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   Here is a collection of images taken during CMA.  Some were taken by myself.  Others appeared in various CMA articles.

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CONFERENCES (all photos by Tim Hebert)

 Genealogical Symposium - NSU

The crowd enjoys refreshments and a Cajun band.
   The reception for the Genealogical Symposium was held at the Ellender Library at NSU at 7 pm on Aug. 4.
Father Hebert talks with Dr. John Doucet. (right)
     The Genealogical Symposium was held in Peltier Auditorium at Nicholls State University from 9 am to 4 pm on August 5.  It was sponsored by NSU, CMA, and the Lafourche Heritage Society.  Ladies from the Society were dressed in Acadian costume to welcome and register the guests.  Souvenir programs and pens were given out.
There were two rooms with book vendors, such as Father Hebert (seated at left) and Janet Jehn (in blue above).
Gerard Braud (left), president of Bretagne-Acadie-Louisiane, talks to us.  His new book on Acadians in Nantes is in his hand.  He only brought about 10 copies and sold out before he even started speaking.  

Dr. Carl Brasseaux (right) explains the resources and activities of the Center for Louisiana Studies.

Question and answer time.

Dr. John Doucet (right) speaks about genetic diseases more common among Acadian descendants.  He also served as emcee for the day.  He works at NSU.

Stephen White (left) holds up the long awaited Dictionnaire (above).

Stephen White describes the Dictionnaire and answers questions.
Father Donald Hebert talks about Acadians in Texas (1840s - 1940s).  He also spoke on a variety of topics related to Acadian-Cajun genealogy.

The First Acadian in Louisiana - St. Martinville
   This gathering was held in a courtroom across the street from the Acadian Memorial. Stephen White, dressed as a French soldier circa 1750 (right), announced that he had found the first Acadian to move to Louisiana.  Joseph DeGoutin DeVille (whose mother was a Thibodeaux, daughter of Pierre) moved to New Orleans about 1746.  He also may have had a hand in encouraging the other Acadians to join him in the 1760s.

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