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     I have transcribed most of the French to English, though a few words of French might still be here and there (marked by ??). I'll try to get to them ASAP.

     The notes are incomplete ... sometimes names and dates are missing. I have transcribed them exactly as they appear in the notes, so if it's not here, it's not in the notes.

     The notes on HEBERT's cover pages 2401 to 2584 of Gaudet's work. I have divided them up into 2 pages. This page has notes from 2500 to 2584. The previous page contains notes 2401 to 2499.

     The abbreviations I've used to shorten this document are as follows:

GP=Grand Pre; PR=Port Royal; B=Beaubassin; bb=born & baptized; b=born; bt=baptized; m=married; d=died


HEBERT Deaths in Quebec


Nov. 28 Jacques HEBERT, died 11/27, 80 years (b 1677, son of Jean and Anne DOUCET)


Sept. 26 Charles HEBERT, died ?? j. prec. 80 years (b 1681)


les Hebert

Jean Hebert and Madeleine Dugas (of the parish of Memramcook)



(a) buried at Quebec on 1/13/1758, age 30 years

(b) buried at Quebec on ler Dec. 1757, age 34 years

(c) at this date, the father of the husband was dead


Michel Hebert and Anne Darois, first wife, buried at Quebec on 1/13/1758, age 30 years



Michel Hebert remarried at Quebec on 5/18/1758 to Madeleine Boudrot, widow of Pierre Boisseau (buried at Quebec on 1 Dec. 1757, age 34 years), daughter of the late Rene and Agnes Vincent, of L'Assomption of Pisiguit



Olivier Hebert, son of Jean and Madeleine Dugas, of Memramcook, and Marie Savoie



at Cobequid

Michel Hebert and Marguerite Dazi (Mius)



Hebert and


1. Michel Hebert, husband         1. of Marguerite Dazi

                     /                                            /

2. Genevieve Hebert                   2. Jean Hebert


at GP

Louis Hebert and Anne Marie Labauve


Jean Bte    ) both were present at the marriage
Jean-Rene ) from Anne, therefore was their father


at Beaubassin

Michel Hebert and Elisabeth Benoit



Francois Hebert and Anne Bourg, bt 1706, buried. at Quebec on 9/21/1756



Jean Bte Hebert and Marie Anne Gravois



in Jan. 1752, they had 1 boy and 1 girl

Claude Hebert and Marguerite Robichaud (Cadet)



Piere Hebert and Madeleine Gaudet buried at Quebec, 12/15/1757, 45 years



Jean Hebert and Madeleine Bertrand (a)



(a) Madeleine Bertrand, "native of the parish of Beausejour, widow of Jean Hebert, daughter of the late Jean Bertrand and Anne Doucet"; she remarried at Quebec on 9/5/1763 to Joseph Guilbeau, "native of PR, son of Alexandre Guilbeau and the late Marguerite Girouard)"


Pierre Hebert and Jeanne Bernard



Jean Bte dit Benjamin Hebert and Anne Marie Mirault



Charles Hebert and Marie Modeste Doucet

Children 2515

Les Hebert at Quebec

Joseph Hebert and Marie Vincent

Children 2516

Jean Hebert and Blanche Vincent

Children 2517

Simon Hebert and Marie Anne Quessy



bt 1681, died 9/26/1761 died at Isle St. Jean

at Quebec before 1756

Charles Hebert & Catherine Saulnier



(a) bt. 1733, buried at St. Charles on 11/20/1759


Simon Hebert and Madeleine Poirier, bt 1733, d. at St. Charles on 11/20/1759

Children 2520

Joseph Hebert and Marie Vincent

Children -------------------

Michel Hebert and Marie Anne Godrau



Francois Blais and Marie-Marthe Amelot



in Nov. 1757, buried at Quebec; Anne Arseneau age 22 years, wife of Pierre Hebert dit Pierre a Perroche


Madeleine Gaudet, wife of Pierre Hebert, was buried at Quebec on 12/15/1757, age 45 years; b 1712


