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August 1st, 1998 

to be in New Brunswick for the final countdown!

Lafayette (LOUISIANA) — Mr. Brian Gabriel Comeaux, President and Executive Director of the CONGRÈS MONDIAL ACADIEN - LOUISIANE 1999, will be promoting this historic event  in New Brunswick from August 10 to 15.

Exactly four years after the first “congrès” held in New Brunswick in 1994, Mr. Comeaux will visit acadian towns.   He will participate in a number of activities and will also meet the press. “The Cajuns are already waiting for their acadian cousins to come and visit them, says Mr. Comeaux. Now that we have less than a year to go, we can say that the official countdown has begun and we want the Acadians from Canada to be part of the countdown.”

There’s more than one reason why the CMA wants to invite the Acadians from NB. “These are the people from whom we receive most of the  requests for  information, says Mr. Comeaux, at least a third of the calls are from NB.  And since the last congrès was held in their province, it’s normal they want to experience the same thing in Louisiana.”

If we believe the tour operators of NB, many people have already reserved their place for the “grand voyage”! But the President and Executive Director doesn’t want to give any hints concerning the number of tourists Louisiana could have next year. “It’s certain that the CMA will attract many people, but it’s still very hard to have a specific number.  What we do know, however, that those who will come will probably remember it forever!”

It’s as an host that the CMA is visiting its acadian friends to invite them to this big event.  In five days, the organizers will see ten cities and they hope that people will be “au rendez-vous”.

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September 4th 1998 

CMA-Louisiane 1999 Promotional Tour More Than Successful

(Lafayette, LA) —Excitement is clearly building within the Acadian popoulation of Canada for the  CONGRÈS MONDIAL ACADIEN, which will be held July 31st to August 15th 1999 in Acadiana, a 22 parish region of south Louisiana.

That was the observation of  Brian Comeaux and Valérie Roy, President/executive director and communications director, respectively, during a promotional tour in New Brunswick at the beginning of August.

“I expected people to be interested, declared Mr Comeaux upon his return, but never this much!” Besides meeting with at least twenty media groups, the small delegation also participated in various activities surrounding the national Acadian holiday (August  15th ).  An outside concert spotlighting two Louisiana natives, Zachary Richard and Bruce Daigrepont, attracted 10,000 people. “The enthusiasm is evident and contagious.  It is very gratifying to see”, added the general director.

Canadian media is becoming more and more interested in the CMA.  According to the communications director, Ms. Roy, it is very easy to obtain articles or reports about the event. “During our tour, we obtained more free publicity, thanks to the importance that the media is according the event.”  According to Ms Roy, this interest is flowing directly from the success obtained during the last CMA which took place in the southeastern New Brunswick region. “We were even successful in obtaining a five minute  interview lasting  on national television.”  In all, the promotional tour received more than 25,000 dollars of free media time. 

Mr Comeaux also met with the premier of New Brunswick, the honorable Camille Thériault, for the purpose of extending him an official invitation to attend the CMA-Louisiane from the Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana, the honorable Katherine Babineaux-Blanco on behalf of the government of Louisiana..

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September 8th, 1998 

CMA looking for a theme song

LAFAYETTE, Louisiane — The CONGRÈS MONDIAL ACADIEN is looking for a theme song to promote next year’s historic event.  The winner will have the chance to perform at different shows during the CMA, from July 31st  to August 15th. 

The official theme song of the CMA will be chosen following an open contest to take place from August 15th to November 15th.  “The chosen song will be used in order to promote the CMA in the months preceding the event, says Brian Comeaux, President and Executive Director of the event.  Since Cajuns are known for their love of music, you can be sure that the theme song will be an important promotional tool for us.”

The contest is open to everyone.  The proposed songs must in French.  The artist has to send it on audio cassette, along with the lyrics as well as the address of the contact person to the CMA office in Lafayette and to the attention of Valerie Roy, President of the selection committee, P.O. Box 3804, Lafayette LA 70502-3804.   For more information, you can contact Ms. Roy at 234-6166 or, toll free, (888) 526-1999.

