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Le Grand Derangement (The Exile): 1755+

    For the Acadians who were sent to the American colonies / England or who escaped to Canada, there are no complete Acadian censuses since they were so spread out.  These Acadians were now included in general censuses of the area. There are lists, but usually they only contain the head of the household (and maybe the spouse and number of children).  Some various Acadian enumerations were also done (i.e. lists of Acadians who wished to go to France). For the Acadians who were sent to France (or who ended up there after being held in the colonies and/or England), several "Acadian" censuses were done in the years 1755-1785.
     Since much of this data was compiled in France or French colonies, it is hard to access the originals.  Fortunately, much of the material can be found in several published works. Les Acadiens aux iles Saint-Pierre et Miquelon (Michel Poirier) has censuses for Saint-Pierre and Miquelon from 1767, 1776, and 1785. The Rapport sur les Archives de France (Ottawa, 1911) has lists that were sent with requests by Acadians in the English colonies who desired to return to Acadia in 1763.
     The book The American Exiles in the American Colonies, 1755-1768 (Milton & Norma Reider) contains a number of these lists of Acadians in the colonies.  They are from: Pennsylvania (1763), New York, Connecticut (1763), South Carolina (1763), Massachusetts (1763), Maryland (1763).  Janet Jehn's Acadian Exiles in the Colonies also has these lists, as well as suggested family relationships.
     Lists of Acadians (from Ile Royale and Ile Saint-Jean who were sent to northern France in 1758) were taken from 1762-1773 and in 1783-1784. Two of these censuses (1762, 1772) and the lists of four Acadian migrations (within France) can be found in The Acadians in France, Vol. 1 (Milton & Norma Reider).  Francoix Roux has a breakdown of how many Acadians were in what area for the 1772 census at his website.  Francois Roux also has the lists of the four "convoys" to Nantes [1st convoy, 2nd convoy, 3rd convoy, 4th convoy] online at his website. Acadian lists of those who migrated to France from England in 1763 can be found in The Acadians in France, Vol. 2 (Milton & Norma Reider), which also contains information on the Belle Isle en Mer Acadian settlement.  Francois Roux has the lists from 4 ships [Ambition, Dorothee, Fauvette, l'Esturgeon.] that brought Acadians from England to France in 1763.  The Acadians in France, Vol. 3 (Milton & Norma Reider) contains material from the archives from the St. Servan area.  Microfilm of these materials can be found at the National Archives of France (NAF), the National Archives of Canada (NAC), and the Centre d'Etudes Acadiennes (CEA).
     Acadian censuses in Normanday (1763-1789), Acadian financial assistance records (1773-1797), and Acadians in Vienne (1791) can also be found at NAF, NAC, and CEA
     Some census and list data from the French colonies can be found in Acadians in Exile (Father Hebert).  Some of the censuses/lists included in the book are: Acadians deported from St. Pierre & Miquelon (1801-1802), Acadians from St. Pierre & Miquelon in Le Havre, France (circa 1770, 1797, 1801), Acadians at St. Pierre & Miquelon (1778), Acadians at Brest, France (1794), Acadians at Calais, France (1792), Acadians at Concarneau, France (1791, 1796), Acadians at Belle Ile en Mer (1765), Acadians at Cayenne, Franch Guiana (1765), Acadians at Martinique (1766), Acadians at Cherbourg (1775), Acadians at Morlaix, France (1791, 1792), Acadians in the St. Malo area (1793), Acadians at Poitou (1797).

     Though not a census, a passenger list is a record of Acadians that is very useful. The only lists from this era are the seven ships that brought Acadians from France to Louisiana in 1785.   The discussion of passenger lists will be covered in Cajun Genealogy.

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