14.4:118
     of Gloucester, Massachusetts
Acadian Marriages at Sea, 1825                            SHA #22:88
Acadian Milestones, Some                                  NOG 20.80:408
Acadian Music and Dances                                  ATT 11.4:181
Acadian National Hymn                                     SHA 16.1:11
Acadian Oath of Allegiance, 1768                          SHA 8.4:198
Acadian Origins                                           AGE 7.2:30
Acadian Origins                                           FCR 7.2:160
Acadian Parishes of Quebec                                SHA #29:??
     (+ #30:408, #32:69)
Acadian Politicians, Famous                               AGE 17.2:38
Acadian Relics                                            SHA 18.1:55
Acadian Saint                                             AGE 13.2:36
Acadian Sailors                                           AGE 15.3:77
Acadian Sayings                                           ATT 7.1:31
Acadian Story Continues to Unfold                         ATT 13.2:89
Acadian Village                                           SHA #2:78
Acadian Voyageurs in France                               AGE 19.1:17
Acadians                                                  AGE 15.3:71
Acadians                                                  AGE 15.4:91
Acadians                                                  MBL 6.3:104
Acadians, A Long Way from France                          SHA 6.4:161
     (1748 - 1755)  
Acadians and the Catholic Church                          TLL 6.1:12
Acadians in Acadia, 1713 - 1720                           SHA #21:5
Acadians and Amerindians Hung at Boston                   SHA 16.1:31
     on 13 NOV 1726  
Acadians and Canadians in Time of War                     SHA 8.1:5
Acadians, History of                                      HER 7.27:220
Acadians of Louisiana, Appearing                          ATT 25.3:107
     in Scribner's Monthly, 1879
Acadians, More Exposure Needed on                         AGE 12.3:73
Acadians, The Origin of the                               MEM 6.6/7:243
Acadians, Plowmen of the Sea                              LR  1987:32
Acadians at Quebec, Names of                              MEM 22.1:104
Acadians vs. Quebecois                                    AGE 9.4:114
Acadians, The Real                                        AP  11.5:8
Acadians of Southwestern LA                               AGI 16:1
Acadians of Translaurentie                                MEM 6.6/7:319
Acadia's 450th Anniversary                                SHA #43:100
Acadie                                                    SHA #2:58
American Independence, Acadian Participation              SHA 7.1:5
     in the War for  
Amherst Papers                                            SHA #27:256
Arctic Acadia?                                            AGE 12.3:73
Attakapas Country, 8 Acadian Chieftains of the            NOG 4.13:25
Beaubassin, Founding of                                   SHA 12.2:65
Bibliography on Acadia                                    SHA 6.1:48
     (+ 8.2:93, 9.1:38, 10.1:56, 11.4:367)
Boy Scouts and Pioneer Acadians                           AGE 15.1:9
Bretagne, Acadians at                                     NOG 3.9:67
Broussard Affair in Old Acadia, 1724                      SHA 20.2:60
Canseau, District of; History of Acadians at              SHA #15:185
Cape Cod, The Acadians on                                 AGE 9.3:86
Caraquet, Historic Pilgrimage to                          SHA #4:9
Clothing of the Ancient Acadians                          SHA #7:26
Cobequid, Some Acadians of                                AGE 17.3:73
Colonies, Acadian Exiles in the                           AGE 14.1:9
Cooperative Movement Among the Acadians, Origin of        SHA 18.1:52
     (+ 18.4:196)
Coutumes de Noces Acadiennes                              ATT 12.1:31
Decline of Fish Companies in Acadia,                      SHA 9.1:5
     1697 - 1702  
Demographic Study on the Acadians of the Maritimes        SHA #24:132
Famine in Acadia, 1699                                    SHA 7.3:147
First Acadian Priests                                     SHA #31:42
First Infant in Acadia, 1620                              SHA #19:350
Fish and Lobster in the Maritimes                         SHA 9.1:22
Fort Cumberland, A Letter at                              AGE 3.3:4
French-Acadian Relations                                  SHA 18.3:145
French Establishments at the Riviere St. Jean             SHA #12:53
