The HEBERT Family

     When the seven ships arrived from France in 1785, much of the best land in the Attakapas and on the Acadian Coast had been taken. So, many of the settlers chose a third location, along Bayou Lafourche. It is believed at least eight Hebert families settled along the bayou, primarily in Assumption Parish. The others went to the Attakapas or to the Acadian Coast, though some later returned to the Lafourche area. As Bayou Lafourche became crowded ... and the Terrebonne area opened up ... settlers began moving down to present-day Terrebonne Parish.

     One of the larger Hebert families of Bayou Lafourche was by Pierre Hebert and Suzanne Pitre. They were the third family on the La Ville de Archangel, which arrived from St. Malo, France in December of 1785. At first, they traveled to Bayou des Cors, north of Baton Rouge near present-day Thompsons Creek. Suzanne died there in 1786. Their sons Pierre (m. 1788 Anne Aucoin), Joseph (m. 1788 Marie Thibodeaux), Mathurin (m. 1797 Marie Bourg), and Jean Baptiste (m. 1795 Elizabeth Bourg) later received land grants near the present-day town of Labadieville. Jean Baptiste's sons would later move to Terrebonne Parish and settle along the bayous (Terrebonne, Black, and Chacahoula). [NOTE: One of Jean Baptiste's g-g-g-grandsons is the person responsible for this web site.]

     Another prolific Hebert family in this area was the family of Joseph Hebert (m. 1786 Marie-Jeanne Durembourg). He arrived on the St. Remi in September of 1785. His descendants moved into lower Terrebonne Parish in the mid 1800's. One of his sons was Jean Louis Hebert.

     Terrebonne Parish started out as a part of Lafourche Parish. The original Lafourche was split into Lafourche, Assumption, and Terrebonne Parishes. Terrebonne Parish was formally created in 1822 (so earlier records for the area are under Lafourche Parish). In the first census that named Terrebonne Parish (1830), there is only one Hebert listed ... Jean Louis Hebert, son of Joseph and Marie Durembourg. He was born on Dec. 31, 1787 in Donaldsonville. He married twice, to Suzanne LeBoeuf (m. Apr. 24, 1802; Donaldsonville) and to Irene (Reine) Melanie Babin (m. Jul. 1, 1833; Thibodaux).


Note: Only HEBERTs are listed. If the wife's surname is given as HEBERT, it is listed. If the wife is an HEBERT but it's not listed as such in the census ... it's not included in the following pages.

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   HEBERTs in Assumption Parish Land Records, 1786-1813
   HEBERTs in the 1770 Census of Ascension Parish
             along Bayou Lafourche
   HEBERTs in the 1777 Census of the Acadians
             of Ascension of Lafourche des Chetimachas
   HEBERTs in the 1788 Census of Lafourche Residents
   HEBERTs in the 1791 Census of Lafourche des Chetimachas
   HEBERTs in the 1795 Census of the "Bayou of Valenzuela"
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   HEBERTs in the 1850 Lafourche Parish Census

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