Jean Bte Desire Hebert, bt 1711, Acadian; buried 3/20/1798 at Quebec

Marie-Joseph Lebert, Acadian


Jean-Desire bt 1753, buried 11/23/1757


Pierre Hebert, of Beausejour

Madeleine Gaudet, bt 1712, s. 12/15/1757 at Quebec



at Copedy (Cobequid)

Michel Hebert and Marguerite Dazy



Jean Bte Hebert bt 1720, buried 5/28/1796, at Nicolet, and Marie Rose LeBlanc



Joseph Hebert and Madeleine Dupuis



a St. Joachim de Montmorency

(a) Francois Hebert and Madeleine Savoie (b)



(a) dit Emanuel



Francois Hebert and Marie Arsenault



Etienne Hebert and Marie Joseph Babin



Joseph Hebert and Marie Joseph Thibodeau



Joseph Hebert and Madeleine Richard


2531 on the back

Simon Hebert and Madeleine Poirier


Tanguay, vol 4, p. 481


Charles Hebert and Ursule Forest



Joseph Hebert bt 1720, buried 2/19/1803 at St. Jean Deschaillons, and Marie Chiasson



Jean Bte Hebert (dit Benjamin) and Marie-Anne Mireau



Joseph Hebert and Marie Michel



Olivier Hebert & Cecile Dupuis



at Nepissiguit

on 10/30/1792, marriage of Louis Melanson, son of Pierre and Henriette Hache, avec Marie Joseph Hebert (b 11/8/1773), daughter of Simon and Marie Quessie

Louis Melanson, ?? contractant X

Marie Joseph Hebert, ?? contractant X


Athanase Boudraut X

Michel Hache X

Jean Bapt. Daigle X

Joseph Hache X

Joseph Math. Bourg ptre.


Les Hebert

I ) Etienne Hebert m 1649 in France Marie Gaudet

II ) Antoine Hebert, b 1670 Jeanne Corporon

III ) Pierre Hebert (b 5/13/1708, bt 6/6) m 1/15/1731 Jeanne Basque (Bastarache)

IV ) Pierre Hebert (a) b about 1750 m at LaPrairie Marguerite Hebert (1) 11/22/1773


(a) b PR on 6/5/1751, bt 6/5/1751 under the name Pierre-Benjamin

(1) daughter of the late Jacques Hebert and Marie Landry


1813 St. Constant Marriages

Sept. 6 Francois Hebert, major, laborer, son of Pierre and Marguerite Hebert of St. Constant, and Rosalie Payant, minor daughter of Louis and Marie Robidoux. Witnesses: Pierre Hebert, brother of the husband, etc.

Francois Hebert and Rosalie Payant

Children 2540

Riviere des Mines - Hebert's

Francois Hebert and wife - 5 infants 6 persons

Francois Hebert and wife, 7 infants 9 persons


1752 (January)

Francois Hebert, and wife, 2 boys, 2 girls 6 persons from the Riviere des Hebert, refugeed at Baie Verte

Francois Hebert, and wife, 4 boys, 1 girl 7 persons from the Riviere des Mines, were refugeed at Tintamarre



Jean Hebert, b 1699, son of Jean and Jeanne Doiron, and Marguerite Trahan, daughter of Alexandre and Marie Pellerin


see Doc. Inedits, vol III p. 11



Joseph Hebert and Marie Madeleine Hebert

Simon Pierre Hebert and Marie Louise Monbleau Pierre Hebert and Catherine Guertin Joseph Hilarion Hebert and Anne Hebert Pierre Hebert and Marguerite Hebert Joseph Hebert and Anne Bourg 2543


Joseph Hebert and Marie Catherine Mondoux

Joseph Hebert and Marie Josette Beauzotte 2544

at St. Philippe

Joseph Hebert and Marie Trahan

Children 2545

Les Hebert GP

(a) Rene Hebert, died at LaPrairie on 8/29/1768, age 80 years, and Marie Boudrot (b) Children ---------

