The HEBERT Family
The Hébert Family Databook
     A number of people have told me that they printed out large portions of this Hébert website to share with others.  As long as the source is shared, that is fine with me.  But I've also been told that the entire site prints out hundreds and hundreds of pages.  I am also aware that most of the population is still not online.  Moreover, many people still like to read from paper (I'm one of them :)
     So I took the data from the entire site, combined pages, shrunk fonts, and did a number of other things to reduce the size so that I could fit the entire site into a reasonably-sized book.  I was able to produce a book of 285 pages.  It contains all of the material at the website and more.  I've added my own notes to the 6 generations of Hébert genealogy.
     The cost of the book ... which covers my reproduction costs (and a little extra so that I can treat my wife out to dinner to thank her for giving me the time to do all this work) is $44. 

For the past few years, I've been too busy with church work to handle the site so I turned everything over to someone else - who apparently just threw away any book order. I've set it up at CafePress (a print on demand service) so that you can order a copy and be sure it will arrive.

For sale HERE.

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Corrections to the book:

Add: To the "HEBERTS on the 7 Ships" on the ship L'Amitie
Ursule HEBERT, widow of Jean VINCENT - 45
        Anne Blanche VINCENT, daughter - 23
        Marie Blanche VINCENT, daughter - 17
        Jeanne Marguerite VINCENT, daughter - 12
        Flore Adelaide VINCENT, daughter - 11