The HEBERT Family
HEBERTs in the Revolutionary War
The following pages contain HEBERTS (from Louisiana only) involved in the Revolutionary War.  Though Louisiana was not one of the 13 colonies, it was a Spanish territory at the time.  The Spanish allied with the colonists in fighting against the British, so you could legitimately say that they fought against England in the Revolutionary War.
St. James Militia - April 8, 1766
Francois HEBERT
St. James Militia - July 1770
Pierre HEBERT, 33 Prosper HEBERT, 22
Francois HEBERT, 29 Joseph HEBERT, 35
Pointe Coupee Militia - 1770
Joseph HEBERT, 32
St. Martinville Militia - May 10, 1777
Mathurin HEBERT Joseph HEBERT
Jean Baptiste HEBERT
Plaquemine Militia - 1777
Aman HEBERT, 19 (Sergeant) Charles HEBERT, 20
Joseph HEBERT, 21 Baptiste HEBERT, 24
Gasiden HEBERT, 30 Baptiste HEBERT, 20
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