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During CMA, a number of newspaper articles were done on the activities.  I've tried to collect as many as possible to take you through the events of CMA.  They are listed by date.
A brief description of each day's news is listed below.
   Soon I may replace these with a text version of the events of CMA.  Also, I'm using the text for some these articles because some papers do not keep online archives.  I will try to adjust the links to the source articles themselves if they still exist.  It's always best to link to a source rather than copy a page.  I'll try to keep articles here that have been deleted from their respective source locations.
CMA Press Releases (all on a single page)

Before Opening Day
• Congrés Mondial Acadien Calendar
• Congrès '99 to open with a flourish
• Priest prepares for French Mass at Southdown
• Bienvenue, y'all: CMA under way
• Acadians honor enduring culture
• Acadian descendents converge on La.
• Bourgeois clan to recognize its historical land 
• Canadian Acadians trek to La.
• Acadian history rescued
• Petition by Warren Perrin
• Genealogy program set at Nicholls
• Congres Mondial is summer gathering for Acadians 

August 1
• Island cradled in the waves: Prince Edward Island
• Grand reunion makes festive time
• Exhibits in Port Allen celebrate Congrès Mondial 
• Congrès homecoming 
• Congres '99 kicks off, Carnival style
• A descendant helps to remember an Acadian freedom fighter
• Broussards relive past

August 2
• Family affair: Acadians begin their celebration 
• Friendly people make heat more bearable
• Canadians make trek to Louisiana
• Oh, Canada! 
• Acadians rediscover 'cousins' at Mass 
• Acadians honor Native Americans who helped them 
• Congrès spirit not dampened
• Congrès Mondial Acadien - Day 2
• Acadian fest ties threads of history

August 3
• Historian raps myth on Acadians 
• Chauvin church joins with Canadian sister
• Highlights of CMA events for Tuesday

August 4
• Family reunion time at Congres Mondial
• Houma, Bathurst intertwined in ceremony 

August 5
• Common culture connects Plaquemine, Canada village 
• France-to-Louisiana migration of Cajuns traced 
• Guidry, Robichaux families to close area Congrès reunions 
• Genealogical database allows descendants far away to be part of FrancoFete celebration
• Speaker takes mystery out of Cajun x-factor Cajun surnames
• Congres arrives sans Canadian influx
• Acadian image often distorted

August 6
• Acadian genealogy offers history, genetic research
• Forget the calendar; it's carnival time in Montegut 
• Acadian and Cajun Music Day

August 7
• Acadian exile, Kosovo compared 
• Duhon reunion continues today
• Cool spell enlarges parade crowd in Montegut 
• Hébert Reunion
• Daigle family grand reunion set for August 14

August 8
• Families meet in Addis on discovery mission 
• Four families reunite, trace heritage from Canada to Louisiana 
• Acadia CD-ROM can take Cajuns on armchair trip to ancestral home 
• Music sets Cajuns apart
• Acadian clans close local Congrès '99 
• Duhons have their day 
• Breauxs together again
• Hébert Reunion Omelet
• Doucet family revels in reunion
• Savoie-Savoy forge ties at reunion
• State park interprets history of Acadians, 'Evangeline' 

August 9
• Long journey home 
• Congrès focus shifts to the Lafayette area 
• Congres Mondial Acadien fais do-do

August 10
• Acadians' genetic secrets studied 
• Congrès' impact on area lodging industry mixed 
• Acadians in France / Olivier Terrio

August 11
• Names frame the call to remember 
• Nova Scotia teen band feeling at home 
• Families have their day at Acadian Village
• Scott/Memramcook Twinning
• Acadian Genetics Symposium

August 12
• Carencro, sister city swap more than culture
• Church Point celebrates Acadian heritage
• Congrès volunteer Broussard, 51, dies in airplane crash in Nevada 

August 13
• Nova Scotia groups add spice to Congrès 
• Canadian governor general says La.  diversity valuable 
• Long lost cousins reunited

August 14
• Mock trial highlights attempt at British apology to Acadians
• Boudreauxs gather for reunion
• Bulliard 'queen mother' of memorial 

August 15
• Congrès to end on sweet note de resistance
• Cajun roots celebrated in southern Louisiana
• Guilbeaux pray, play
• Catching the Cajun Flavor
• Simon family took route through France to reach Louisiana
• Melancons gather in Opelousas
• St. Martinville hosts Congres activities 
• Acadian festivities unite scholars 

After Closing Ceremony
• The grand finale
• Melançon name made a mark on Acadiana
• On final evening, 'tout le monde et Cajun' 
• Acadian Congress Closes
• Cajundome concert closes Congrès Mondial 
• Distant Descendants of the Acadians Get Together in Louisiana

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