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History of the Cajuns
French-Canadian Settlers of Louisiana

Movement from Canada to Louisiana
    In 1524, Verranzono considered New France everything from Florida to Nova Scotia.  In the early 1600s, New France consisted of Acadia and the St. Lawrence Valley.  By the end of the century, France not only claimed the today's eastern Canadian area, but also the Louisiana territory.  Beginning with Iberville there was an exchange of leaders, soldiers, etc. from Canada to Louisiana.  Canada had been settled for decades before the first settlers built a home in Louisiana.  So naturally France used some of its resources in Canada to found Louisiana.  Many of those early settlers in Louisiana probably had originally gone to Canada.  As the 18th century progressed, there was a certain amount of immigration from Canada to Louisiana ... probably becoming minimal once Louisiana became Spanish territory in the 1760s. 
Some of the French Canadians who immigrated to Louisiana in the 1700s
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