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     While best known (to us in the Acadian-Cajun genealogical community) as the compiler of dozens of volumes of Catholic church records in south Louisiana, he wrote several other valuable books and helped to publish and sell many others (see below). 
     In 1970, a couple of years after being ordained a priest, Father Hebert began researching and collecting church records.  His first volume of Southwest Louisiana Records appeared in April 1974.  His recent book on Acadians in southeast Texas was his 96th work.
Father Hebert at the CMA Genealogical Symposium
Rev. Donald J. Hebert
April 8, 1942 - February 22, 2000
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     This page is not run by Hebert Publications; I've simply put it on-line to give you a source of Acadian work. We are related (just about all Heberts are); but distantly (7th cousins, twice removed). 
     An order form(Word format) can be downloaded, printed out, and mailed in.  Shipment rate is given in {brackets} after the book price.
Hebert Publications
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Rayne, LA 70578

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Southwest Louisiana Records B Donald J. Hebert

Vol. 1A  (1750-1800) $50.00  Vol. 22  (1891)  $45.00
Vol. 1B  (1801-1810) $50.00  Vol. 23  (1892)  $45.00
Vol. 2A  (1811-1818) $50.00  Vol. 24  (1893)  $55.00 
Vol. 2B  (1819-1825) $50.00  Vol. 25  (1894)  $55.00
Vol. 2C  (1826-1830) $50.00  Vol. 26  (1895)  $55.00
Vol. 3     (1831-1840) $55.00  Vol. 27  (1896)  $55.00
Vol. 4     (1841-1847) $55.00  Vol. 28  (1897)  $55.00
Vol. 5     (1848-1854) $55.00  Vol. 29  (1898)  $55.00
Vol. 6     (1855-1860) $55.00  Vol. 30  (1899)  $55.00
Vol. 7 (1861-1865) $55.00  Vol. 31  (1900)  $55.00
Vol. 8   (1866-1868) $55.00  Vol. 32  (1901-1902) $55.00
Vol. 9 (1869-1870) $45.00  Vol. 33  (1903-1953) $60.00
Vol. 10 (1871-1872) $45.00  Vol. 34  (1901-1902) $60.00
Vol. 11 (1873-1874) $45.00  Vol. 35  (1903)  $45.00
Vol. 12 (1875-1876) $45.00  Vol. 36  (1904)  $45.00
Vol. 13 (1877-1878) $45.00  Vol. 37  (1905)  $45.00
Vol. 14 (1879-1880) $45.00  Vol. 38  (1906)  $45.00
Vol. 15 (1881-1882) $45.00  Vol. 39  (1907)  $45.00
Vol. 16 (1883-1884) $45.00  Vol. 40  (1908)  $45.00
Vol. 17 (1885-1886) $50.00  Vol. 41  (1909)  $45.00
Vol. 18 (1887)  $50.00
Vol. 19 (1888)  $50.00  CD101 B Includes Volumes 1 thru 31 
Vol. 20 (1889)  $50.00  of the Southwest Louisiana 
Vol. 21 (1890)  $45.00  $375.00
South Louisiana Records B Donald J. Hebert
Vol. 1   (1794-1840)  $45.00  Vol. 7    (1881-1885) $55.00
Vol. 2   (1841-1850)  $55.00  Vol. 8    (1886-1890) $55.00
Vol. 3   (1851-1860)  $45.00  Vol. 9     (1891-1895 )$55.00
Vol. 4   (1861-1870)  $45.00  Vol. 10  (1896-1899) $55.00
Vol. 5   (1871-1875)  $45.00  Vol. 11  (1900-1903) $55.00
Vol. 6    (1876-1880) $45.00  Vol. 12  (1904-1920) $35.00