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September 8th 1998 

“I Will Be There”
— Governor General of Canada

LAFAYETTE, Louisiana — A delegation from the LeBlanc Family reunion committee recently completed a trip to the Memramcook Valley in New Brunswick, Canada. They attended the centennial celebration of “Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church”, in the village of DuBois.  The church was founded by the LeBlancs and Richards. Attending was his Excellency the Right Honorable Roméo LeBlanc, Governor General of Canada.

FAMILLE DE LEBLANC (LeBlanc reunion committee) delegates, Messrs. Relie LeBlanc, liaison to the city of Erath, and Simon LeBlanc, secretary of the association, presented gifts and made him a life time member and Honorary Chairman of the Board.  They also extended a personal invitation to His Excellency Roméo LeBlanc and Her Excellency Mrs. Diana Fowler LeBlanc from the Famille LeBlanc to attend the reunion to be held in Erath on August 13th  to 15th, 1999, during the CONGRÈS MONDIAL ACADIEN.  His Excellency accepted the invitation publicly and stated : “I will be there.”

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September 8, 1998 

The CMA and KBON Teaming Up To 
Promote Next Year’s Event

LAFAYETTE, Louisiana — In conjunction with Louisiana Proud - KEBON 101.1 FM, the CONGRÈS MONDIAL ACADIEN inaugurates a new promotional tool.  The historic CMA will take place July 31st to August 15th, 1999.   Starting tomorrow, September 9th,  CMA organizers will be offering valuable  information via KBON 101.1 FM.

“So far, we’ve received a tremendous help from different media in this region, said Brian Comeaux, President and Executive Director of the CMA, and this will add up nicely to what we already have.  We are very happy to have KBON as part of our promotional team.”

People will be able to get all the information they need about the CMA, and maybe even a scoop or two, by listening to the Paul & Phil Show on KBON, on 101.1 FM,  every 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6 pm.

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Monday, November 16, 1998 

Are You Ready to Greet Your Acadian Cousins ?

Lafayette, Lousiana - Mr. Jean-Denis Comeau, an Acadian from Nova Scotia, Canada, wishes to establish an exchange between a group of adults from the region of Baie Ste-Marie, in Nova Scotia and a group Louisiana Cajuns.

Mr. Comeau, who has been organizing these types of exchanges  for kids the past few years, by means of the Société Nationale de l’Acadie, (usually between young Acadians and French) is interested in repeating the experience, this time with a group of 30 to 40 adults during the CONGRÈS MONDIAL ACADIEN -LOUISIANE 1999.  “There seems to be a great interest for this kind of activity among the adults of  Baie Ste-Marie.  People come over and tell me they are more than willing to participate.  Cajuns who have come to Nova Scotia have been welcomed with open arms and we are sure it would be the same for us if we went to Louisiana”, says Comeau.

In Louisiana, the participants of this exchange would agree to welcome into their homes, for a period of approximately ten days, one or two Nova-Scotians to whom they would show the Cajun culture first hand, while taking part in some of the events within the context of the CMA.  Afterwards, Cajuns would go to Nova-Scotia, where they would in turn live a similar experience in the homes of their Acadian cousins, giving them a chance to rediscover their Acadian roots.  “Organizing a meeting between delegates is fine, but if  the people of these communities don’t meet, it won’t change anything,” relates Mr.Comeau.

The instigator of this exchange project is now in search of someone who could be in charge of the coordination in Louisiana.  Those who are interested can communicate with Jean-Denis Comeau at the following address : P.O. Box 334 - Meteghan, Nova-Scotia - B0W 2J0 or by e-mail at .

Jean-Denis Comeau sees in this project the opportunity of “getting to know one’s realities and being able to live them...for a little while”.

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Wednesday, November 19, 1998 

Contest for song draws worldwide attention

Lafayette, LOUISIANA - The official song contest for the CONGRÈS MONDIAL ACADIEN - LOUISIANE 1999 came to an end on Sunday, November 15th.  The contest, which began August 15th 1998, resulted in  over 25 entries from  Louisiana, as well as California and Tennessee.  They have also received songs outside the U.S., from countries such as Canada and France.

