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Le Grand Derangement (The Exile): 1755+


     The Acadians were sent to the American colonies, England, France, and several remote colonies. Many also escaped into Canada. In the late 1760s and in 1785, over 3,000 migrated to Louisiana.  Since they were so spread out, the material written on the Acadians at this time usually cover only a certain area.  Some works, especially Rev. Donald Hebert's Acadians in Exile, cover more than one of these areas. It has lists, censuses, church records, and other material on the Acadians during this time period.  Janet Jehn also has a book entitled Acadian Exiles in the Colonies. Chapman Milling also has a book Exile Without an End on Acadians in the Carolina area.  And Gregory Wood has a book entitled A Guide to the Acadians in Maryland in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
    The material in the compiled works in the previous section also contain material from this period. The material by Arsenault, Bergeron, extend over the Exile period.  The first part of Stephen White's Dictionnaire contains some of the people involved in the exile.  But since the first part stops at families where the marriage occurred before 1714, the second part will be of much more use since it will extend up to the year 1780.  Though it will be years before the entire Dictionnaire is completely available, you can visit the Centre and should be able to see what the working manuscript contains.  Mr. White is very nice about allowing you to copy material. 
     Once again, there are many other books utilizing secondary sources (and even tertiary sources) that cover certain families or areas.  If you are interested in a particular surname or area, you will need to consult books written on name or area.  Consult the Book list for additional sources.
     If your Acadian ancestors travelled to Louisiana, then you are in good shape.  As part of the Acadian Memorial, an online database has been compiled on the 3000 or so Acadians who immigrated to Louisiana.  It's called Ensemble Encore.
     Also, I have a list of the Acadians who came to Louisiana (not including those who came on the  seven 1785 ships).  Check out ACADIAN IMMIGRATION TO LOUISIANA.

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