Bodin   Selected Acadian & La. Records Vol. 1   $25.00
Bonin   The Bonin & Related Families    $43.00
Brasseaux  Acadian To Cajun, 1803-1877    $49.00
 Scattered To The Wind, 1755-1809   $15.00
 The Foreign French, 1820-1839 B Vol. 1   $48.00
 The Foreign French, 1840-1848 B Vol. 2/Vol. 3  $33.00 each
 The Road To Louisiana (St. Domingue)   $30.00
Broussard  The Church At Lake Charles,  1850-1910  $15.00
Capuder  1896 In Le Petit Paris     $30.00
Conrad  Dictionary Of Louisiana Biography   $80.00
 St. Charles, 1770-1803     $30.00
Land Records of The Attakapas,  1764-1826, Vol. 1 $33.00
 Land Records of The Attakapas, 1804-1818, Vol. 2A $33.00
 Land Records of The Attakapas,  1804-1818, Vol. 2B $33.00
 St. Jean-Baptiste des Allemand, 1753-1803  $28.00
 The Cajuns       $28.00
 The German Coast, 1804-1812    $25.00
Decou   Gen. of A Decoux Family of La. Jacque deCoux) $35.00
Din   The Canary Islanders of Louisiana   $44.50
Douget  Sous Cette Pierre Repose B St. Landry Cemetery $43.50
Foley   One Mile An Hour B Msgr. Teurlings   $33.00
Fontenot  Southwest Louisiana Courthouse Inventory  $50.00
Fontenot  Acadia Parish History in 2 Volumes         $30.00 each
 The Gentle Shepherd: Memoir: Bishop Jeanmard $35.00
 Forsyth  Louisiana Marriage Contracts B Vol. 2, (1728-1769) $33.00
Harper  Mother Church of Acadiana    $29.00
 Hebert  A Guide To Church Records, 1720-1975   $30.00
 Acadian Families In Exile     $45.00
 Acadians In Exile, 1700-1825 (out of print)  $65.00
 Immigration Files B SW Louisiana, 1840-1929  $33.00
 Index of New Orleans Confirmations, 1789  $25.00
 Louisiana Families In Southeast Texas   $50.00
Hebert  Acadian-Cajun Genealogy     $15.00
Jehn   Acadian Exiles in The Colonies    $31.00
 Corrections/Additions to Bona Arsenault   $31.00
Kleinpeter  The Louisiana Cotton Festival, 1953-1992  $53.00
LBlanc  The Acadian Miracle     $25.00
Maduell  Spanish Citizens Entering New Orleans, 1820-1865 $29.00
 1804-1820 B New Orleans Marriages   $29.50
 1820-1830 B New Orleans Marriages   $25.00
 1830-1840 B New Orleans Marriages   $30.00
Mier   Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist (Lafayette ) $40.00
Milling   Exile Without End/South Carolina, 1755-1764  $28.00
Mills   Index to Conrad=s AFirst Families@    $25.00
Pollard  The Book of Cloatre      $30.00
 The Book of Landry      $30.00
Perrin   Southwest Louisiana Biographical/Historical  $40.00
Robichaux  Acadian Families in Chatellerault, 1773-1785  $35.00
 Acadian Families in Nantes, 1775-1785   $35.00
 Acadian Exiles in St. Malo, 1758-1785 (3 Vols.)  $100.00 
Volumes 1 and II are out of print
 Civil Registration Records of Orleans Parish  $60.00
 Births B Marriages B Deaths B 1790-1833  
 Colonial Settlers B Bayou Lafourche, 1770- 1798 $35.00
 German Coast Families     $55.00
 Italian-American Roots, 1851-1861 B Vol. 1  $40.00
 Louisiana Census & Militia List, 1770-1789  $35.00
Seymour  The LeBleu Book      $37.00
SWL Geneal. The Civil War Veterans of Imperial Calcasieu  $45.00
Van Vorst  Ancestors/Desendants: Eastwood & Morris  $40.00
Vincens  Les Indomptes B Pennsylvania Acadians (French) $30.00
Whitefield  Louisiana French Folk Songs    $20.00
Winzerling  Acadian Odyssey      $25.00
Woods  Acadians In Maryland in 18th/19th Century  $35.00
 Supplement To Acadians In Maryland   $15.00
Wright   The old Evergreen Burying Ground   $30.00

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Rev. Donald J. Hebert

MIRE - Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. Friday, Feb. 25, 2000, at Church of Assumption BVM in Mire for Father Donald Joseph Hebert, 57, of Mire, who died Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2000, at his residence. Entombment will be in Assumption Cemetery. 

Father Hebert attended Immaculata Seminary in Lafayette, St. John Seminary in Little Rock, Ark., and graduated from Notre Dame in New Orleans in 1968. He was ordained June 1, 1968, in Lafayette.

He was an assistant pastor at St. Francis Regis in Arnaudville from 1968, until his assignment of assistant pastor in 1970, at St. Anthony in Eunice, until he became pastor of St. Joseph in Cecilia in 1975. In 1980, he became pastor of St. Anthony in Eunice until he became administrator of Annunciation in Duralde in 1984. In 1985, he was pastor of Our Lady Queen of All Saints in Ville Platte until he became pastor of Church of the Assumption BVM in Mire in 1989, until his death.

He was named diocesan consultor in 1977, and in 1987, was on the  diocesan school board for two terms.

Survivors include one sister, Barbara Hebert of New Orleans.

Visitation hours will be observed at Assumption Church from 8 a.m. today, with rosaries at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., until service time Friday.

Gossen Funeral Home of Rayne is in charge of the arrangements.