Brian Comeaux, President and Executive Director of the CMA is pleasantly surprised by the number of entries that were sent.  “We wanted a song to promote the Congrès, but the contest itself has been a good promotional tool”, stated the President and Executive Director.  Obviously, the contest has more than fulfilled its mission since it has drawn worldwide attention.

Valerie Roy, President of the selection committee has had the opportunity to listen to some of the songs that were delivered to the CMA.  “People really understood what we were looking for in the official song, which is emotion.  That is what they have given us.  Not only do they sing of their past heritage, but they also sing about their future”, says Roy. 

“We want a song that will represent what Cajuns had to go through to become who they are today”, adds Ms. Roy, Director of communications at the CMA, who comes to us from Canada where she worked as the director of a radio station.

Roy and her committee will now listen to each entry with the difficult task of choosing one song to represent next year’s major event - the CONGRÈS MONDIAL ACADIEN.  The decision should be made by mid-December.  At this time, the winner of the contest will be announced, however the song itself and its title will not be released until spring of 1999.

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December 8, 1998 


(Lafayette, Louisiana) —  Acadians of Louisiana and the Canadian maritimes , separated for 250 years, will make up for lost time with a song for the next CONGRÈS MONDIAL ACADIEN-LOUISIANE 1999.  The theme song selection committee for CMA has chosen Si longtemps séparé, submitted by Waylon Thibodeaux, from Louisiana, and Roland Gauvin, from New-Brunswick. 

“We received several great entries,” states Valérie Roy, president of the selection committee, “but Si longtemps séparé hit a sensitive area.  The text is touching and the music flowing, but the fact that it reunites the two Acadies also played an important role since it fulfilled one of CMA’s objectives, namely, to improve relations between Acadians of the diaspora.”

The text, written by Waylon Thibodeaux and Sheryl Collins, from Louisiana, and Roland Gauvin and Jac Gautreau, from New-Brunswick, speaks of the past as well as the future of the Acadians.  Roy explains, “In a way, it is about a Louisiana Acadian witnessing his past and the response he gets from his Acadian cousin from Canada.  Everyone, in Louisiana or Canada, who has the opportunity to listen to Si longtemps séparé, is deeply moved.”  However, the president of the selection committee assures that the song is emotional, but  not depressing.  “The Cajuns are known for their energy and their joie de vivre, and our song corresponds exactly with these characteristics.  The music is played with a fiddle and an accordion and the song ends on a positive note, with an invitation to come celebrate and reunite in Louisiana.”

 According to Brian Comeaux, President and General Director of CMA, Si longtemps séparé reveals its chosen characteristics well.  “In Louisiana, where the music is of great importance, I believe that a song like the one we have chosen represents the reunion theme perfectly .”  Mr. Comeaux, who was present at the first Congrès, remembers clearly the emotion that came to him after having heard the theme song, Acadie de nos coeurs, for the first time.  “I was watching Acadians from all areas, singing in unison a song that represented that which they had lost until then.  Si longtemps séparé will have the same effect here, in Louisiana.”

Thibodeaux and Gauvin are both well-established artists in their respective regions, with many previous recordings between them.  Roland Gauvin came to Louisiana on several occasions with the former Acadian group, 1755.  He has performed most recently in Louisiana at Festival International de Louisiane  with Les Méchants Maquereaux.  At the same time, Waylon Thibodeaux took a tour of Canada last summer, which brought him to several cities of the Maritime Provinces.  It was there that they did the demo tape of Si longtemps séparé.

       Extract from: Si longtemps séparé

Et quand la famille se rassemble
Je vois même qu’on se ressemble
Quand l’Acadien joue du violon
Et le Cadien l’accordéon
And when the family is reunited
I see the ressemblance
When the Acadian plays the fiddle
And the Cajun the accordion
Chère Acadie 
Je pense souvent à toi 
Mais je ne peux pas me détacher 
Du pays où je suis né 
Ceux qui ne sont pas Acadiens
Ne peuvent pas comprendre
Qu’est-ce que c’est d’avoir
Le coeur en Acadie 
Et les pieds en la Louisiane 
Dear Acadie
I often think of you
But I cannot detach myself
From the place where I was born
Those who are not Acadians
Cannot understand
What it is to have
The heart in Acadie
And the feet in Louisiana