(a) b 1687, son of Jean son of Antoine I Hebert and Anne Doucet

(b) daughter of Claude and Anne Marie Thibodeau

*** sideways next to Charles and Jean was written "deported to Boston, doc. inedits vol III, p. 49"



Marie Madeleine 1713, wife of Joseph Hebert

Charles 1715, see above

...... 1717

Marguerite b 1719, m 7/3/1741 to Jean Bte LeBlanc, b 1715, son of Rene and Jeanne Landry; couple was deported to Boston , on 9/27/1767 they travelled to Yamachiche where they baptized six children

Judith bb 3/5/1721, m 7/6/1739, to Fabien Dupuis, son of Jean and Marguerite Richard

Olivier bb 3/8/1723, m 1744 to Cecile Dupuis (b 2/16/1725), daughter of Jean and Marguerite Richard, died at St. Philippe on 8/15/1798

Jacques b 3/6/1725, bt at 11 months, m .... to Marie Landry, b ..., daughter of ........., died at LaPrairie, he was buried on 1/25/1770



Francois bb 3/6/1727, buried 3/13

Jean-Bte b 10/3/1728, bt 10/23

Amand bb 2/24/1731, m Francoise Gautrot


les Hebert


Pierre Hebert Hebert, son of Rene and Marie Boudrot, b 4/24/1710, to Elisabeth Dupuis, b 8/28/1719



les Hebert

Pierre Hebert b 1715, son of Jacques and Marguerite Landry, and Elisabeth Dupuis, died on 5/17/1784, at St. Philippe (she was b 8/28/1719), probably the daughter of Antoine and Marguerite Babin



at GP

les Hebert

(a) Augustin Hebert, son of Jean son of Antoine and Anne Boudrot (b)

Children 1715


Pierre b 1719, m first Oct. 1747 to Marie Joseph Cloatre, daughter of Pierre and Marguerite LeBlanc

Jean b 5/13/1721, bt 5/14/1721, m at Beaubassin on 7/1/1744 to Anne Poirier, daughter of the late Jacques and Anne Cormier


(a) son of Jean Hebert and Anne Doucet

(b) daughter of Claude Boudrot and the late Anne Marie Thibodeau



Charles bb 11/8/1723, m to Marguerite Landry, the couple went to Andover in July 1760, and at L'Assomption in 1766

Joseph b 5/15/1726, bt 5/27, m ...

Olivier bb 8/20/1728, m ...

Antoine bb 5/20/1731


at GP

les Hebert

Jacques Hebert, b 1684, son of Emmanuel, and Marguerite Landry

Children 2553


Ursule b 1713, m 10/20/1735 to Alexandre Bourg, son of Jean and Marie Barillot, of Cobequid

Madeleine bt 1/11/1718, m 1/20/1738 to Joseph Melanson, son of Pierre and Marie Blanchard, and was buried on 11/29/1746

Amand bb 4/26/1720, m 2/4/1744 to Genevieve Babin, daughter of Rene and Elisabeth Gautrot

Jacques b 1721, m (24 years) on 10/25/1745 to Marguerite

Terriot, 20 years, daughter of Joseph and Marguerite Melanson, and was buried on 12/18/1747, age about 27 years he has to be the twin of Anne



Anne bb 3/16/1722, m first 8/16/1741 to Charles Honore LeBlanc, son of Pierre and Jeanne Terriot, m second at Briston in 1758 to Germain Boudrot, widower of Marguertie Trahan (see Doc. ined. vol III, p. 40)

Cecile b 8/5/1725, bt 8/8/1725

Marguerite bb 8/22/1727

Joseph-Marie b 4/21/1734, is he their son, or the son of another Jacques?


at GP

les Hebert

Charles Hebert, son of Jacques, and Marguerite LeBlanc

Children 2556

7/20/1760 at Andover, Mass.

