The HEBERT Family
HEBERTs in Other Locations
     Since most of my research has been on HEBERTs in Acadia (pre-Exile), HEBERTs in exile, and HEBERTs who immigrated to Louisiana. Of course, many HEBERTs migrated to Canada to escape the deportations. Some stayed in France and other exile locations. As time went by, HEBERTs have spread throughout the world. Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to help you with a 'John Hebert' from Timbuktu. I'd appreciate getting information on HEBERTs that settled in locations besides Louisiana after the exile. As I get the information, I'll post it at this site. 

     Since many HEBERTs in Canada and the northern U.S. descend from non-Acadian HEBERTs who settled in French Canada, I do have a few generations of French-Canadian HEBERTs on a separate page.

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