CONGRÈS MONDIAL ACADIEN - LOUISIANE 1999 theme song:  Si longtemp séparé
     by: Waylon Thibodeaux and Roland Gauvin
     Text: Sheryl Collins, Waylon Thibodeaux, Roland Gauvin, Jac Gautreau
     Music: Waylon Thibodeaux

     Waylon Thibodeaux is considered one of the best contemporary Louisiana artists.  Originally from Houma, near New Orleans, he became interested in music at the age of 8 and by the time he was 16, he had been given the title Best Violinist in Louisiana.  He considers his style “a combination of modern Cajun with a touch of zydeco, country and rock’n’roll,” nothing better to make everyone want to dance.
     With 8 albums out, he has traveled across the United States, Canada, France, Central America and South America.  He has participated in a variety of radio and television commercials, having 4 of his original compositions featured in the 1993 NBC movie, House of Secrets.  Since his association with Mardi Gras Records in 1993, he has become one of the best selling artists with: Cajun Festival, Best of Cajun and Like A Real Cajun.
     His talent is known today throughout the major artists of Cajun music, as evidenced by the fact that he has previously been chosen to perform with Jimmy C. Newman, BeauSoleil, Jo-El Sonnier and Wayne Toups.  He was recently selected by the American magazine, Offbeat, for Best Cajun Album.  Proud of his Acadian Heritage, he lives in Louisiana and he charms his audiences, in French and in English.
For information : manager (504) 879-2689

     Roland Gauvin is originally from Moncton, New-Brunswick and he has been active in music for over 20 years.  He is currently part of the group Les Méchants Maquereaux and the duo Roland et Johnny, in addition to being a member of the former Acadian group, 1755.  Since the beginning of his career, he has produced 7 albums as well as participated on numerous compilations.  He has gone on more than 1,000 tours, which has permitted him to visit all the Canadian Provinces, France, and Belgium, as well as  Louisiana on four occasions. 
     Thanks to his charm and energy, his groups are always in demand at various events (Ex: National Festival of Acadians, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Summer Festivals, etc.).  As a self-taught folklorist, he always manages to modernize his repertoire at the same time that he is accessible to everyone, and his groups are consistently among the best Acadian sellers.  It is the group Les Méchants Maquereaux who were responsible for submitting the official song, Acadie de nos coeurs, for the first Congrès Mondial Acadien.
     He participates in several radio and television programs each year, on the national and international levels, as an artist, as a member of Conseil des Arts of New-Brunswick or simply as a resource person.  In the course of the past 20 years, he has been rewarded for his accomplishments, either as an individual or as part of a group. 
     Since 1995, he has owned his own production company, Les Productions Roland Gauvin.
For more information : manager (506) 858-5322

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Tuesday January 19, 1999 

Judge Allen Babineaux Named Honorary President of CMA

Lafayette, Louisiana - Since January 1st 1999, Judge Allen Babineaux of Carencro, Louisiana, has been representing the CONGRÈS MONDIAL  ACADIEN - LOUISIANE 1999 as Honorary President.  During a board of director’s meeting, held in December of 1998, members decided to appoint a spokesperson for the CMA.  Judge Babineaux, who is well respected among the Cajun people, seemed an apparent choice to the council members.

The President and Executive Director of the CMA, Brian Comeaux, is delighted by the fact that Judge Babineaux has willingly accepted the title.  “Judge Babineaux is very much interested by the Cajun culture.  Over the years, he has represented the Cajun people with dignity and intelligence.  He has always had a lot of respect for our French heritage, even  when most of us had turned our backs to it.  I am positive that he will be able to represent the CMA in an exceptional manner”, stated Mr. Comeaux.

Judge Babineaux has, in fact, always been very proud of his heritage.  “My grandfather was a true genealogist.  He knew that Acadia was the cradle of our Cajun culture.  I listened to him speak of it and was fascinated, but I never imagined I would be able to go there myself one day.”