Charles Hebert, 36 years (1724)

Marguerite (Landry), 24 years (1736)


they travelled to L'Assomption on 10/19/1766



they travelled to l'Assomption on 10/19/1766

Amand Dupuis, 30 years (1730)

Marie (Landry), 29 years (1731)




Jean Bte Landry 26 years (1734)

Marie (Marie Anne Hebert) 26 years (1734)

travelled to l'Assomption on 9/4/1766 where they revalidated their marriage and baptized the surviving children: (one child died in New England)



b in France, about ... b in France, in 1633

Etienne Hebert and Marie Gaudet (a)

Children ----------

(a) she remarried at PR to Dominique Garant, and died ...


(a) Alexandre Hebert and Marie Dupuis (b)

Children ---------

(a) b in Jan. 1686, son of Emmanuel Hebert and Andree Brun

(b) b ..., daughter of Pierre Dupuis and Madeleine Landry, of PR


1693 1686

Emmanuel Hebert, 40 years Emmanuel Hebert, 30 years

Andree Brun, 46 years Andree Brun, 40 years



1698 1699

Emmanuel Hebert, 44 years Emmanuel Hebert, 47 years

Andree Brun, 52 years Andree Brun, 53


1671 1701

Marie Gaudet, widow of Emmanuel Hebert, 50 years

Estienne Hebert, age 38 years Andree Brun, 55 years



Germain Terriau, 25 years

Andree Brun, 25 years (b 1646)


one branch of Hebert des Mines

Antoine Hebert, cooper, b in France in 1621, and Genevieve Lefranc, his wife, they both came from France and died at PR

Jean Hebert, b 1653, m at PR in 1676 to Anne Doucet, b 1661; they lived at aux Mines after 1686



(a) buried in Quebec on 11/28/1756, "died of old age, age 80 years"




les Hebert of Beaubassin

Jacques Hebert b 1677, son of Jean son of Antoine I, and Jeanne Gautrot

in census of 1714, they gave


Jacques m Marguerite Arseneau

(see Doc. Ined. vol III, p. 122)


Pierre dit Perroche b ..., m ... to Madeleine Gaudet, b about 1712, daughter of Claude and Marguerite Blou


les Hebert of Beaubassin

Pierre dit Perroche Hebert and Madeleine Gaudet, b 1712 and was buried in Quebec on 12/15/1757, 45 years, daughter of Claude and Marguerite Blou, of Beaubassin

Children (a) insert here

Madeleine b 1740, buried in Quebec on 12/6/1757, age 17 years (buried 9 days before the mother)

Marie b 1741, m (at 23 years) at St. Antoine (Rivier Richelieu), on 2/20/1764 to Jean Bte LaCoste dit Languedo, age 28 years, son of Jean Bte and the late Madeleine Bodette dite Pinau, of St. Joseph de Chambly; the act said: "Marie Hebert, age 23 years, lived in this parish many years, daughter of the late Pierre Hebert and the deceased Madeleine Gaudet, the father and mother of the parish of Beausejour in Acadia"; witnesses on the wife's side: Jacques Hebert, brother of the wife, Jean Cormier

Jacques b about 1742, m at St. Philippe on 9/18/1769 to Marie Trahan, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Marie Hebert; witnesses on the husband's side: Jean Bte Languedo, brother-in-law, Joseph Cire, cousin. on the wife's side: Jean Bte Trahan, brother, Rene Sonier, cousin, Marie Boudrot, friend



Marie-Anne b 1744 (at 23 years), on 2/2/1767, at St. Antoine (Riviere Richelieu), to Antoine Archambeau, 24 years, son of the late Antoine and Marie Josette Jette; witnesses on the wife's side: Francois Hebert, his brother and Francois Gaudet his cousin (Francois Gaudet, the son of the late Claude and deceased Marie Girouard, on the 1/18/1768, age 24 years, married Marie Joseph Bousquet, 16 years)

