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   Here is a collection of images taken during CMA.  Some were taken by myself.  Others appeared in various CMA articles.

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Jessica D'Augereau, 12, plays the part of a Cajun bride as the bride's mother, played by Lois Theall, left, cries during a re-enactment of a 1900 Cajun wedding on Saturday during the Broussard Reunion.   Advocate staff photo by Arthur D. Lauck
Jeanne Bourgeois Epping of Seattle, Washington, chats with Marielle Bourgeois of Santa Barbara, CA on the porch of the Castille House in Acadian Village. 
Advocate staff photo by Arthur D. Lauck
Ascension Parish resident Harriet Babin Miller, left, shows French-influenced recipes in a Cajun cookbook to Quebec residents Raoul Babin, second from right, and his wife, Jeannine Arbour Babin, right. 
Advocate staff photo by Travis Spradling
Pershing Mire and his sister, Willa Mire Bishop, look over the Mire family treeSaturday. The scale model of an Acadian cottage was made by Neal Melancon.
Advocate staff photo by Travis Spradling 
Two sisters from the Canadian province New Brunswick, Carmelle Duguay (left) and Therese Albert, look over their family tree Saturday with Jim Pellegrin of Kenner during Saturday's Robichaux Family Reunion at the Montegut Recreation Center. 

Duhon Reunion


Many people looked for souvenirs 
to better remember the event.

Les Petit Chaleurs perform songs 
in French at the Hébert Reunion
Opening Ceremonies at the Hébert Reunion (Hébert Reunion images by Tim Hébert)

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