In 1964, Judge Allen Babineaux journeyed to Canada for the first time, visiting New-Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  In fact, it was during a trip to Acadia that Judge Babineaux had the idea of designing a flag to represent the Cajuns of Louisiana.  “I saw their Acadian flag for the first time.  The idea of having our own flag appealed to me, so I urged myself to speak of it when I got back to Louisiana”, explained Mr. Babineaux.  His efforts seemingly paid off, since in 1965, three centuries after the arrival of the first Acadians to Louisiana, the Cajun flag  was adopted in the 22 parishes of Acadiana.

The Honorary President of CMA - Louisiane has received a number of honors and recognitions for his dedication to Acadiana.  Among other things, he was general chairman of the first International Acadian Festival, in Lafayette.  In 1984, he also received an award for Outsanding Citizen of Acadiana.  Judge Allen Babineaux obviously believes in the Cajun cause and is very proud of his legacy.  “We must not forget what our ancestors had to endure during the deportation.  The fact that they reached their destination despite of all the hardship is what makes our people so strong.  We must take pride in this.”, commented Mr. Babineaux.

During many years, the Cajuns of Louisiana were accused of not being able to speak French correctly and of speaking English in an even more awkward fashion.  Judge Babineaux maintains that the CONGRÈS MONDIAL ACADIEN - LOUISIANE 1999 will be a turning point in the history of the Cajun people.  “For a long period of time the story of the Cajuns has been written.  For the first time, however, it is our turn to write our own story.  To rewrite it as we have lived it.”, concludes CMA’s new Honorary President.

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Wednesday January 27, 1999 

Zachary Richard to Host CMA's Closing Ceremony

Lafayette, Louisiana - Cajun singer Zachary Richard, whose popularity is phenomenal in Canada and France, will host CONGRÈS MONDIAL ACADIEN - LOUISIANE 1999's closing ceremony titled "Cri sur le bayou", that will be held in Lafayette, next August 15th.

According to the president and executive director of the CMA, Brian Gabriel Comeaux, the choice for master of ceremonies was evident. "For the first time, the Cajuns of Louisiana are inviting the Acadians of the diaspora to
come celebrate their culture in Louisiana.  Zachary is one of our most famous speakers throughout the French speaking world.  For years, he has done justice to the Cajuns of Louisiana in representing them throughout
Canada and Europe", states Comeaux.

When asked, Mr. Richard said he was very proud to be able to participate in this event.  "The Cajun community of Louisiana has long been perceived as inferior.  The CMA seems to be the best way to tell the world that our
culture is not only alive, but of great value".

During the closing ceremony, which will be held in French,  a number of musicians will take the stage in order to celebrate the Cajun culture and reveal to the 21st century that the Cajuns of Louisiana still have a voice as powerful as ever, and are still singing.   "For the Cajuns, music is the most important cultural expression of all.  It is a symbol of our heritage.   There is no better way to celebrate the resistance of our people, than by singing our songs", explains the artist.

The closing ceremony will mark the end of CMA's celebrations that will long be remembered among those present.  There is no doubt that it will be an event to attend.  The CONGRÈS MONDIAL ACADIEN - LOUISIANE 1999 invites all Cajuns and Acadians to come celebrate in South Louisiana to sing, dance and
listen to the "Cri sur le bayou".

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Monday January 25, 1999

 Renown Genealogist to Takes Part in the Dugas-Guillot Family Reunion

Lafayette, Louisiane - The Dugas and Guillot Acadian families will reunite next August 14th and 15th, within the context of the CONGRÈS MONDIAL ACADIEN - LOUISIANE 1999, to celebrate their Acadian heritage.  A renown genealogist, Stephen A. White, will be among them, Sunday August 15th, to broaden the historical and genealogical knowledge of these Acadian descendants.

Mr. White, born in Massachusetts, is also of Acadian descent.  In 1966, he began his research in Acadian genealogy.  He studied at the prestigious Harvard University, in Boston, Massachusetts, and is now a  world-renowned pre-deportation genealogist.  Stephen A. White is the author of a number of genealogical articles and is also a member of several genealogical and historical societies in Canada and New England.   Among his many accomplishments, he was also a founding member, examiner and secretary-registar of the Genealogical Institute of the Maritimes, a board for the accreditation of genealogists.