(a) Marguerite b 1736, m first to Pierre Hache, m second (at 32 years) on 9/19/1768 at St. Antoine (Riv. Chambly) to Jean Bte Goguet, age 22 years, son of Jacques and Marie-Madeleine Plouffe, of the parish of St. Denis, ?? ainsi que la mariee; witnesses on the wife's side: Joseph Gaudet, cousin of Antoine Archambeau, brother-in-law

Ozite b 1750, buried at Quebec on 12/7/1758, died age 8 years; the father was not dead at this date

Rosalie b 1754, m (at 18 years) on 2/17/1772 at St. Antoine

(Riviere Richelieu), to Antoine Movert, 29 years, living at Chambly, son of the late Louis and Marie-Therese Roy, of the Rivier Ouelle; witnesses on the wife's side: Francois Gaudet (cousin)



Pierre Hebert and Marie Joseph Blou

Children 2568

Olivier Hebert, b in Acadia and died in St. Philippe on 8/15/1798, and Cecile Dupuis, b in Acadia about 1726 and died at St. Philippe on 6/14/1786

Joseph Ignace, b 1759 & Josette Bauset, b in New England, bt at LaPrairie on 6/22/1761, St. Philippe on 10/4/1769, daughter of Simon and

age 11 years, m on 1/22/1781 Josephte Metra; she m at LaPrairie, where he died Joseph Ignace Hebert (on on 2/14/1822 2/14/1822) and died at LaPrairie on 3/7/1801

Joseph, b at LaPrairie on & Marie Angelique Bouteiller, 3/28/1782, m au dit lieu b 6/7/1783 at LaPrairie, 11/26/1804 to Marie daughter of Louis and Angelique Bouteiller and died Angelique Trudeau; died at at LaPrairie on 7/29/1824 LaPrairie on 1/14/1861

Marie Joseph Hebert, b at LaPrairie on 7/9/1807, m first at LaPrairie on 10/23/1827 to Joseph Adolphe Nolin, m second at LaPrairie on 11/22/1837 to Paul Hyppolite Bisaillon; died at LaPrairie on 9/29/1883; a child of the last marriage was Philomene Bisaillon, wife of Horaidas Lemieux, who had a child on 11/1/1866, the honorable Rodolphe Lemieux.

2569 ??

Francois Hebert, b 1708 and lived at la Riviere des Mines; ?? autrement dite des Hebert sise entre le village de Menaudy et celui de la riviere Nanpanne, in the district of Beaubassin, today known as Cumberland, in Nova Scotia

2570 ??


Vital Hebert, M.P.P.

on 2/10/1849, marriage entry of Vital Hebert, major son of Simon and Tecle Martin, and Christine Cote, major daughter of the late Antoine and Veronique Naucon, of Lac Temiscouata

In 1866, on 5/9 the Assembly Chamber of New Brunswick was dissolved. The general elections took place in May and June of the same year.

Benjamin Beveridge, and Vital Hebert were elected as representatives from Victoria.

The opening of the new Chamber took place on 6/21/1866, and the represenatives were elected the same day. Among those we find two Acadians: Amand Landry and Vital Hebert.

The session of 1867, opened on May 11, an Hebert fut a son siege during this session. He died during the course of this year, and Levite Theriault was elected in his place in the same year.

Vital Hebert died on 9/27/1867, age 38 years. His father, Simonette Hebert had died on 3/15/1868, age 82 years

? and Thecle Martin, wife of Simonette, and daughter of Francois Cyr and Marie Anne Guilbeau, had died on 3/2/1856, age 66 years.

2571 ??

Vital Hebert, M.P.P.


Vital Hebert, born on the American coast, son of Simon Hebert and Marguerite Cyr. Ce Simon est ne au Madawaska about 1790 du marriage of Simon Hebert and Josette Daigle. L'union de ces derniers fut celebree dans une cabane Sauvage et fut le first marriage qui out lieu au Madawaska. Vital Hebert, leur petit fils, fut elu au printemps de 1866 depute a la Chambre d'Assemblee ou il siegea deux sessions, en-suite la mort l'ayant enleve Levite Theriault fut elu a sa place in 1867.

