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During CMA, a number of newspaper articles were done on the activities.  I've tried to collect as many as possible to take you through the events of CMA.  They are listed by date.

• Common culture connects Plaquemine, Canada village
        By STACIE MAJORIA, The Advocate, 8/5/99
• France-to-Louisiana migration of Cajuns traced
        By LISA TRAMONTANA, The Advocate, 8/5/99
• Guidry, Robichaux families to close area Congrès reunions
         By MATT CRAFT, Houma Courier, 8/5/99 
• Genealogical database allows descendants far away to be part of FrancoFete celebration
        By CHRIS SEGURA, American Press, 8/5/99
• Speaker takes mystery out of Cajun x-factor Cajun surnames
        By CHRIS SEGURA, American Press, 8/5/99
• Congres arrives sans Canadian influx
        By JACQUELINE COCHRAN, Daily Word, 8/5/99
• Acadian image often distorted
       By Marsha K. Sills, Daily World, 8/5/99

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