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Once the 1994 Congrès was completed, plans soon began for the next Acadian Gathering.  It was decided to hold the second Congrès in south Louisiana in 1999.
The Mission of Congrès Mondial Acadien - Louisiana, 1999 dates back to the original mission statement of the first Congress.  That Mission, first stated in 1988, says that the Congrès is designed ''to develop closer links between the Acadians of the diaspora.''
I've converted my pre-CMA pages into a summary of the events, accessible from this page.  Although the official CMA site is not online any more, I will keep these pages online indefinitely.

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Check out Radio Canada's Real Video coverage of CMA! (in French)

   The CMA Mailing List will still be maintained, just in case any CMA-LA, 1999 comes up.  Also, I'll use it to post information on the upcoming CMA-2004 in Nova Scotia.   If you'd like to be a part of another mailing list related to the Acadian-Cajun culture, please join the Acadian-Cajun Mailing List.
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