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Le Grand Derangement (The Exile): 1755+

     The major ship lists that have survived from this period are the lists of the seven ships that brought Acadians from France to Louisiana in 1785, so that material will be covered in Cajun Genealogy.  To put it briefly, the material has appeared in 3 different books, and it can also be found at this website on the 7 ships page.
         Lists of Acadians who migrated to France from England in 1763 can be found in The Acadians in France, Vol. 2 (Milton & Norma Reider).  Francois Roux has the lists from 4 ships [Ambition, Dorothee, Fauvette, l'Esturgeon.] that brought Acadians from England to France in 1763.
        I've read that there were some lists made of the Acadians being deported, but they were lost or destroyed.  It seems that the Acadians were treated more like cattle than people.  There are no lists of the 1758 exile, though you may be able to reconstruct some information from the data once they got to France.  I'll see if I can work on this in the future.  I hear that one of the side benefits of Stephen White's Dictionnaire is that he may be able to come up with a partial ship list of the Duke William and Violet (both sank en route) based on people in the deported communities who disappeared after 1758.  As for their movements during the exile, there are no ship lists as such.  \
     There is a short list of the Brigite, a small schooner that brought a small group of Acadians to Louisiana in 1788.  Here it is: Anne Marguerite Babin, Charles Babin, Francois Laurent Babin, Marie LeBlanc Babin, Mathurin Babin, Pierre Moise Babin, Victoire Babin, Jean Baptiste Boudrot, Madeleine Bourg, Jean Frederic Gravois, Jean Hubert Gravois, Joseph Gravois, Madeleine Blanche Gravois, Marguerite Angelique Gravois, Marie Felicite Gravois, Marie Susanne Gravois, Marie Tharsille Gravois, and Victoire Gravois.  (The Founding of New Acadia, Brasseaux, p. 208)

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