HEBERT Genealogy
HEBERTs in the Port Royal Church Records

As with any transcription, there will be errors in the records below. If you catch them, please let me know. Copies of the original records can be found on microfilm at the Canadian National Archives. It can be obtained through interlibrary loan, and it can be purchased (about $20) from Xebec Imaging Services, Inc., 2520C St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa, Ontario K1H 1B1 [613-739-9901]. They are available in print in the Reider's Acadian Church Records, V. 3, 1702-1721.

Abbreviations: bn.-birth, bt.-baptized, SP-sponsors, m.-married, bur.-buried, d.-deceased


Joseph COMEAU, bn. July 26, 1703, bt. Aug. 19, 1703 (s/o Jean & Francoise HEBERT)
   SP: Sieur Joseph de FRINENSE & Agnes BOURGEOIS

Pierre HEBERT, bn. Sept. 20, 1703, bt. Sept. 30, 1703 (s/o Antoine & Jeanne CORPORON)
   SP: Pierre GRENDET & Marguerite CORPORON

Marie Madeleine THIBODEAU, bn. Dec. 23, 1703, bt. March 17, 1704 (d/o Jean & Marguerite HEBERT)
   SP: Capt. Francois DUVIVIER & Jeanne DEGOUTINS

Anne Judith COMEAU, bt. Aug. 1, 1705 (d/o Jean & Francoise HEBERT)
  SP: Jean COMEAU & Anne COMEAU (brother & sister of the infant)

Charles HEBERT, bn. Jan. 22, 1706, bt. Feb. 27, 1706 (s/o Jean & Madeleine DUGAS)
  SP: Pierre DUPUIS of Haut de la Riviere & Francoise DUGAS

Paul HEBERT, bn. Dec. 1706, bt. March 24, 1707 (s/o Antoine & Madeleine CORPORON)
   SP: Alexandre HEBERT & Anne BOURGEOIS
   Child baptised at birth by Pierre DUPUIS

Pierre HEBERT, bn. Oct. 6, 1707, bt. Nov. 13, 1707 (s/o Jean & Madeleine DUGAS)
  SP: Pierre PART dit LaForest & Agnes DUGAS, wife of Michel THIBODEAU

Pierre HEBERT, bn. May 13, 1708, bt. June 6, 1708 (s/o Antoine & Jeanne CORPORON)
  SP: Sieur Seirier & ???

Madeleine HEBERT, bn. May 20, 1709, bt. June 15, 1709 (d/o Jean & Madeleine DUGAS)
  SP: Jean Chrisostome LOPINOT & Mademoiselle PONTIF

Marie Marthe HEBERT, bn. July 12, 1710, 7 p.m., bt. July 13, 1710 (d/o Antoine & Jeanne CORPORON)
   SP: Jean MARTIN & Marie TRIELLE

Jean Baptiste HEBERT, bn. April 20, 1711, bt. April 20, 1711 (s/o Jean & Madeleine DUGAS)

Genevieve Salomee HEBERT, bn. Nov. 17, 1712, bt. Nov. 18, 1712 (d/o Antoine & Jeanne CORPORON)
   SP: Denis GAUDET & Agnes HEBERT
   [born the night before and baptized with haste by the midwife in a so-called necessity]

Marie Joseph HEBERT, bn. Jan. 5, 1713, bt. Jan. 7, 1713 (d/o Jean & Madeline DUGAS)
   SP: Jean PRINCE & Marie DUPUIS

Alexandre HEBERT, bn. March 25, 1713, bt. May 1, 1713 (s/o Alexandre & Marie DUPUIS)
   SP: Guillaume BLANCHARD & Jeanne DUPUIS
   (baptised by necessity by Rene FOREST)

Jean HEBERT, bn. March 24, 1714, bt. March 25, 1714 (s/o Antoine & Jeanne CORPORON)
   SP: Jean PRINCE & Madeleine DUGAS

Jean Baptiste DUON, bn. June 13, 1714, bt. June 24, 1714 (s/o Jean & Agnes HEBERT)
   SP: Antoine HEBERT & Catherine RICHARD
   (baptised by necessity by the wife of LABAUVE)

Joseph HEBERT, bn. Jan. 26, 1715, bt. Jan. 27, 1715 (s/o Jean & Madeleine DUGAS)
   SP: Joseph BOURGEOIS & Marie FOREST
Joseph HEBERT, bn. Oct. 14, 1715, bt. Oct. 14, 1715 (s/o Antoine & Jeanne CORPORON)
   SP: Joseph FOREST & Madeleine HEBERT

Marguerite HEBERT, bn. March 1, 1716, bt. March 2, 1716 (d/o Alexandre & Marie DUPUIS)
   SP: Joseph LEBLANC & Francois BOURGEOIS

Honore BLANCHARD, bn. July 24, 1716, bt. July 26, 1716 (s/o Jean & Agnes HEBERT)
   SP: Jean PRINCE & Marie HEBERT


Jean THIBODEAU (s/o Pierre & Jeanne TERRIOT of this parish)
   m. Feb. 17, 1703 Marguerite HEBERT (d/o Emanuel & Andree BRUN of this parish)
   Witn: Michelle THIDODEAU & Claude GIROUARD

Jean HEBERT (s/o Manuel & Andree BRUN)
   m. Jan. 25, 1704 Madeleine DUGAS (d/o Claude & d. Francoise BOURGEOIS)  all of this parish
   Witn: Du Chambon, Germain BOURGEOIS

Alexandre HEBERT (s/o Emmanuel & Andree BRUN)
   m. Jan. 26, 1712 Marie DUPUIS (d/o d. Pierre & Madeleine LANDRY)

Jean DUON (s/o Jean Louis & Jeanne CLEMENSEAU ... merchant of Lyon parish of St. Nizier)
   m. Feb. 27, 1713 Agnes HEBERT (d/o Antoine & Jeanne CORPORON ... of Port Royal)
   Witn: Jean SOULARD, Antoine HEBERT, Jean Baptiste DAVID

Rene BREAU (s/o Vincent & Marie BOURG)
   m. Dec. 18, 1715 Marie HEBERT (d/o Antoine & Jeanne CORPORON)  all of this parish
   Witn: J. DUON

Ambroise MELANSON (s/o d. Charles & Marie DUGAS, widow of Francois BOURG)
   m. Jan. 23, 1719 Marguerite COMEAU (d/o Jean & d. Francoise HEBERT)
   Witn: Francois RICHARD, J. DUON, C. MELLANSON

Jean COMEAU (widower of Francois HEBERT)
   m. Jan. 7, 1720 Catherine JOSEPH (d/o Francois & Jeanne LEJEUNE of the Indians)
   Witn: Guillaume BLANCHARD, Joseph BOURGEOIS

Jacques MAILLET (s/o d. Antoine (last working in Paris) & d. Francoise CHOPPART)
   m. Nov. 25, 1720 Madeleine HEBERT (d/o Antoine & Jeanne CORPORON)
   Witn: Jacques MAILLET, J. DUON


Francoise HEBERT, wife of Jean COMEAU, approx. 50 years old, d. Feb. 17, 1713

Female HEBERT, daughter of Antoine HEBERT, approx. 2 years old, d. May 1, 1713

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