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Article 1

Services held for priest [By BRUCE SCHULTZ ]
Acadiana bureau, The Advocate

MIRE -- Services were Friday morning for Catholic priest Donald  Joseph Hebert, considered a pioneer among Louisiana genealogists.

Hebert, 57, died in his home Tuesday.

The funeral was at Assumption Catholic Church, where he was pastor.  Entombment was in the church cemetery under direction of Gossen Funeral Home in Rayne.

"His passage is a great loss," commented Carl Brasseaux, history professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and assistant director for the Center of Louisiana Studies. 

"His work has been invaluable."

Brasseaux said that, before Hebert published numerous volumes of genealogical information, tracing a family tree was a time-consuming, difficult process.

"You have to understand, before Father Hebert came along, it would have taken a normal individual a few years to 20 years to develop even a skeletal genealogy," he said. "Now it takes 45 to 90 minutes."

Hebert published numerous books requiring painstaking work of poring over records, many written in difficult-to-read handwriting with peculiar  idioms and place names, Brasseaux said.

Among his books was a 12-volume set containing church and civil records indices from 1794 until 1920.

The 41-volume set of Southwest Louisiana records was a collection of abstracts from the church and civil records from the southwest Louisiana parishes, and it included Catholic and Protestant churches, and courthouse records of genealogical and historical value, starting in 1756.

Hebert also compiled genealogy for southeast Louisiana families, Brasseaux said.

Just before his death, he was awaiting a new publication of records for Louisiana families that moved to southeast Texas, Brasseaux said. It was his 96th publication.

Hebert attended Immaculata Seminary in Lafayette and St. John Seminary in Little Rock, Ark.; and was a 1968 graduate from Notre Dame in New Orleans.

He was ordained June 1, 1968, and in that year he served as assistant pastor at St. Francis Regis Catholic Church in Arnaudville until his assignment as assistant pastor in 1970 at St. Anthony Catholic Church in Eunice.

It was in 1970 that he started his genealogical work.

In 1975, he became pastor at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Cecilia.  Five years later, he returned to St. Anthony as pastor.

In 1984, he became administrator of Annunciation Catholic Church in Duralde. He was named pastor of Our Lady Queen of All Saints in Ville Platte in 1985.

In 1989, he was chosen as pastor for Assumption in Mire, where he served until his death.

He was named consultor for the Diocese of Lafayette in 1977, and he served on the diocesan school board for two terms starting in 1987.

He is survived by a sister, Barbara Hebert of New Orleans.

A Web site detailing all of his publications can be found on the Internet  at
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Article 2

Genealogist priest dies
                 Feb 24 2000  By JACQUELINE COCHRAN, Daily World

The Rev. Donald Hebert, who died Tuesday, not only leaves behind those who knew and loved him, but a collection of books that today is considered an authoritative source of genealogical records. 

"It is truly as loss of someone who was a real pioneer," said Estelle Perrault, president of the Imperial St. Landry Genealogical and Historical Society. 

Perrault said the work completed by Hebert is unquestioned among those who seek genealogical confirmation. "Even the national society of the Daughters of the American Revolution require only the volume and page number when you cite anything from Father Hebert." 

Hebert, 57, served as assistant pastor and then pastor at various area churches, including, St. Francis Regis in Arnaudville, St. Anthony in Eunice, St. Joseph in Cecilia, Our Lady Queen of All Saints in Ville Platte and Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Mire. 

Funeral services will be 10 a.m. Friday at Assumption BVM in Mire with burial to follow in the church's cemetery. Visitation is 8 a.m. today through time of service Friday at Assumption BVM. Our Lady Queen of All Saints Deacon Eugene LeBoeuf said Hebert was a man with a sense of humor who enjoyed good food
and company. "He'd been to my house several times. 

"When I told my daughter that he had passed away, she said she was sorry, for when she got married that was who she wanted to marry her." Every priest leaves their mark with someone, and with Father Hebert there were many, LeBoeuf said. 

Linda Taylor, Opelousas assistant branch librarian, said while she did not personally know the priest, his name is most familiar as daily, people seek his work for genealogical research. "We have up to 41 volumes of his work and I understand he was working on a 42nd volume," she said. 

Perrault said that as a priest, Hebert was permitted access to church records few are allowed to see. She said from deteriorating registries he copied the information. By printing and organizing these records, those who otherwise may never have the ability to find them, need now drive only as far as their local library.  "This in the only place in the Union, someone has been able to access such a  large area of churches and publish them. 

"His books are used all over the country," she said. 

Perrault said Hebert's work includes nearly every church in southwest Louisiana and even the churches of Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes. 

"I hope someone will be able to step in and finish what he started," Perrault said. 

                 ©Daily World 2000 
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