The HEBERT Family

     The first Acadian arrivals in Louisiana primarily settled in two locations: Attakapas (now St. Martinville) and along the Mississippi River. Those who went to the Mississippi River settled just upriver from the German Coast. The Acadian settlement, which became known as the Acadian Coast, was primarily in St. James Parish. This later became known as the First Acadian Coast, when the Acadian settlement spread upriver (to form a Second Acadian Coast) to present-day Ascension Parish. Please note that the part of Ascension Parish on the west bank of the Mississippi River was considered part of Lafourche; so material on HEBERTs along Bayou Lafourche will be located on the HEBERTs at LAFOURCHE INTERIOR page. This page will also lead you to information on HEBERTs who settled even further upriver (Iberville, Baton Rouge, etc.)


     In the first census (1766) after the initial Acadian arrival, we find 3 Hebert families on the first Acadian Coast. Jean Baptiste's widow (with son Mathurin), Jean Baptiste's son Joseph, another Joseph Hebert, and a Pierre Hebert. A few years later, they were joined by a Francois Hebert.

     In 1768, nine Hebert families arrived with the Acadians from Maryland. They all settled on the Mississippi River in Iberville Parish (near St. Gabriel). Most of these Iberville Heberts continued to live in the Iberville and West Baton Rouge Parishes. One of these Heberts was Paul Hebert (m. 1736 Marguerite Melancon), a great-grandson of the original Etienne. Paul's six sons and most of their descendants remained in the Iberville area, and by the 1790s, some had acquired land along the river in present West Baton Rouge Parish. One of Paul's grandsons, also named Paul (m. 1817 Eugenie Hamilton), established a sizable plantation a few miles downriver from Plaquemine. His son Paul-Octave would become Louisiana's fifteenth governor (1853-56). Paul-Octave and four other Heberts were operating sugar plantations on the west bank of the Mississippi River by 1855.


   Colonial Censuses on the Acadian Coast

   1772 Iberville Census

   1793 Feliciana Census

   1795 Census of Baton Rouge and Manchac



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