The HEBERT Family
Distribution and Population of HEBERTs
     The largest concentration of HEBERT's in North America occurs in Louisiana and in eastern Canada.


     According to the 1990 census, there are over 6,000 HEBERT's in Louisiana. It is the most common French name in the state, with LANDRY following as a close second.
     In the entire country (of 88,000+ surnames), HEBERT is the 779th most common name. There are four Acadian names with a higher population (though some are partially non-Acadian): Richard (#506), LeBlanc (#683), Landry (#695), Blanchard (#742). The % frequency of HEBERT's is .015, which means there are over 38,000 HEBERT's in the entire United States.

HEBERT Distribution in 1880, 1920, and 1990
Here is a map generated byHamrick Software showing the concentration of people with the HEBERT surname across the United States in 1880, 1920, and 1990. 


HÉBERTs in France
This shows the population per 100,000 of HÉBERTs in France according to the 1993 telephone listings.
Héberts in France
HEBERTs in France
This shows the population per 100,000 of HEBERTs in France according to the 1993 telephone listings.
Heberts in France
Thanks to François ROUX, who forwarded this HEBERT/HÉBERT information to me.
His website contains information on Acadians in France in the Poitou region and BOUDROTs.

Richard Hebert has a page on HÉBERTs in France (in French) at his website.  It has a map showing a similar concentraion of HÉBERTs/HEBERTs in north-central France.  By the 1994 telephone estimates (according to Les Dictionnaires Patronymiques), there are about 15,000 HÉBERTs/HEBERTs in France.


According to a phone search at Canada411, there are the following number of HEBERT listings:
  • New Brunswick* - 500+
  • Ontario* - 500+
  • Quebec* - 500+
  • British Columbia - 238
  • Manitoba - 181
  • Nova Scotia - 65
  • Prince Edward Island - 12
  • Northwest Territory - 3
  • Newfoundland - 2
  • Yulon - 2
* The maximum number of listings returned was 500, so I don't know how many more there are.

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