The HEBERT Family
HEBERTs in Louisiana
     HEBERT is the most common surname of French origin in Louisiana. There are over 6,000 HEBERT families in the state.

     Among the first HEBERTs in Louisiana were Louis HEBERT, age 1720, who is listed as being in Louisiana [Louisiana Colonials: Soldiers and Vagabonds (DeVille, 1963)]. He was listed as a sergeant, 48 years old, from Rouen. He had auburn hair and stood five feet tall. He was a cooper sent from Paris.
     In the 1721 census of New Orleans, there is a an "HEBERT and PROVINCHE, associates" listed. It also notes that they had 5 slaves. [The Census Tables for the French Colony of Louisiana: 1699-1732 (Maduell, 1972]
     In the 1726 census of the colony of Louisiana, there is a Nicolas HEBERT listed at the village of the Tunicas. At this time, their village was located on the east bank of the Mississippi River, in the present-day state of Mississippi. He had a wife and a child. The same census also lists (in Illinois): an Ignace HEBERT, an HEBERT & wife, and an HEBERT, wife, & child. Illinois was under the jurisdiction of Louisiana at this time. The 1732 census of Illinois also lists "le sieur HEBERT the elder and his wife" with one child. [Maduell, 1972]
     There is also a Francois HEBERT who arrived in Louisiana in 1756 [Louisiana Recruits: 1752-1758 (DeVille, 1973)]. It is not known if they stayed or returned to France. In Conrad's First Families of Louisiana, V. 2, p. 196, it notes that an Adrien HEBERT was discharged on March 1, 1766. Most soldiers and engages returned home when their work was done. It is known that at least one non-Acadian HEBERT came from France to settle in Louisiana ... and there probably were a few more. A non-Acadian HEBERT arrived around Pointe Coupee parish in the mid 1700's. I have the information on him ... I'll post it when I can find it!

     The first Acadian HEBERTs arrived in Louisiana in 1765. The Louisiana had been a French colony for quite a while. Even though it was now under the control of Spain, Louisiana still maintained a French atmosphere. The prescence of other French settlers and the promise of good land appealed to the Acadians. After a handful of Acadians had made it to Louisiana (from New York) early in the year, Acadians from Santo Domingo soon followed. They were literally being killed by the tropical climate in Santo Domingo, where they had been exiled. Over the next few years, other exiles made their way to Louisiana. The number of Acadians in south Louisiana doubled in 1785, when over 1500 Acadians sailed over from France. You will find a listing of the 104 HEBERTs on those ships at HEBERTs on the 7 Ships.

     Following the 1785 immigration, it seems that few Acadians made it to Louisiana. The official assistance by Spain was discontinued. Other HEBERTs did make it to Louisiana. In the 1800's, we find the following HEBERTs on ship lists:

Name Age Occupation Ship Port of
30 farmer Magnolia LaHavre,
Nov. 17, 1845 Missouri
23 farmer Octavius LaHavre,
Apr. 2, 1846 U.S.
22 farmer Octavius LaHavre,
Apr. 2, 1846 U.S.
11 mo. farmer Octavius LaHavre,
Apr. 2, 1846 U.S.
28 clerk Caroline &
   Mary Clark
Liverpool Nov. 22, 1850 Louisiana
36 farmer Devonshire LaHavre,
Feb. 27, 1851 New Orleans

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Acadian HEBERTs in Louisiana. 
        This page will take you through the three major areas which were settled by Acadian HEBERTs. It includes lists particular to a certain area. Besides raw data, there is also a bit of constructed genealogy on the HEBERTs in these three regions. 
HEBERTs in the U.S. Census Records 
        This page lists the HEBERTs found in the first 7 Federal censuses of Louisiana. I'm just starting on this ... so it will be a while before the information is on-line. 
  HEBERTs in Louisiana Church Records 
        This page lists Louisiana church records involving HEBERTs. This is quite a large amount of information. This, too, will take a while to get on-line. I'm not sure how much I'll do. 
HEBERTs in Military Records 
        This page gives the listings of Louisiana HEBERTs involved in the War of 1812 and in the Civil War.
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