During the Dugas-Guillot family reunion, Mr. White will offer a brief presentation on Acadian genealogy, followed by a period of questions and answers.  The certified genealogist will particularly linger over questions
that have a direct link with Dugas and Guillot ancestry.

The representative for the Dugas-Guillot family, Ken Dugas, is thrilled to have Mr. White participating in his family event.  "Everyone I've spoken to, from California to Georgia, is excited that he's coming.  I hope his
presence will draw a lot  people to our reunion and to the CMA in general", states Mr. Dugas.

As a matter of fact, Stephen A. White will also take part in the genealogy symposium that will be held Thursday, August 5th 1999, still within the context of the CONGRÈS MONDIAL ACADIEN - LOUISIANE 1999.  The symposium will take place in the auditorium of Peltier Hall on the Nicholls State University Campus, in Thibodaux.  Through the exposure of five experts and world-renowned speakers, such as Mr. White, this conference will provide guidance in researching Acadian ancestors.

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February 17th, 1999 

DUGAS-GUILLOT organizational meeting at 6:30 p.m.  Thursday Feb. 18 at
Scott City Hall.  Call Ken Dugas at (318) 989-0228.

BREAUX committee meeting from 10 a.m. - noon.  Saturday Feb. 20 at the CMA
Building, 524 Brook St., off Johnston, Lafayette.  Call Jeannette B.
Zerangue at (318) 233-8996.

BROUSSARD family meeting at 4 p.m.  Saturday Feb. 20 at J. Maxie
Broussard's, 1601 LA Neuville Road, Lafayette, LA.  For more information,
call Don Louis Broussard at (318) 984-9955 or visit 

BENOÎT committee meeting at 10 a.m.  Saturday Feb. 20 at  Acadian Memorial
in St. Martinville.  Call Ruby Melançon at (318) 232-4558.

LEBLANC family meeting at 1 p.m.  Saturday Feb. 20 at Erath City Hall, 115
W. Edwards, Erath, LA.  Everyone of LeBlanc ancestry is invited to attend. 
Call Presley LeBlanc at (318) 937-8160 or e-mail for
more information.

DUPUIS family meeting from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.  Sunday Feb. 21 at Henri Guidry
Memorial Park in Henderson, LA.  Call Audrey Dupuis Thibodeaux at (318)
332-2131 or Wade Dupuis at (318) 332-4800.

BOUDREAUX family meeting at 9:30 a.m.  Saturday Feb. 27 at the Recreation
Center (Cypress Room), in New Iberia.  Call Ruth Maher at (318) 234-3553.

MOUTON organizational meeting at 1:30 p.m.  Sunday Feb. 28 at the Alexander
Mouton House (Lafayette Museum), 1122 Lafayette St.  Call Edward P. Mouton
at (318) 235-8561 or fax at (318) 235-8562.

DOIRON family meeting at 9 a.m.  Saturday March 6 at the CMA Building, 524
Brook St., off Johnston, Lafayette.  Call J.C. Williams-Doiron at (214)

BABINEAUX-GRANGER family meeting at 10 a.m.  Saturday March 6 at the CMA
Building, 524 Brook St., off Johnston, Lafayette.  Call Le Anne LeJeune at
(318) 856-5260.

BLANCHARD family meeting from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Sunday March 7 at the
Acadian Memorial in St.Martinville, LA.  The meeting will be held on the
second floor, and the rear entrance to the building should be used.  Call
Ronnie Blanchard at (504) 347-1691 or e-mail .

ARCENEAUX family meeting at 2 p.m.  Saturday March 13 at the Houma Public
Library.  Call Audrey Babineaux George at (504) 879-3285 or 1 (800)
484-1174 ext. 1228.

BENOIT family meeting at 10 a.m.  Saturday March 13 at the CMA Building,
524 Brook St., off Johnston, Lafayette.  Call Ruby Melançon at (318)

SIMON family meeting at 9:30 a.m.  Saturday March 13 at the Abbeville City
Hall, located on North States St., Abbeville, LA.  For information, call
Curley Simon at (318) 984-2281.
DUGAS-GUILLOT organizational meeting at 6:30 p.m.  Thursday March 18 at
Scott City Hall.  Call Ken Dugas at (318) 989-0228.