2572-1 ??

College Ste-Anne, Church Point, N.S.

ce 5/21/1896

The Honorable Levite Theriault

Edmundston, N.B.

Dear Sir:

In the general election of 1866, un Mr. Hebert fut elu depute du comte de Victoria pour representer la region du Madawaska a la Chambre d'Assemblee. Il fut le first Acadian de vos parages charge de ce mandat, mais la mort l'enleva avant qu'il siegea en Chambre, 2 sessions et l'annee suivante vous futes elu a sa place.

Je desirerais savoir le nom de bapteme de cet Hebert, son lieu de naissance, on american side, comment se nommaient ses pere et mere, et aussi quel etait le nom de son grandfather and sa grandmother. Il vous sera facile, je crois, de connaitre ces details par des vieillards de l'endroit, dans le cas que vous les auriez oublies.

Dans une note inseree a la page 146 de la France aux Colonies M. Rameau dit: "Les premiers baptemes celebres a Madawaska furent: celui de Simon Hebert, about 1790, puis ceux de Joseph Cyr et de Joseph Sans-Facon. The first marriage a ete celebre dans une cabane sauvage, entre Simon Hebert and Joseph Daigle.

Simon Hebert, premier ne au Madawaska aurait eu 76 ans en 1866, et ce ne peut etre lui qui fut elu depute, mais il est bien possible que ce fut un de ses boys ou bien celui d'un de ses freres. J'ai ecarte les notes

2572-2 ??

que j'avais prises lors de mon voyage au Madawaska il y a cinq ans. C'est pouquoi je suis oblige d'avoir recours a votre obligeance pour vous prier de me founier les renseignements demandes.

Avec l'espoir que vous m'honorerez bientot d'une reponse, je me souscrit, cher monsieur,

Bien respectueusement, votre tres tres humble serviteur

Placide P. Gaudet

2573 ??

Vital Hebert, ne (cote American) M.P.P. son of Simon Hebert siega 2 sessions - Pere et mere Simon Hebert (a Simonet) et Marguerite Cyr - le grandfather - Simon Hebert, et Josette Daigle - Respects

Levite Theriault


Les Hebert

Charles Hebert and Marie Ursule Forest

Children 2575

at PR

les Hebert

(a) Pierre Hebert and Jeanne Bastarache (b)

Children ----------

(a) b 5/13/1708, bt 6/6/1708, son of Antoine and Jeanne Corporon

(b) daughter of Francois and Agnes LaBauve

2576 continued



Joseph Hebert, son of Jean and Madeleine Dugas, b 1/26/1715 at PR, and Madeleine Trahan, daughter of Alexandre and Marie Pellerin



at LaPrairie

Jacques Hebert, buried at LaPrairie on 1/25/1770, age about 40 years ( ?? sic pour 45 years) b about 1730 and Marie Landry (a)



(a) on 2/14/1774, she remarried Francois Modeste Bourassa, widower of Marie Senecal

2579 missing

2580 (continued)

2581-1 ??

Le major Hebert (Jean Bte)

(Les hommes de 37-38)

L'opinion Publique

9/27/1877 ??

Parmi les victimes de la grand proscription des Acadians se trouvaient un jeune homme du nom Etienne Hebert, age de dix-huit ans, et une jeune fille de huit ans, nommee Marie Babin. Ils etaient tous deux de Beaubassin et furent transportes a bord des batiments anglais aux Etats-Unis, ou Etienne Hebert passa plusieurs annees au service d'un officier anglais.

Plus tard, les deux jeunes gens se rencontraient et se mariaient.

At the age of vint-huit ans, Etienne Hebert s'enfuyait de Baltimore et se rendait a pied, a travers les bois, an Canada. Il s'etablissait a Saint Gregoir, vis-a vis des Trois-Rivieres, et faisait venir, peu de temps apres, trois de ses freres.

