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Acadian HEBERTs in Louisiana

     The first Acadian HEBERT's arrived in Louisiana in 1765. The Louisiana had been a French colony for decades. Even though it was now under the control of Spain, Louisiana still maintained a French atmosphere. The prescence of other French settlers and the promise of good land appealed to the Acadians. After a handful of Acadians had made it to Louisiana (from New York) early in the year, the Acadians from Santo Domingo soon followed. They were literally being killed by the tropical climate in Santo Domingo, where they had been exiled.

     The first Acadian arrivals in Louisiana were primarily settled in two locations: Attakapas (now St. Martinville) and along the Mississippi River. Settlers who went westward to Attakapas also soon spread out to Opelousas as well. Those who went to the Mississippi River settled just upriver from the German Coast. The Acadian settlement, which became known as the Acadian Coast, was primarily in St. James Parish. This later became known as the First Acadian Coast, when the Acadian settlement spread upriver (to form a Second Acadian Coast) in present-day Ascension Parish. For a list of HEBERTs arriving in these areas, go to:

   In 1785, the king of Spain paid for over 1500 Acadians to sail to Louisiana to settle "his" land. When they arrived, the best land in Attakapas and on the Acadian Coast had been taken. Many of the new settlers chose to settle along Bayou Lafourche. Some of these families later moved down into the Terrebonne area.  There were 104 HEBERT's who arrived on the seven ships in 1785. They are listed by ship at

 HEBERT's on the 7 Ships - along with a breakdown of their settlement areas.

One the previous two pages, you will find all of the Acadian HEBERTS who arrived in Louisiana in the 18th century. For further data, check out the pages below.

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