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During CMA, a number of newspaper articles were done on the activities.  I've tried to collect as many as possible to take you through the events of CMA.  They are listed by date.

• Families meet in Addis on discovery mission
      By EMILY KERN, The Advocate, 8/8/99
• Four families reunite, trace heritage from Canada to Louisiana
      ByCHRISTINE HARVEY,The Advocate, 8/8/99
• Acadia CD-ROM can take Cajuns on armchair trip to ancestral home
      ByCHERÉ COEN,The Advocate, 8/8/99 
• Music sets Cajuns apart
      ByEdward Guidry, Daily Comet, 8/8/99 
• Acadian clans close local Congrès '99
      ByPATRICK THOMAS, Houma Courier, 8/8/99
• Duhons have their day
      ByRICHARD BURGESS,The Daily Iberian, 8/8/99 
• Breauxs together again
      ByRon Delhomme, Daily Advertiser, 8/8/99
• Hébert Reunion Omelet
      ByCHRIS SEGURA, American Press, 8/8/99
• Doucet family revels in reunion
      ByPHILLIP de VALCOURT, Daily World, 8/8/99
• Savoie-Savoy forge ties at reunion
      ByMarsha K. Sills, Daily World, 8/8/99
• State park interprets history of Acadians, 'Evangeline'
      By ANGELA SIMONEAUX, Advocate, 8/8/99

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