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During CMA, a number of newspaper articles were done on the activities.  I've tried to collect as many as possible to take you through the events of CMA.  They are listed by date.


 The grand finale
         By PATRICK COURREGES, Daily Advertiser, 8/16/99
 • Melançon name made a mark on Acadiana
         By Alain A de la Villesbret, Daily Advertiser, 8/16/99
 • On final evening, 'tout le monde et Cajun' 
         By ANGELA SIMONEAUX, The Advocate, 8/16/99
 • Acadian Congres Closes
         By CHRIS SEGURA, American Press, 8/17/99
 • Cajundome concert closes Congrès Mondial 
         By ANGELA SIMONEAUX, The Advocate, 8/17/99
Distant Descendants of the Acadians Get Together in Louisiana
         By Emily Yellin, New York Times, 8/16/99

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