The HEBERT Family
HEBERT and Its Variants
The name HEBERT and its variants have English, French, and German roots.

It originally comes from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements:
     Heri, hari (meaning army) and berht (meaning bright, famous).
This means that someone originally used the name as a given (first) name.
It later became used as a surname.

  • The German variants are: Herbrecht, Herbricht, Harbert
  • The German diminutives are: Harr(e), Harck, Herck, Harich
  • The German patronymics are: Her(i)bertz, Harbers, Harberding, Harbring
  • The English variants are: Herbit, Hebbert, Heb(b)ard, Harbert, Harberd, Harbard, Harbird, Harbord
  • The English diminutives are: Hebb, Hipkin, Hercock, Hircock
  • The English patronymics are: Herbertson, Harbertson, Harburtson, FitzHerbert
  • The French variants are: Hebert, Herbet, Harbet
  • The French diminutives are: Hebertet, Hebertot, Herbreteau, Herb(el)et, Herb(el)in, Herb(el)ot, Harbelot, Harbulot



    Specifically, the name HEBERT is an Old French name.

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