BREAUX committee meeting from 10 a.m. - noon.  Saturday March 20 at the CMA
Building, 524 Brook St., off Johnston, Lafayette.  Call Jeannette B.
Zerangue at (318) 233-8996.

DAIGLE get together and jambalaya.  Fellowship starts at 11:30 a.m. and
eats at 12:30 p.m.  Sunday March 21 at the American Legion Hall in Pierre
Part, LA. Hwy 70.  3$ per plate.  Call Flo Perkins at (504) 766-2118.

ARCENEAUX family meeting at 9:30 a.m.  Saturday April 10 at the Rayne
Public Library.  Call Gerry Arceneaux-Simon at (318) 334-2838 or Olympe
Arceneaux -Butcher at (318) 235 -8397. 

DUGAS-GUILLOT organizational meeting at 6:30 p.m.  Thursday April 15  at
Scott City Hall.  Call Ken Dugas at (318) 989-0228.

BREAUX committee meeting from 10 a.m. - noon.  Saturday April 24 at the CMA
Building, 524 Brook St., off Johnston, Lafayette.  Call Jeannette B.
Zerangue at (318) 233-8996.

DAIGLE family meeting at 2 p.m.  Sunday May 16 at Sylvia Hargis House, 4748
Hwy 1, Raceland, LA.  Call Flo Daigle Perkins at (504) 766-2118.

DUGAS-GUILLOT organizational meeting at 6:30 p.m.  Thursday May 20  at
Scott City Hall.  Call Ken Dugas at (318) 989-0228.

DAIGLE committee meeting at 2 p.m.  Sunday June 13 to be held in the board
room of E. St.Mary area Chamber of Commerce, 7332 Hwy 90 E, Morgan City,
LA.  Call Flo Daigle Perkins at (504) 766-2118

DUGAS-GUILLOT organizational meeting at 6:30 p.m.  Thursday June 17 at
Scott City Hall.  Call Ken Dugas at (318) 989-0228.

DAIGLE family meeting at 2 p.m.  Sunday July 11 to be held in the board
room of E. St.Mary area Chamber of Commerce, 7332 Hwy 90 E, Morgan City,
LA.  Call Flo Daigle Perkins at (504) 766-2118

DUGAS-GUILLOT organizational meeting at 6:30 p.m.  Thursday July 15 at
Scott City Hall.  Call Ken Dugas at (318) 989-0228.

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 Ticket sales for Cri du Bayou open to general public

 Lafayette, LOUISIANE — With less than a month left until opening ceremonies Congrès Mondial Acadien-Louisiane 1999 is pleased to announce that tickets sale are now open to the general public for Cri du Bayou, the final concert ending two weeks of celebration. Following a pre-sale reserved for families, these tickets will be available to the public beginning Monday, July 5.

 Hosted by Zachary Richard, Cri du Bayou will kick off at 7:00 p.m. on August 15 and will be held in the Cajundome in Lafayette.  The concert will include many respected artists from Louisiana and Canada, such as
 Balfa Toujours, Blou, Bruce Daigrepont, Feux Follets, Geno Delafose and French Rockin' Boogie, Steve Riley and the mamou Playboys, Beausoleil, Suroît, and Waylon Thibodeaux.

 There are several ways to get tickets to the show. For those who wish to purchase them directly, tickets are available at the Cajundome in Lafayette and at any Ticketmaster outlet. It is also possible to order them from Ticketmaster at by calling 1 (800) 488- 5252.

 According to Brian Gabriel Comeaux, CMA president and executive director, Cri du Bayou, by bringing together the greatest stars in Acadian music, will prove a turning point in Acadian history. "If the first Hommage à la musique acadienne en 1974 at Blackham Coliseum marked the beginning of the renaissance cadienne, Cri du bayou will show 25 years later that the movement has reached its full maturation while preparing a future full of hope for our culture."

 For more information on Cri du Bayou and on Congrès Mondial Acadien-Louisiane 1999, contact the offices of CMA at (888) 526-1999 or at

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CMA Merchandise Online

The Congrès mondial acadien-Louisiane 1999 cyberstore is now open; tshirts, caps, official pins, official song cds, family name yard signs.  Please see:

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