Son fils, le major (Jean Bte), herita des vertus et du patriotisme do son pere. Il s'etablit a Nicolet;il etait architact et cultivateru; c'est lui qui a construit le college de Nicolet. C'etait un homme d'intellegence et de caractere, un digne enfant de cette noble Acadie dont l'histoire et le passe ont immortalise les souffrances.

Un fils de prescrit acadien disait actuellement avoir des sympathies pour la cause de la liberte de 1837. Il manifesta ouvertement ses opinions, organisa, avec M. Proulx et le dr. Rousseau, des assemblees patriotiques, mais resta toujours absolument dans les limites de la legalite.

2581-2 ??

Il etait dans son lit quand il fut arrete, vers minuit, par Comeau, qui le conduisit aux Trois-Rivieres et de la a la prison de Montreal.

A la nouvelle de son arrestation l'un de ses fils, alors vicaire a Quebec, et maintenant cure de Kamouraska, accourut a Nicolet aupres de sa mere pour la consoler et prendre en meme temps les moyens de defendre et sauver son pere. Il adressa aux autorites des requetes et des declarations assermentees qui etablissaient l'innocence de son pere, et reussit a le faire sortir bientot de prison.

M. Hebert devint very popular in the district of Trois-Rivieres, et fut deux fois elu depute

2582-1 ??

Il fut nomme major de milice et honore de tous les temoignages de la confiance publique. Il avait epouse, en first marriage, une demoiselle Beliveau, de laquelle il eut une fille, aujourd'hui dame veuve Milet, de Yamachiche. D'un deuxieme marriage avec demoiselle Judith Lemire il eut douse enfants, une famille remarquable: Nicolas de Tolentin, pretre, cure de Kamouraska; Octave-Francois, pretre, died; Etienne, architecte; Eleonore, religieuse de la Providence; Jean Baptiste, notary at Quebec; Antoine, cultivateur at St. Gregoire, et mesdames Auguste LeBlanc, Hubert Hamlin, et W.A. Heath.

Acadien ou Canadien, c'est tout un sous le rapport de la fecondite comme dans tous les autres rapports de religion ou de nationalite.

Le major Hebert etait le beau frere de M. Jean Baptiste Proulx.



?? Lieutenant du roi in one place - c'est le second officier de guerre; he was in charge in the absence of the gouverneur.

(diontionnaire de trevoux)

Alexis Milette, born 2/15/1793, son of Joseph Milette and Judith LeBlanc, m 2/15/1819 at St. Gregoire, de Nicolet, Marie Hebert, daughter of Jean Bte and Marie Belliveau. He was buried on 10/14/1870, and his wife on 12/27/1879.

Jean Bte Hebert (major) was bb 9/19/1779 at Becancour. He was the son of Etienne Hebert and m at Trois-Rivieres on 10/2/1769 to Marie Josette Babin.

Jean Bte Hebert was first married at Nicolet on 5/4/1801 to Marie Belliveau, daughter of Francois and Marie LeBlanc.


at GP

census of 1686 (at the beginning of the year)

(a) Etienne Hebert - 32 years, 2 rifles, 8 arpents, 7 m., 7 c.

Jeanne Comeau, his wife, 24 years



(b) b 11/23/1684, bt 5/13/1686, p. Michel Hebert m. Cecile Melanson

(a) Etienne Hebert had died between 1711 and 1712, at la Riviere aux Canards we find his widow, in the autumn of 1714, with 3 boys and 1 girl, not remarried; the daughter was Anne Marie, m to Charles Trahan on 10/8/1725


about 1753 or 1754

List of refugees from French Acadia from the Riviere des Mines ou des Hebert


Observation (?? epelle obersavation)

?? Quand le Chiffre n'est pas egal au nombre des personnes, cela marque qu'on ne donne rien au dernier enfant etant encore a la mamelle


Simon Hebert and Marie Joseph Daigle

Children 2584b

Simonette Hebert and Tlecle Martin



Joseph Hebert and Marguerite Cyr


Hebert also see page 4208

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