French Heritage: Families Recruited for Acadia            AGE 2.3:3
Furniture, The Maritime Acadian Style of                  SHA #11:23
Gaudet Village on the Port Royal River                    SHA 18.1:35
Georgia, Acadians in                                      AGE 5.1:17
Godbout, R.P. Archange                                    MEM 11.3/4:181
Histoire et Genealogie des Acadiens                       NOG 4.16:281
     (+ 5.17:24 through 15.58:211)
History of My Ancestors                                   SHA #37:290
How Acadian is Acadiana                                   ATT 21.4:148
Iles Malouines, 1764; Acadians at                         SHA 15.2/3:100
Ile St. Jean a Boulogne, Acadians of                      SHA #35:200
Kent County, Maryland; Acadians of                        AGE 11.2:28
La Heve, 350th Anniversary of                             SHA 13.1:9
L'Ancienne Acadie, A Trip Back to                         AGE 15.4:101
Lawrence, Charles; Two Unpublished Letters by             SHA #25:174
Louisbourg, 1713 - 1758                                   SHA #34:169
Louisbourg, Memoirs of a French Officer at                SHA #14:141
Louisbourg, Social Life in 18th Century at                SHA 7.4:171
Louisiana, Acadians in                                    SHA 17.1:11
Louisiana's Acadians: My Tribute to Them                  ATT 10.4:213
Martinique, One Acadian Family at                         SHA #41:33
Martyrs, Two Acadian                                      SHA #9:5
Massachusetts, 1697 Document of Acadians Before           SHA 6.2:106
     the Supreme Court of                               
Massachusetts, Acadian Traders at the End                 SHA 7.4:161
     of the 17th Century at  
Medical History of Early Acadians                         SHA 16.2:39
Memramcook, Acadians at Valley of                         SHA 12.4:143
Memramcook, 200th Anniversary of the Parish of            SHA 12.2:67
Menoudy, Acadians at                                      SHA 6.4:188 
Migration from Loudun to New France in the                MEM 40.1:34
     17th Century  
Moncton, Monument to the Original Acadians at             SHA 17.3:103
Moncton, Original Acadians in                             SHA #1:18
My Acadian Ancestors                                      MEM 6.6/7:257
My Acadian Visit                                          MBL 6.2:68
New Brunswick, Crown Land Grants                          SHA 12.4:128
     to Acadians (1760 - 1848)
Notes on the Acadians                                     NOG 28.112:414
Nova Scotia                                               AGE 2.6:8
Nova Scotia Documents                                     AGE 5.1:27
Nova Scotia History Discrepancy                           AGE 15.4:100
Odd Story in the History of Acadia                        SHA 8.1:23
Oral History in the Acadian Culture of Nova Scotia        SHA 15.4:141
Original Acadians of Great Character                      SHA 20.3:129
Port Royal, 1707 Attack on                                SHA 17.1:21
Prince Edward Island, The Acadian Experience in           SHA 14.2:59
Prince Edward Island, Acadian Colonization of             SHA 16.1:19
Prince Edward Island, Complaints of Acadians at           SHA 10.4:176
Prince Edward Island, Excerpt from The Acadians of        AGE 2.9:3
Robichaux, Albert; Speech by                              AGE 14.4:109
Scottish in Acadia, The Myth of the Origins of the        MEM 40.1:10
Shediac, Short Chronology of                              SHA #26:237
Styles of Colonization and Social Disorders               SHA 7.3:105
     in Early Acadia & Maine  
Summons by Michel LeNeuf LaValliere to a Group            SHA #25:178
     of Acadians at Beaubassin, 1682                                    
Survival of the Ethnic Group Known as Acadians, A Study   SHA 8.2:53
     of the Different Perspectives on the                               
Sydney, 1749 - 1754; Acadians Around the Region of        SHA 19.3:105
"Theatre de Neptune" by Marc Lescarbot                    SHA #8:21
Travels to Acadia, 1860; Notes on                         SHA #31:32
     (+ #32:85, 34:165)
Treaty of Utrecht, Territorial Limits on Acadia           SHA 6.1:5
Universiete Sainte-Anne AGE 16.4:111
Vessels Taken by Capt. McKenzie                           AGE 4.1:17
Village Historique Acadien                                GEN 6.1:44
"Voyage a l'Acadie", 1699 - 1700: by Diereville           SHA 16.3/4

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