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Exile Destination: Falmouth, England [via Virginia]
     250 Acadians arrived at Falmouth (on the coast of Cornwall) at the end of June.
     The parish of Saint Gluvias, Penryn, has a register that includes 67 Acadian burials.  The original is at the Cornwall County Record Office, though the CEA has a copy.  A guide to the records was published in Cahier 32, Societe Historique Acadienne, V. 4, No. 2, 1971 in "Le sejour des Acadiens en Angleterre et leurs traces dans les archives britanniques" by Regis S. Brun.  Also see Cahier 30 of that publication (V. 4, No. 4, 1972) for "The Acadian Exiles in England" by Dorothy Winter.
     La Rochette brought informal word of France's interest in the Acadians to Falmouth on Jan. 25, 1763.  He found 159 Acadians living in poverty.  The commissioner had stopped their financial assistance (which was the same as in Liverpool) in November.  Those not working a trade borrowed money, while widows and orphans begged.  Instead of located in a single area, these Acadians were lodged around the area in homes of citizens.  This led to a number of younger members becoming apprentices to the English.  No doubt this also led to Acadian/English relationships as well.  Needless to say, the Acadians were skeptical of his message and wondered if he was a spy.
     Eventually, they decided to go to France and  the surviving Acadians sailed to Morlaix, France on the La Fauvette, captained by Gouran.  Those boarding the ship on May 26, 1763 were:
1 - Joseph Simon Granger 
      Marie Granger 
      Jean Baptiste Granger 
      Isabelle Granger 
      Joseph Simon Granger 
      Pierre Granger 
      Augustin Granger 
      Marguerite Blanche Granger 
 2 - Joseph Granger 
      Isabelle Granger 
      Marie Brigite Granger 
      Pélagie Vincent 
 3 - Basile Richard 
      Marie Richard 
      Joseph Richard 
 4 - Simon LeBlanc 
      Marie LeBlanc 
      Françoise LeBlanc 
      Jean LeBlanc 
      Basile LeBlanc 
      Simon LeBlanc 
      Simon Clemenceau 
      Isabelle Thibaudot 
      Jean Vincent 
      Isabelle Vincent 
 5 - Francoise Granger 
      Anne Granger 
      Francoise Granger 
      Jean Jacques Granger 
 6 - Charles LeBlanc 
      Isabelle LeBlanc 
      Marguerite LeBlanc 
      Jean Baptiste LeBlanc 
      Olivier LeBlanc 
      Marine LeBlanc 
      Anselme LeBlanc 
      Marie Thibaudot 
      Anne Thibaudot 
 7 - Honore Daigre 
      Elisabeth Daigre 
      Pierre Daigre 
      Jean Baptiste Daigre 
      Joseph Daigre 
      Marie Theriaut 
      Felix Boudrot 
      Marie Vincent 
 8 - Brigite Granger 
      Marie Madeleine Granger 
      Marguerite Granger 
      Charles Granger 
      Jean Baptiste Granger 
 9 - Joseph Trahan 
      Anne Trahan 
      Madeleine Trahan 
      Marguerite Trahan 
      Firmin Trahan 
      Francois Trahan 
      Anne Trahan 
 10 - Marie Joseph Teriaut 
       Marie Joseph Teriaut 
       Marguerite Teriaut 
       Marie Madeleine Teriaut 
       Marie Blanche Teriaut 
       Pierre Teriaut 
       Charles Gregoire Teriaut 
 11 - Simon Pierre Daigre 
       Marie Madeleine Daigre 
       Marie marguerite Daigre 
       Anne Gertrude Genevieve Daigre 
 12 - Jean Charles Daigre 
       Marie Josephe Daigre 
       Charles Augustin Benoit Daigre 
       Mathurin Daigre 
 13 - Francoise Daigre 
       Paul Daigre 
 14 - Francoise Teriaut 
       Marie Richard 
       Marguerite Richard 
       Joseph Richard 
       Isabelle Richard 
       Charles Richard 
       Anne Richard 
 15 - Pierre Teriaut 
       Marie Teriaut 
       Marguerite Teriaut 
       Isabelle Teriaut 
 16 - Pierre Granger 
       Francois Granger 
       Rene Granger 
       Isabelle Granger 
       Francoise Granger 
       Madeleine Granger 
 17 - Pierre Simon Trahan 
       Marie Joseph Trahan 
       Jean Baptiste Trahan 
       Joseph Simon Trahan 
 18 - Joseph Mathieu LaTour 
 19 - Jean Baptiste Teriaut 
       Marie Teriaut 
       Anne Marie Teriaut 
       Joseph Granger (Teriaut?)
       Pierre Granger (Teriaut?)
20 - Marie Joseph Teriaut 
       Anne Gertrude Teriaut 
       Marie Isabelle Teriaut 
       Claude Teriaut 
       Francoise Euphemie Teriaut 
 21 - Jean Teriaut 
       Marguerite Teriaut 
 22 - Madeleine Granger 
       Marguerite Granger 
 23 - Charles Granger 
       Marie Madeleine Granger 
       Jean Charles Granger 
       Joseph Granger 
 24 - Jean Granger 
       Marie Blanche Granger 
       Simon Francois Granger 
 25 - Laurent Granger 
       Marie Granger 
 26 - Francoise Teriaut 
       Paul Teriaut 
       Isabelle Teriaut 
 27 - Charles Daigre 
       Marguerite Daigre 
 28 - Jean Baptiste Daigre 
       Marguerite Daigre 
       Simon Daigre 
       Marie Daigre 
       Marie Blanche Daigre 
 29 - Germain Dupuy 
       Marie Marguerite Dupuy 
       Anne Marthe Dupuy 
 30 - Jean Baptiste Dupuy 
 31 - Olivier Daigre 
       Marie Blanche Daigre 
       Victor Daigre 
 32 - Chrysostome Trahan 
       Anne Trahan 
       Paul Trahan 
       Jean Baptiste Granger
 33 - Thomas LeBlanc 
       Joseph LeBlanc
 34 - Marguerite Granger 
       Aman Granger 
       Marguerite Granger 
       Marie Francoise Granger 
       Marie Madeleine Granger 
       Marie Marguerite Granger 
 35 - Jean Granger 
       Marie Madeleine Granger 
       Marie Josephe Granger 
       Pierre Amand Granger 
 36 - Mathurin Granger 
       Marie Genevieve Granger 
       Elisabeth Genevieve Granger 
       Anastasie Prudence Granger
     There is another list, dated May 25, by Robert Crongey of the Acadians at Penryn delivered to LaRochette.  The list, which doesn't seem to be organized by families (but does give ages), is:
Marie Granger 33
Simon Granger 17
Marie Granger 48
Marie Terriau 25
Magdaleine Terriau 23
Joseph Terriau 19
Gertrude Terriau 16
Jean Terriau 21
Isabelle Terriau 14
Claude Terriau 11
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