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Encyclopedia of Acadian Life:
   Needless to say, just about everything was handmade.  There was an abundance of wood.  So almost all Acadians learned how to work with it.  Those who didn't would trade their goods for them.  Furniture was a necessity, as more than half of an Acadian's life was spent indoors.  
   We don't have any first-hand examples of furniture from the pre-exile period.  What little was brought with them didn't survive the exile.  We do have examples of furniture after the exile to go by, along with a few written descriptions.  
   The handmade furniture was simple in design.  The table was usually made of planks.  Though chairs were sometimes made, there were usually benches at the table.  A simple cabinet for dishes was usually found nearby against a wall.  There may have been a chest or two to hold clothes and personal items.  The beds were made of wood.  Sometimes they were boxed in with planks (sac a housses), with a small opening for entering and exiting.  Boys usually slept on straw mattresses on the floor.

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